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Bhavesh Bhagat Keynote at #GRC13.

Glean insights on where the world is headed in the era of emerging technologies. The keynote was presented by Global Governance expert and Security and risk technology visionary, Confident Governance Founder Bhavesh Bhagat as the IIA/ISACA GRC Opening Keynote. #GRC13

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Bhavesh Bhagat Keynote at #GRC13.

  1. 1. EMERGING TECH FOREST GRC 2013 IIA/ISACA GRC Opening Keynote Bhavesh Bhagat – Father, Angel Investor, Global Governance Security Expert @bbhagat WELCOME TO TOMORROW
  2. 2. Association of Governance Leaders
  3. 3. SAFE Harbor Disclosure CONFIDENT GOVERNANCE AND ENCRISP is INC 500 award winning global leader in providing “business driven” solutions enhancing trust, governance, cyber security and risk transparency since 2004. Confident Governance® is award winning “Governance as a Service®- Cloud Governance™ Company. Global Entrepreneurship (GEW50) Kauffman 50 Global Awardee @NextGenAngels is a group of Angel Investors who are in their Forties and below in Washington, DC region and support and act as Mentors to start-ups and invest in them. Helping companies with adoption of new technologies, strategies and governance initiatives bridging the gap between old world and new business technology. AWARDS – INC 500, Global Entrepreneurship Kauffman 50 Start-Ups, NVTC, Hot Ticket, Hottest Buzz, GovTek Best Cloud Government Solution, Business Insurance Risk Technology, Loudoun 40 under 40, SiliconIndia Global Entrepreneur Awardee
  4. 4. Fundamental shifts in technology, business, and human behaviour . Macro social factors disrupting traditional ways of Governance Challenges and opportunities
  5. 5. “And what if Palantir’s audit logs–its central safeguard against abuse–are simply ignored? Karp responds that the logs are intended to be read by a third party. In the case of government agencies, he suggests an oversight body that reviews all surveillance–an institution that is purely theoretical at the moment. “Something like this will exist,” Karp insists. “Societies will build it, precisely because the alternative is letting terrorism happen or losing all our liberties.” – Forbes, Sept. 02, 2013 (FUTURE Issue….)
  6. 6. EMERGING TECH FOREST GRC @bbhagat Top TEN Technologies of FUTURE that Exist TODAY
  8. 8. 45 million photos are uploaded to Instagram EVERY DAY
  9. 9. 100 hours of Video are uploaded to Youtube every minute
  10. 10. 25% of smart phone users say they cant remember the last time their smart phone was not next to them
  11. 11. 29% Americans say that their smart phone is first and last things they look for every day
  12. 12. SOLOMO ???? World has moved on
  13. 13. LIFE CLOUD NOW
  14. 14. Source: we are social JAN 2012 50% 25% 18% 36% 4% SOCIAL MEDIA PENETRATION7% 20% 36% 47%
  15. 15. Word wide there are 1 Billion users for Location Based services 60% of people who don’t yet use the LBS “Will use it in future”.
  16. 16. Interconnected, Always ‘ON’ World Information on the finger tips
  17. 17. Things would only get more CRAZY from here on! Geographies moving towards MOBILE saturation
  18. 18. A QUESTION THEN!
  19. 19. IS GRC dead?
  20. 20. It’s either archaic in approach or reactive to accidents Old GRC models don’t factor in current and emerging technologies
  21. 21. Are you ready to shift the gear?
  22. 22. CHAOS is CONSTANT and the SMART Professionals THRIVE from it… It is “Survival of the Flexible”
  23. 23. • What’s the best way forward to execute - Is traditional GRC still relevant for my Organization? • Is SoLoMo a dampener or an exciting opportunity that still hides from the GRC world? • How to leverage this information to avoid surprise roadblocks?
  24. 24. Continuing the Keynote Journey…… of Over 3000 years!
  25. 25. Thanks! Remember its a SoLoMo Jungle out there. Be sure to stay in Touch……. Fill your Session SURVEY so we can Improve your conference Experience… Follow @bbhagat (YogiEntrepreneur) and