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Bianca Mercado_October 15_Latina Magazine


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Bianca Mercado_October 15_Latina Magazine

  1. 1. Artist Frida Kahlo’s undeniable gift led her into the arms of fellow distinguished Mexican painter Diego Rivera. Though they famously colored outside marital lines, Kahlo and Rivera managed to find the perfect place to lay their heads (and masterpieces). Cuba native Isabel Toledo fell in love with the artwork of a new classmate, Ruben Toledo, who would eventually become her business partner and husband. The couture couple has earned many accolades, including the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award. They have crafted an abundance of stunning garments and continue to innovate their industry. PHOTOGRAPHS,CLOCKWISEFROMTOPRIGHT:FAIRCHILDPHOTOSERVICE/CONDÉNAST/CORBIS;RD/DZIEKAN/RETNADIGITAL/CORBIS;KEYSTONE-FRANCE/GAMMA- KEYSTONEVIAGETTYIMAGES;KEYSTONE-FRANCE/GAMMA-KEYSTONEVIAGETTYIMAGES;PRISMA/UIG/REXSHUTTERSTOCK WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE, no one does it bigger than Latinos— from telenovela-caliber betrayals to couplings that span age, time, and continents. Here are our all-time, swoon-worthy faves. Sigh! the good life love REMARKABLE RELATIONSHIPS ARE A PART OF LATINO HISTORY. BY BIANCA MERCADO LOVING LEGACIES Between the box-office hits, makeup line, best-selling books, and fashion collection of La La Anthony and the Olympic gold medals, Jordan Brand contract, and all-star basketball career of Carmelo Anthony, it’s difficult keeping up with “La La’s Full Court.” The Puerto Rican couple is a much-needed reminder for a jaded millennial generation that love still exists. Policarpa “La Pola” Salavarrieta may have appeared to Spanish royalists to be an ordinary seamstress, but she was stitching together the fabric of the Colombian Revolution. She led courageous men, including her lover, Alejo Sabarin, through battles for Colombian independence. Their undying loyalty was the epitome of “till death do us part”: They heroically faced their execution—ordered for high treason—or the betterment of their country’s future. Eva and Juan Perón, former first lady and president of Argentina, met during a charitable event; this laid the groundwork for an unparalleled empire. Their dedication to the social, economic, and political enhancement of Argentina led to the creation of trade unions, advanced women’s suffrage, and captured the hearts of an uplifted nation. 68 LATINA.COM OCTOBER 2015 The Rebels The Multi- Hyphenates The Inimitable Artists The Political Players The Style Setters