Mobile Cloud Computing 2012


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  • Data which are stored in the cloud can be locally accessed.VMWareblogging, using Gmail, online banking, social networking sites, you are using cloud computing. 
  • store data such as music and iOS applications on remote computer servers for download to multiple devices such as iOS-based devices running iOS 5 or later,[
  • One Application for All Devices: Applications hosted in the cloud eliminate the requirement that the application be tied to a single cell phone service provider (i.e. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile) or mobile device.Capabilities Boost: Mobile devices do not have the processing power or memory space required on the device itself for intensive applications. Cloud computing provides a tremendous leap in functionality and the amount of data the application can access.Data Not Tied to the Device: Mobile devices fail, are lost or sometimes destroyed. However with cloud computing critical data is preserved, because it is stored on the cloud, not on the device.Low Cost for Set-up & Maintenance: Users only pay for the infrastructure they use. Organizations can easily scale applications and happily avoid the hassle of maintaining servers and equipment.Enterprise AdoptionCorporations are taking the savings and the efficiency output gained by cloud computing and multiplying the fiscal advantages in using the same technology for mobile applications(1). Mobile cloud computing offers the data sharing and processing power anywhere you need it—great for streamlining supply chain management, improving customer relationships and much more.
  • easier for developers to bring the same content and services to multiple platforms. Time to market – quickly build and deploy mobile apps and sites to adapt to ever-changing device technology and user needsEase of deployment – easily publish and distribute mobile apps and sites with greater flexibility and tighter controlReliability – run mobile apps and sites with minimal service disruption for all usersScalability – extend mobile apps and sites to millions of users and transactions across the globeSupport – rely on Antenna's systems and people to optimize operations and mobile app and sites usageLower cost of ownership – reduce burden on internal IT resources and shift them to more strategic objectives
  • healthcare is entering an IT renaissance. Mobile and cloud technologies are at the heart of healthcare's transformation. Tablets are replacing paper medical charts, private clouds are enabling secure access to medical records, and mobile cloud collaboration tools are improving information sharing among medical professionals and academics.Mobile and cloud healthcare services are also being used to solve a wide range of challenges, such as fraud, remote diagnostics, and patient CRM. a wired infrastructure, government & non-government agencies in Africa are looking to improve the quality of life with the cloud & mobile apps.
  • classroom of today and tomorrow needs to get beyond the filtering mentality and set learning free.In 2010 many educational institutions are introducing M-learning to campuses. Mobile devices in the classroom can be used in place of clicker devices, to take part in class polling, as a back channel to add information and questions to ongoing classes, and as a means to access information through QR codes or augmented reality applications. Smart mobile devices open up the possibility of discovery-based learning as part of museum or historic location visits, and as part of problem solving discovery games. Mobile devices can be used to access information and multimedia related to locations, study through mobile apps, access online class materials, and communicate through email, text, and social networks.
  • QNX – Multimedia, NFC, Cloud access, blutooth
  •  Schlage offers a remote keyless entry system which lets you mobilely control your home from a distance. You can let someone into your house, manage your lights, your thermostat, your camera system, etc. There are also a few applications in the iPhone app store that let you remotely manage your PC and your DVR, too.home security systems 
  • mobile for accessing spreadsheets, delivering presentations and performing data processing. To cater to the intensive computing needs on the mobile, advanced apps run from the cloud.companies such as Vodafone and Verizon are putting a lot of focus on developing the mobile cloud as a value-add option.4G LTE standards and the increasing bandwidth availability has opened new doors for mobile cloud applications.moving apps from the PC to the tablet, enterprises are putting more effort on their mobile cloud services.The increasing adoption of HTML5 standards is making it easy to design apps that rely on the mobile cloud. HTML 5 supports offline caching that enables the apps to use the mobile cloud better while still providing a gracefully degraded service when the device is not connected to the network.mCommerce applications are enabled by the mobile cloud infrastructure.dropping their mobile phone than breaking their PC. This necessitates the need to store the apps and data on the cloud.the demands have moved from mere data consumption on the mobile devices to performing information creation on the mobile.
  • Making objects smart. We're bringing intelligence to them and connectivity to them. You need both to make that happen.
  • Mobile Cloud Computing 2012

    1. 1. Mobile Cloud Computing BhavyaHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.
