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Difference between management and adminstration


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Management and Administration

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Difference between management and adminstration

  1. 1. Basis of difference Administration Management Nature of work It is concerned about the It puts into action the policies determination of objectives and and plans laid down by the major policies of an organization. administration. Type of function It is a determinative function. It is an executive function. Scope It takes major decisions of an It takes decisions within the enterprise as a whole. framework set by the administration. Level of authority It is a top-level activity. It is a middle level activity. Nature of status It consists of owners who invest It is a group of managerial capital in and receive profits personnel who use their from an enterprise. specialized knowledge to fulfill the objectives of an enterprise. Nature of usage It is popular with government, It is used in business enterprises. military, educational, and religious organizations. Decision making Its decisions are influenced by Its decisions are influenced by public opinion, government the values, opinions, and beliefs policies, social, and religious of the managers. factors. Main functions Planning and organizing Motivating and controlling functions are involved in it. functions are involved in it. Abilities It needs administrative rather It requires technical activities. than technical abilities.