Evaluation of media magazine


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Evaluation of media magazine

  1. 1. Evaluation of media magazine.<br />Bhavik Patel.<br />
  2. 2. In what ways does my media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products?<br />One convention I have used is the banner on the top of the page, known as an eyebrow quotes “see inside on how to get toned for the new year”. This banner exploits the contents of the magazine, it makes it look like an established magazine, similar to other well known magazines. <br />A very popular convention I have used is on my front cover, its called ‘left-side third’ where majority of the important information is placed on the left hand side of the magazine so if the magazine was placed horizontally, the vital information is visible so it makes the magazine more attractive.<br />One of the simplest and most important conventions that I have used is the date, issue number and the barcode. The reason this is used and its important is merely to show regularity. Its important to show regularity so the magazine seems professional and that its a multi-platform consumption. <br />I challenged conventions by simply having a plain cream background, this is a challenge because other magazines have coloured backgrounds . However I thought if I use a white background it will bring out the contents on the page more and also would make the model of the magazine look more direct and attractive. Another convention is the shadow used in my models picture, the reason I have left the shadow is because it shows the models shape and adds character. <br />Another convention I have used is the colour scheme, there is a theme that I have kept throughout the magazine of black, pink and grey. This is a good idea because it gives a sense of professionalism, as you would see from well established magazines they keep colour schemes to make the magazine more appealing and attractive. <br />
  3. 3. How does my media product represent particular social groups?<br />Representation refers to the construction of aspects of reality such as people, places, objects, events or cultural identities. <br />The magazine I have constructed is aimed at different social groups. Its a Pop magazine at a young range of girls from the age of around 14-18. Its aimed at girls that are into pop, its a girly magazine which targets young girls’ interests. <br />My photograph constructs many representations because its a picture of a young teenage model who would show interest in the magazine, she is the main type of audience that was targeted by this magazine. The photograph has the girl wearing clothes that looks like uniform, which again shows the fact she would be a perfect example of the audience that is targeted by the magazine. I had told the girl to wear ‘nerdy’ glasses and put the black dots on her face to make her fill a more childish or teen role, I think that's key because the target audience will feel like they can relate to the type of girl displayed on the front cover, and also show her young feminine side. On the picture there is a shadow that is displayed that is behind the model, this shadow was purposely left there for dramatic effects, the reason being is because it shows the strength and boldness of the women and furthermore the population of young teen girls on a whole. <br />My textual content directly constructs and challenges the attraction of the buyer. The way it attracts the buyer is because while its laid out in shops or in bundles, the left hand side of the magazine is visible and this is important because the most important information or information that will appeal majorly to the target market is printed there. The text of my magazine is ‘tasty’ because it has terminology that would relate entirely to youth and females. For example ‘celebrity juice and gossip’ this terminology is appropriate because females like to read and hear about ‘gossip’ and ‘juice’ because they’re interested in it. <br />The design of my magazine was well thought out, I decided to use a cliché design and have a image as the main focus and have text surrounding it. The reason this was done was to create a main focus on the picture so it stands out and attracts the audience, then they would look at the text and see the contents. I decided to use an ‘Script’ font and this is because it gives a classy, young and elegant appearance to the magazine. When the target audience see the font and layout they should grow a custom to how its designed. <br /><ul><li>http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ziJjO09p3N0/TQqmhl2mJRI/AAAAAAAAAAc/bolgw9VC7R0/s1600/char.jpg</li></li></ul><li>What kind of media institution might distribute my media product and why?<br />I have chosen IPC to distribute my magazine, the reason is because they are assorted with the content they produce. They have at this present time, women's weeklies, leisure and specialist, men's lifestyle and entertainment, women's lifestyle and home interest, plus more. And I think that with IPC they target the same target audiences that I wish to aim at, because they aim at females and my magazine is directly aimed at females. IPC media publishes magazines like Look which is aimed at teenage girls and therefore my magazine is in the same category. I feel if IPC distributed my magazine then they will have stronger appeal on teenage girls and will appreciate the content of my magazine. <br />Content is very important because it displays many things, for example it gains attention, if you compose your front cover well then you will gain more interest from the buyers. Another thing it displays is creativity, because sometimes the picture you use might not look good however the idea is what is taken into account and it shows creativity whereas people will want to get involved. <br />Profit is important because the companies and businesses need to make more than there breakeven point so they can re invest and have a successful return for there investment, if they don’t feel they are getting a good return or profit they don’t have to invest in your magazine and then your magazine can fail. The magazine will have to be sold at a good price so that they demand goes up because if its to example people wont want to buy it really. There needs to be an equilibrium in the pricing so that you can find the most appealing price. <br />. <br />
