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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Sample Slide 2 HelloPT is a helpful application to makemore effective and organized presentionin various presentation. Its easy for everybody to use HelloPTprovided direct interface utilizing of iPodor iPhone.
  2. 2. Sample Slide 3 You can check your recorded notewhich is your thoughts or importantpoints when you make a presentation inadvance. Express yourself without missing yourthoughts using HelloPT.
  3. 3. Sample Slide 4 Now you dont need expensive laserpointer for presentation. You can use the screen as white boardfunction like paint board HelloPT makes you professionalpresentationer.
  4. 4. Sample Slide 5 * This application is operated iPhone oriPod OS 2.2.1 version or higher.
  5. 5. Sample Slide 6 ☆ Major function! ☆ 1. Slide Control - Slide show excution, cancellation - Beginning, previous, next, last - Slide jump(move the slide page youwant) 2. Slide Swipe - Moving to next Slide using Left, RightSwipe
  6. 6. Sample Slide 7 ☆ Major function! ☆ 3. Slide Note Assistant - Showing slide note entered in PT file byuser 4. Paint board - Use current slide screen as paint board - Laser effect, Pen drawing, erazser etc.tool 5. Connection Control - Control Enrollment of frequent locations
  7. 7. Sample Slide 8 ☆ Requirement ☆ 1. Windows XP or Vista or 7 2. Power Point 2000/2003/2007/2010 3. HelloPT Server
  8. 8. Sample Slide 9 * This application must be installed inWindows server. Free Server program can bedownloaded at
  9. 9. Sample Slide 10 Thank