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Digital leaders


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Quinns Beach has a student digital leadership team called HOTT - Helping Others with Technology Team. It is a powerful way of empowering students and supporting teacher.

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Digital leaders

  1. 1. Student Empowerment
  2. 2. ICT Innovation Associate Principal Quinns Beach Primary School @bhavneetsingh12 - 21 Century Skills Page - TeachMeetWA Group - TMWA Wiki
  3. 3. TeachMeetWA #TMWA @WAPLN teachmeetwa. Facebook Page Teachmeet WA Scootle Community TeachMeetWA
  4. 4.
  5. 5. QBPS students are responsible for many decisions made in different aspects of their school life. Student leadership teams have been established to positively impact on • student engagement • school improvement • to develop a culture of innovation amongst students.
  6. 6. Student Ministers The traditional student leadership team consists of democratically elected active, engaged leaders from Year 7 who work with the Associate Principals to further develop leadership skills. Some of their responsibilities are to run weekly Student Minister meetings participate in civic based activities help build a climate of caring and tolerance act as the voice of all students raise school issues and find solutions together encourage other students to become involved in school leadership and decision making Run assemblies
  7. 7. Faction Captains The traditional sports leadership team consists of democratically elected students from Year 7 who have demonstrated sportsmanship and lead by example on and off the field. These leaders are trained by and assist the Sports Teacher with Running Club Morning fitness setup for all classes Lunchtime activities Sporting events like Faction Carnivals, Interschool Carnivals Lead factions during carnivals training students for faction and interschool carnivals
  8. 8. Students chosen for positions of responsibility in school in relation to technology.
  9. 9. Limited funds Limited time Teacher support Student empowerment Experts available on hand
  10. 10. Guys, we are not Geeks!
  11. 11. H.O.T.T. Helping Others with Technology Team Classes involved: Years 4 to 7 # of students from each class: 2
  12. 12. 1. • Job advertised 2. • Expression of interest 3. • Interview 4. • Shortlist 5. • Referee checks • Class Teacher Parents 6. • Appointment - Honoured with a HOTT Shirts and announcement at assembly
  13. 13. Parents Teachers
  14. 14. • Have a certain level of literacy and numeracy skills • A genuine interest in ICT • An understanding of different technologies • Problem-solving skills • Self-management skills • Planning and organisation skills • Commitment to learning – manages own learning and shows a passion for learning new things • Ability to work well with others • Good communication skills
  15. 15. ICT devices maintenance Tech Support – QBPS Helpdesk Problem-solving hardware and software issues In class Teachers’ Tech Assistants In class Peer Tutors Experts Mentor for junior classes Learn new tools, tricks and tips Online Content Managers Club Managers – Gaming, Coding, Kinect Event Photographers Audio-Video & Broadcast Crew Film & Media Crew Special Guests - Tours
  16. 16. Once a week for 1 hour Technical training Devices know how Safety Ethical use of technologies Copyright and referencing Social skills Communication skills How to work with peers On-the job training
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Connect Edmodo Blogs Weebly YouTube Etc.
  19. 19. Design print material for different events Advice about best way to publicize – focus on going paperless
  20. 20. Before School Coding Club Flick-it On Collaborative Film-making Challenge Moviemaker Live, iMovie, GreenScreening Lunchtime activities – X-Box Kinect, Kodu GameLab After-school Minecraft Club
  21. 21. Quest for the Chest By Mason, Year 4 and New Zealand Schools
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Film & Media Club Digital Photography Club Sustainability Team Community Garden Team Friends of Tina’s Kindy (Kenya)
  24. 24. Online application process – creative entry Badges for achievements Screencasts HOTT Website linked to school website HOTT run SDD sessions HOTT run TMWAs and presence at conferences Address global issues