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Case study presentation peterson paper products


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Case study presentation peterson paper products

  2. 2. CASE INTRODUCTION Peterson Paper Products (PPP): • Founded by Val Peterson and partnered by Mr. Ball • Main functional area of PPP: It purchases raw paper of various grades and produces paper stock for business, personal stationary and greeting cards • The company is known for high quality of products • The sales of the company has declined over the last 2 years • Company employs 80-90 workers • At least half of the employees have been friends or relatives of Mr. Peterson or Mr. Ball
  3. 3. RICK: • Rick was an MBA graduate and was known to be smart, hardworking and friendly • Rick got an opportunity to do an internship at PPP in the sales department • Val Peterson wanted Rick to work at PPP full time and help them to improve the sales department • Rick was successful in identifying the problems in the sales department • He identified that the morale and productivity of salespeople were low •He wanted to conduct weekly sales meeting and maintain a centralized sales database
  4. 4. CASE SNAPSHOTS: • Most employees working at PPP were either friends or relatives of the founder • Rick who was a newcomer in the company had to adjust with the working environment and with the people • He couldn’t make changes too soon in the company • Rick wanted to bring in new ideas and technology into the company but none of the employees were willing to adapt to the changes that Rick wanted to enforce • Even when Rick started to work on a computer, others felt that he was showing superiority
  5. 5. SWOT ANALYSIS for PPP: 1) Strengths: Well established company High quality products All employees feel comfortable working together Maintain perfection in whatever they do
  6. 6. 2) Weakness: Were not open to new Decline in sales ideas Did not trust a newcomer Technologically backward
  7. 7. 3) OPPORTUNITIES: Could have adopted new technology Improve the productivity and sales Improve performance of employees Bring about major change in companies policies
  8. 8. 4) Threats: Emerging companies that are open to technology Employee relationship Lack of growth
  9. 9. Case findings and conclusion: • PPP lost a valuable employee • The workers at PPP have to be more open minded • Adaptation to new technologies must be welcome •Innovation has to be encouraged
  10. 10. • Rick had to adjust himself in the companies environment • It was good to be innovative but he had to know how and when to apply his innovation •Before doing anything new, Rick had to consult all the senior employees at PPP