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Envisioning technology chart


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The broad Spectrum of Technology in the future.

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Envisioning technology chart

  1. 1. 2011 – 20152011 – 2015 2015 – 20252015 – 2025 2025 +2025 + (2011) now 3D 4G 5G AR HAP NFC NUI PAN PGS SPIME UAV VASIMR ACRONYMS 3D screens and cameras Fourth gen cellular wireless (WiMAX, LTE) Fifth gen cellular wireless Augmented Reality High Altitude Platform Near Field Communication Natural User Interface Personal Area Networks Personal Gene Sequencing An object that can be tracked through space and time Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket Inductive chargers Solar Nuclear Kinetic Traveling wave reactor Thorium reactors Fuel cells Multi-segmented smart grids Biomechanical harvesting Smart meters Solar thermal Superconducting interties Bio-enhanced fuels Ultra- capacitors Nanostructure batterycathodes Artificial photosynthesis Piezo- electricity Photvoltaic glass Photo- voltaics Nano- generators ENERGY Private spaceflight Space tourism Space elevator Lunar outpost VASIMR SPACE All media on demand Gamification of media MEDIA Procedural storytelling Location-aware media Smart toys Appliance robots Self-driving vehicles Domestic robots Swarm robotics Utility fog Exoskeletons UAVs ROBOTICS Speech recognition Haptics Holography AR Gesture recognition Multi touch Machine vision Telepresence NUI (SOFTWARE) Immersive 3D projections Fabric- embedded screens Pico- projectors Smart clothing Skin-embedded screens Electronic paper SPIMES Tabs & Pads Boards Retinal screens 3D UBICOMP (HARDWARE) Wetware (biofeedback) Reversal of aging Optogenetics Stem-cell treatments Regenerative medicine Synthetic meat Vertical agriculture PGS Personalized medicine Artificial limbs Tele- medicine BIOTECH Bio- markers High-frequency trading Software agents Machine translation Medical diagnostics Intelligence Amplification ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Natural language interpretation NFC Social graph Linked data Semantic web 4G 5G Sensors Smart infrastructure Smart cities Cloud computing Pervasive video PAN Interplanetary internet Virtual currencies Cyber- warfare INTERNET (CONNECTIVITY) HAPs Virtual property Programmable matter Cermets Memristor Carbon nanotubes Molecular assembler Nanowires Meta- materials Print on demand 3D printing Bio- materials MATERIALS Self-healing materials BY SA meeting people is easy Envisioning the near future of technologyLast updated: 2011-03-29 Learn more: Contact me: Follow me: @mz