    2. 2. Contents1 Cloud Computing & Trends 5 Mobile Cloud for Automotive2 Mobile Cloud Computing & Trends 6 Mobile Cloud for Healthcare3 Mobile Cloud for OEMs, Developers, 7 Mobile Cloud for Consumer Electronics Customers4 Mobile Cloud for Enterprise 8 Challenges & Opportunities HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 2
    3. 3. Cloud Computing ? 2002 - Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2007 - Google Apps, Google Apps Engine and Gmail 2011 – Microsoft Office 365, Cloud computing for businesses. 2012 - Cloud computing stand’s poised for the next stage of its evolution.HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 3
    5. 5. Cloud Computing Trends Host important applications The convergence of big data. Cloud security standard. PaaS offerings for specialized mobile platforms. Data virtualization Cheaper operating systems, applications, etc. Alter the way we access personal content Change businesses structure IT. Automatic software updates Cost-effective Storage capability Eg: ChromebookHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 5
    6. 6. Mobile Cloud Computing ?Data storage and the data processing happen outside of the mobiledevice.Eg:Gmail, Google Maps, and some navigation apps.3G-enabled tablets & Smartphones - make them perfect match forcloud services and cloud computingConvergence of cloud computing and mobile apps.Cloud-synching capabilities for contacts, email and bookmarks.4G LTE offers a new opportunityFaster data transfers, reduced latency and increased speed andbandwidth for data enableEfficiencies in cloud-based SaaS & PaaS applications. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 6
    7. 7. Mobile + Cloud = The Future is Here Location-based cloud tools Security 24/7 Mobile a true desktop extension Portable Mobile Devices 4G with more bandwidthExpect mobile cloud services to reach $45 billion in 2016 with greatest revenue contributions coming fromcloud powered mobile applications, driven by increasing smartphone penetration, growth of 3G networkcoverage across the globe and deployment of 4G networks. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 7
    8. 8. Mobile Cloud for OEMsBlackBerry Business Cloud ServicesWindows Phone Mango, Skydrive &SkymarketHuawei Cloud +iCloudSamsung enterprise cloud services formobile devicesSmartphone producers should give theuser the possibility to switch betweenoperating systems. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 8
    9. 9. Mobile Cloud for EnterpriseDual Personal Capabilities Access to Business critical information anytime + anywhereUnified mobile cloud experiences One Application for All DevicesThin Client, cloud-based mobile devices Capabilities BoostExtension of the desktop Data Not Tied to the DeviceVideo Conference calls Data Security Low cost for set-up & maintenance Data Sharing, processing HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 9
    10. 10. Mobile Cloud for DevelopersTools to build apps for the cloudCross PlatformSecurityScalabilityAvailabilityPerformancePaaS - Rapid ApplicationDevelopmentTime to marketNo investment, pay has u goSupportAccess to wider market HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 10
    11. 11. Mobile Cloud for Consumers Enriched Experience Secured Data Access to Data from anywhere anytime No limiting their choice to one platform Cloud based device: Little setup time requirements Discontinue anytime Pay as u go No maintenanceHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 11
    12. 12. Mobile Cloud for Mobile Applications 84% of third party apps using at least one cloud- enabled or cloud-based service in their applications today Apps store data in the cloud Increase in performance Googles Gmail Google Voice SugarSync Evernote Safewallet Google Docs WhatsApps HootSuiteHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 12
    14. 14. Mobile Cloud for Education Online colleges -convenience, affordability, 24/7 access, and flexibility. Mobile LMS M-learning to campuses Augmented reality  Mobile learning, blur the boundaries of formal and informal learning spaces Pearson believes that the future of education will be digital, social, and freely accessible, right to your mobile device.HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 14
    15. 15. Mobile Cloud for Automotive Mobile Cloud platform : QNX CAR 2 Personalized Vehicle information Service offers, vehicle support by vendor M2MHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 15
    16. 16. Mobile Cloud for Consumer Electronics Remote management of smart home appliances. Mobilely control your home Home Security system  IBM & Vodafone demoed mobile management of a washing machine  Smart meter Better customer experience IBM SmartCloud provides secure wireless connectivity to home gateways Cloud will increasingly be used in new ways that will provide enhanced consumer-centric experiences -- especially when combined with mobile communications.HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 16
    17. 17. Future of Mobile Cloud Computing Enterprise and consumer mobiles apps to get smarter Network providers are trying to climb up the value chain. 4G LTE compatible devices are supporting bandwidth intensive applications. HTML5 The rise of mobile commerce. Fragility of mobile devices. Increase in the worker mobility. Fragmentation of devices. Autodesk cloud mobileHUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 17
    18. 18. Challenges MobilityConstrains Need of Adoption Seamless Connection Low Bandwidth Heterogeneous networks Security risks Fragmentation Making objects smart. Were bringing intelligence to them and connectivity to them. You need both to make that happen.HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 18
    19. 19. Thank you @bhavis