  4. 4. Who would be the audience for your media product?<br />My target audience is the teenage girl region of around 15-22. It is aimed at females who are into fashion and celebrity information and youthful, tasteful music. <br />The audience I had aimed my magazine at had started of being 12-17, however I then after further study had realized that the age group I had targeted was too narrow. Therefore I changed it to 15-22 because that is also a more mature and sophisticated age group however there is still relevance to pop and latest music and fashion. <br />Young fashionable and classy teens and females in there early 20’s will be interested in my magazine. People of many stereotypes will enjoy the magazine provided, from girls that wear jeans and t-shirts to girls that wear dresses, will feel like the magazine appeals to them. <br />More than a few of the audience entertained by the magazine would aspire to be like the people shown in the magazine and this is because there is diversity within the magazine as it appeals to people involved with fashion, music and also information on events that have been taking place with celebrity life and status. My magazine addresses the audience that aspire to be like the celebrities featured in this magazine because it has a lot of relevance to there ambitions and dreams. The relevance is because they can see what the life they want to live is like and can also indulge on the latest fashion tips prescribed by celebrities. <br />The demographics for the people it would be aimed at would be for the middle class or working class people rather, because the fashion would be all budget for the mass population. Another thing is that the magazine would be aimed at the young females trying to push for success in area’s similar to which are displayed in the magazine<br />
  5. 5. How did I attract/address my audience?<br />The specific techniques I had used to attract my audience were simple techniques that are used, for example having captions and small previews of what’s to come in the magazine. On my magazine I have various captions like ‘complete make-up guide inside…’ this attracts and addresses my audience all together because it appeals to my target audience. It appeals to it because the target audience that my magazine is aimed at should be interested in ‘make-up guides’ due to my research. And it also attracts them because they are interested in the contents then they would want to buy the magazine to see the ‘make-up guides’ and information inside. <br />I selected content by looking on the internet and seeing what I thought made a magazine look good and make it important. Therefore I looked at well established magazines and low quality magazines to find what was lacking, in the end I didn’t find a certain answer to tell me how to improve my magazine. However I did find that pictures and layout is significant, I also realized that your content of your magazine is important. I got my information for my double page spread from the internet and some magazines and sources that provided information relevant to the boy band ‘the Wanted’. <br />
  6. 6. What have I learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?<br />During the construction of this magazine I have gained a lot of information and knowledge on the software's used. The software I used to construct this magazine was the adobe C5 series, mainly using the Photoshop and In-Design features.<br /><ul><li> during the process of arranging and making the magazine front cover, I started of hopeless and then I had searched on the internet and asked my teachers at any given chance for help and tips on the magazine designing software and etc. From there on I gained more information and changed the design and production of the magazine. </li></li></ul><li>Looking back at my preliminary task, what do I feel Ihave learnt in the progression from it to the full product?<br />From my preliminary task I have learnt a lot of skills, at first I had no clue whatsoever of how to carry out what was demanded of me. However I learnt how to edit pictures and designs/layout, I also learnt to see in magazines and other mass media products what works and what doesn’t, this includes designs and content. So I would like to think I learnt assessment skills and image manipulation.<br />The skills I have developed from the preliminary task up until the final product I composed, would have to be my planning skills. Which leads me to planning, at first I decided not to create a plan on my designing skills. My designing skills for the magazine was done free-hand however the content planning was very vital. The reason being when I was in the process of creating the magazine 2 page spread article I was dumbfound on what needs to be included and etc, until I looked at the previous planning that I had done. The planning helped a lot because the information was key and helped composing the story easier and more efficiently. <br />I have learnt a great deal of information on imagery and the terms and techniques used. I have learnt about manipulation of representation, for example in my picture I have a girl sitting with her whole body in the frame and her hands crossed and focused on the camera lens showing innocence, it also shows the sense of modern day lifestyles and the style that is displayed everyday in the lives of average girls in there teenage years. <br />