Facebook Business Development


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Features for Facebook business development and better functionality.

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Facebook Business Development

  1. 1. TANDEM BUSINESSANALYSISAND DEVELOPMENT Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  2. 2. INDEX • Build Button • Flips • Achievement • Facebook Moments • Destination • Connecting the next 4 billion • Redeem • ID • Movie • Vault Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  3. 3. INDEX • Plug • “LIKE” List • Developer stack • Purity Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  4. 4. “Build” button • A build button must be provided next to the comment button. • The build button will represent what a user can build at Facebook. • The build will help user with the options to build a page , an app, an advertisement, questionnaire, poll. • The build button will provide an efficient way for user to access all these options at a single point. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  5. 5. Flips • This feature indicates all the changes happened in the life of an user right from his birth. For example, Flips in my life • I flipped a job from Microsoft to Google to Yahoo. • I flipped from California to Atlanta to San Fransico. • I flipped from Mumbai to Goa for a trip of two days. • My relationship status flipped from single to complicated to engaged. • The motivational speech @ IIMA flipped my way to become an entrepreneur. • Flips can summarize the entire life happening at a single point. • Flips can be of any type a trip, a job profile switch , relationship status, motivation, impact and lots more. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  6. 6. Achievement • What had I achieved? A global java certification OCJP, Best outgoing student award, Promotion in company, Successfully completed my Masters in Computer science with 10 CGPA, I married my love. • An “Achievement” option next to the School name will help user to focus his achievement, milestone of his life. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  7. 7. Purity • An advertisement plan providing flexibility for the user to target specified user at specific locations. • Facebook will display list of users redeem your product, list of users by location, list of users by age group. • Facebook will allow you target your product to a specific location, age group, to a specific community. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  8. 8. Facebook Moments • As Facebook allows you to add an “event” which appears as a comment in newsfeed. • Facebook Moments is an extension to event. • Facebook Moment share a detailed life event. • Now, Moment will allow Facebook user to make a movie , an album with a brief description of the most happening events during your event. • For example, adding a Facebook wedding “Event”. • Facebook Moment will state as “It was best day of my life , my father brought up new car for me and so on and it was an memorable day of my life…... Detailing the event with linking photos between narrating your story, adding the wedding Movie . Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  9. 9. Destination • Want to visit Dubai, London, Singapore , Facebook is here to assist you • Facebook will display official page of various cities around the globe. • The page consist of pictures , videos of the place, map, available mode of transport, attractive spots , comment and reviews about the spots. • Facebook will list out all the hotels , tourist facilities and travel agents i.e. Kingfisher, Emirates, Indigo. • A photographer’s summit will help Facebook collect best pics around the globe. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  10. 10. Connecting the next 4 billion… • As an effort to connect the rest of the population ,here’s a case study of how to bring more closer and get the rest connected. • The most prime problem with the world now going online is devices and costly data plans. • So , as per considering this issue I came up with a idea. • Facebook has only the social view i.e. most of the organization , education institutions and firms think that Facebook only make friends to chat, like , comment and using Facebook is time consuming process. • Let’s come up with the ad of Facebook going scientific, political, creative, educational. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  11. 11. Connecting the next 4 billion • Facebook experience center • Facebook going not only social but educational, political, creative aspect . • Poll , questionnaire. • Volunteering internet importance. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  12. 12. Connecting the next 4 billion… • The solution to this is also the solution to connect the rest of the world. • The Educational aspect, Let the institutions build their official page . This page will deliver all the happenings at the institutions. o Delivering notes through “Vault” o Conducting surveys about academic happenings, improvement on the campus, grievances about the staff and campus. o Conducting online quiz, conducting polls for electing Class representatives. o Timetables , annual Festive videos and pics. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  13. 13. Connecting the next 4 billion… • The Political aspect “Facebook can help you judge your future leader”. With the help of features like polls , questionnaire we can conduct online mock polling for the glimpse of who will be lead the country in future. In 2014, India is conducting elections , so Facebook can conduct a online poll for elections. • The Educational aspect Tag with the open source communities like MIT OCW around the globe, for free delivery of the content by creating online page and sources can be videos, text , codes, etc. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  14. 14. Redeem • Display ads of various products , as the user “like” a product send out redemption offers to his mail regarding discounts and offers. • Eg: I “like” Nike ,then I will be able to avail all the redemption regarding Nike. • The more products you like the more redemptions will be available. • The example of McD has been listed Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  15. 15. Trade Zero (Redemption cycle) Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  16. 16. Facebook ID • Facebook ID is collection all Facebook information with an unique identity number. • Facebook ID will be generated by utilizing all the information updated by the user and a “valid “ID proof i.e. passport, driving license, voter ID . • Advantages of Facebook ID o Facebook ID will help user to submit information to the third party accessing Facebook information i.e. new accounts @ Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter, Path and many more. o Facebook ID will help user to trade after “Redemption of code” at Facebook. o Facebook can identify “Fake” accounts with the help of Facebook ID. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  17. 17. Facebook ID Design Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  18. 18. Trade Algorithm with Facebook ID & Redemption Cycle Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  19. 19. Movie “Create your own movie about any event ,party, day @ college” • Integrate Movie Maker with Facebook so the user can make best out of it. • Users can make movies with the collection of photos uploaded. • Users can also prepare slideshow of photos movie through their profile. • Featuring - My Facebook movie of wedding , party, trip. • Movie making will definitely appeal to majority as , “Moving pictures has expressions.” Location : To the extreme right bottom of the cover image with an option of Enlargement and place functionality. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  20. 20. Vault/Space • Provide users with a space of 500MB, so that user can save his data i.e. Forms, mp3, videos, pics,files. This will help users to access their content anywhere , anytime and Facebook will get its new feature. • Space > 500MB will be charged. • Features like safety vault, offline uploader, privacy feature regarding sharing. • Facebook user can move with his songs, forms , favorite video anywhere anytime. • Location: Positioned next to upload photo/video i.e. Add to vault. Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  21. 21. Plug Plug – an embedded Facebook player to play saved songs, videos for the users. • Plug will also broadcast movies , sale of videos and mp3 songs and paid preview contents. • This will entertain user at the odd times when user do not find any new i.e. updates, tags ,etc Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  22. 22. Facebook “LIKE” Popularity Listings • As the “LIKE” of facebook users sums to account on the basis the brand products popularities will be listed out according to rankings under categorization like food, consumer electronics. Eg. Food Autos Product like Product like McD 41k+ Toyota 30k+ Domino 39k+ Audi 41+ • This indeed will impact the facebook users as ‘Customers’ and will also build competitors and will participate and target their product effectively to earn a better popularity(ranking). • Its just a quarter and annual report of product popularity among users. “Let the audience judge their own products.” Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307
  23. 23. Developer Stack Bhushanstarts@hotmail.com +919970878307