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Proposal of green building in


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Proposal of green building in

  2. 2. Objective of presentation 1.What is Green building. 2. History of Green building. 3. Plan for RGSC.
  3. 3. Green building definition The term green refers to environmental friendly practices from building design to the landscaping choices precautions while construction and after construction during operation and maintenance. It also encompasses energy use, water use, and storm water and wastewater reuse.
  4. 4.  This construction of Green building have classified five area on which emphasis is given these are-1. Sustainable site2. Water efficiency3. Energy & atmosphere4. Material & resources5. Indoor environmental quality
  5. 5.  On working over the above categories certain points are assigned to the building these points shows that the construction is how much green Rating Points Certified 40-49 points Silver 50-59 points Gold 60-79 points Platinum 80 and above
  6. 6. History of Green building The first Earth day was celebrated April 1970 there some credence given to building concept Then American institute of architect (AIA) formed a committee and work over the building cooling system, photovoltaic cell, reflective glasses e.t.c.
  7. 7.  Twenty-three year after the first Earth Day, Bill Clinton announced to make the white house the “Model for efficiency and waste reduction”. In March 1996 the first two year of the “Greening” project More than $ 150,000 per year in energy and water costs, landscaping expenses and, expenditure associated worth solid waste have been saved . Since 1996 $300,000 has been saved annually due to additional project. In all, 845 metric ton per year of carbon emission were eliminated during Clinton`s presidency.
  8. 8. Climate zone of India
  9. 9. Orientations
  10. 10. Rat-trap bond
  11. 11. Soil amendments
  12. 12. Louvers & Fenestration
  13. 13. Pervious Paving
  14. 14. Roof amendment
  15. 15. Other points to beconsidered Rain water harvesting should be enhanced and run-off should be checked Solar panel use for water heating or street lighting Use of bicycle should be enhanced in the campus so as to reduce the fuel consumption & pollution from emission Color use should be of low absorptive & dark shades should be avoided Material use should be local