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  1. 1. Introduction Of Financial Market In 1960 the Indian financial sector has divided into two broad segments – organized and unorganized. The organize segments includes commercial banks, development finance institutions, insurance companies, and other non-bank financial institutions including mutual funds, unit trusts etc. Today, there are three different types of players operating in the Mutual fund market: UTI, Public sector mutual funds and Private sector mutual funds including many foreign players.
  2. 2. Cont’ The Indian mutual fund companies have developed attractive marketing strategies with an objective to increase the GDP and GNP of the country results in to developed country.
  3. 3. Introduction of Marwadi Financial Services Marwadi group is a decade old financial service group offering stock broking& commodity broking through NSE, BSE, and NCDEX & MCX. Marwadi is spread through out India with 33 branches ,400 plus sub-brokers& manpower strength of over 300 employees.&10000 customer. A convincing index of its customer loyalty is that nearly 75% of its customers have been with marwadi for many years.
  4. 4. Cont’ Milestones: In 1992 Marwadi Shares And Finance Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated by first generation Entrepreneurs Shri Ketan Marwadi, Shri Deven Marwadi and Shri Sandeep Marwadi. In 2000 Commenced Derivative Trading after obtaining registration as Clearing and Trading Member in NSE. In 2005 Launched Portfolio Management Services.
  5. 5. Cont’ 2008…Adjudged the 5th Largest Broking House by Dun & Bradstreet. 2009… Moves in to 90000 Square Feet State of Art Infrastructure.
  6. 6. Mission & Vision The company is 5th Leading retail broking house.*(D&B “India’s Leading equity Broking Houses 2008” Report). The company has 73 branches and over 750+ channel partners operating over 7000+ trading terminals spread across 184 cities and servicing more than 3000+ pin codes in India. The company has 1000+ employees strength is very talented, young and dynamic to take on any challenges in future."
  7. 7. Services Stock Broking (NSE, BSE, F&O) Demat Services Commodities Derivatives Mutual Funds (All Mainly Mutual Funds) Trading Services Net Services Cash Segment
  8. 8. Findings Majority of the investors prefer less risky scheme for mutual funds Majority of the investors are invested money in Marwadi mutual fund People are satisfied with the services provided by Marwadi. The investors mostly prefer tax saving schemes and growth schemes. Newspapers, friends and Agents are the knowledge provider for most of the investments in Mutual Funds.
  9. 9. Cont’ Selection of schemes is based on the returns from the scheme. It is clear that growth is the main reason for invest in mutual funds. The overall satisfaction level of the investors is reasonably satisfied. Most of the investors go through the past performance and lock in period while making selection of mutual fund. People are financially strong and they are in search of various investment alternatives in which mutual fund can become one. Marwadi shares & finance has very good reputation among other securities company.
  10. 10. ConclusionThis report is prepared to get the basic ideas of mutualfund and various schemes of Marwadi. The generalconcept of the market study will help the differentindividuals to invest in different investment tools asper their appetite. Through research study, it is verymuch visualized the present market trend opted by theselected number of people and their perceptionregarding Mutual Fund.Hence, from this report I conclude that people aremore keen to invest in Mutual Fund due to the stabilityand getting more diversified options.
  11. 11. Bibliography Books Work book of AMFI mutual fund testing program, Kotler P. (2003). Marketing Management, New Delhi: Tata Mc Grow Hill, 11th edition World Wide Web http://www.amfiindia.com, http://www.indiainfoline.com, http://www.marwadionline.com, http://www.mutualfunsindia.com http://www.money control.com, http://www.stock market.com