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Arya market research Profile

  1. 1. Welcome to ARYA MARKET RESEARCH PVT LTD India’s leading independent market research company PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION
  2. 2. About Us: • Arya Market Research Pvt. Ltd. Is India’s leading independent market research company, established in the year 2006 and provides end to end services in all major sectors. • We are a full-service market research company having head office at Ahmedabad with PAN India network. • Our research service starts from ‘Research design’ to ‘Report presentation’. • Arya Market Research offers a full range of market research fieldwork services and used both qualitative and quantitative techniques to provide research solutions that add strategic values. • We are benchmark in market research for our high quality services. PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION
  3. 3. Vision: • To be a leader in industry by delivery of timely, comprehensive, cost- effective and innovative research solutions to clients for strategic decision making. Mission: • To give the competitive edge in clients’ business, we are inspired to execute various market research projects and conceive creative solutions that suit clients’ overall business strategy. We are guided by our Vision & Mission, which facilitate all our actions and our interactions with our clients. PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION
  4. 4. Our Strength • Arya Market Research specializes in qualitative, quantitative and online market research fieldwork. Our team has in-house recruiters, interviewers, focus group moderators, data entry, tabulation, coding, project managers and market research analyst that make us the perfect partner to handle any projects over the globe. • We are an independent set-up comprising high caliber, dedicated professionals. We adapt flexibly to the specific requirements of each project and are not limited by set protocols or rigid methodologies. • We believe strongly in the value of Customer Loyalty & Retention, which can only be attained through Customer Delight. We aim for this by offering: – An innovative & creative approach for each project – Personalized client service – Field & data management services that meet exacting quality standards – Timely delivery PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION
  5. 5. Research Studies Business to Business Consumer Behavior Consumer Loyalty Consumer Satisfaction Usage and Attitude Pricing Employee satisfaction and opinion Advertising Development and Evaluation Branding and Positioning Operation and Distribution New Product Development Problem Solving Segmentation and profiling Competitor PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION
  6. 6. Fieldwork Services- Reliable, confidential, verifiable Qualitative Face to Face In-Depth Interview Focus Group Telephonic In-Depth Interview Ethnographic Approaches Dyads/Triads Quantitative Field Interview CATI CAPI Internet Surveys/Online Survey Central Location Tests (CLT) Mystery Audit PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION
  7. 7. Research Methodology Questionnaire Preparation and Survey Programming • We do questionnaire design in collaboration with the clients Translation and Transcription • We do translation into local language, if required done, by well experienced in house staff Respondents Recruitment and Interviewing • We do recruitment according the project specifications Data Analysis, Report Writing and Presentation • We do analysis by specialist in analysis • We provide complete report writing and presentation to clients PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION
  8. 8. Quality Control • Every project has the 100% commitment of the researcher involved, from start to finish • The researcher is involved closely with the field - from explaining project objectives & detailed briefing to close monitoring of fieldwork progress & random quality checks • 100% of gathered field data is cross checked by team of Executives and supervisors. • We maintain Quality by Re-scrutiny of minimum of 30% of data after supervisor review. • Logic checks: Easy format, recording, validation and analysis of the data • Language Checks: Spellings and grammatical errors, sentence structure forming, consistency and flow of language. • Layout and Design Checks: Placement of content, multimedia presentation and visual appeal of the market research reports. “It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION
  9. 9. We take ethical responsibilities of four stakeholders “Client, Researcher, Respondent and Public” to act honorably and respect their responsibilities to one another at each of the six stages of the marketing research design process. PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION Ethical Responsibility Equivalence in Market Research We establish equivalence of scales and measures to collect and provide data from different countries • Construct Equivalence: To measure meaning and significance of marketing constructs in different countries • Conceptual Equivalence: To check interpretation of brands, products, consumer behavior and marketing effort is same in different countries • Functional Equivalence: To compare role or function of concept or behavior in different countries • Category Equivalence: To compare categories in which brands, products and behavior are grouped is the same in different countries
  10. 10. • Operational Equivalence: To measures how theoretical constructs are operationalized in different countries to measure marketing variables • Measurement Equivalence: To compare responses to particular set of items. This includes Configural (structural), Metric(measurement unit) and Scalar Equivalence • Linguistic Equivalence: To compare both spoken and written language forms used in scales and questionnaires PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION We provide translation services by selective methods to avoid errors in translation of certain words and phrases of both cultures. Translation Methods: • Direct Translation • Back Translation • Parallel Translation Equivalence in Market Research Translation Services
  11. 11. Analysis and Report Preparation In-house software such as SPSS and Minitab with advanced statistical analysis capabilities: • Conjoint Analysis • Factor Analysis • Multi-regression Analysis • Cluster Analysis • Brand Mapping • Regression Analysis • Discriminant Analysis PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION
  12. 12. Industries we cater: Retail Food and Beverage FMCG Automotive Hospitality Finance and Insurance Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Education Leisure and Tourism Oil and Gas Public Sector Media and Publishing Energy Real Estate IT and technology Textile and Garment Manufacturing and Capital Goods Advertising PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION
  13. 13. Contact Us: Head office: ARYA MARKET RESEARCH PVT LTD 305, Shefali Centre, Near Paldi Cross Road, Paldi, Ahmedabad-380007 Gujarat, INDIA. Phone No. 079-30021600 E-mail: RFQ: Website: PROBLEM  RESEARCH  SOLUTION