Architect can turn your dream home into reality


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Architect can turn your dream home into reality

  1. 1. Architect is a person, who is expert indesigning your dream home or office.Professional architects will design your dreamproject within your budget and as per yourimagination.For planning and designing your project theyensure proper supervision to the wholeconstruction.Even they have the knowledge and experienceof vast location.
  2. 2. There are some important things which anarchitect only can suggest you when youdesign your dream building that are propermaterial selection, color selection, wallpaperfor the walls, proper decorations, false ceilingetc.In these scenarios architects are very helpfulto you by giving you correct ideas about vastknowledge.
  3. 3. Nowadays the architects use software likeAutoCAD or 3ds for giving you an exactpresentation about your dream home.How you can find out a right architect? Whatare the qualities should an architect want?There are endless question appear in yourmind when you turn to design you home oroffice.Nowadays it is very easy to find out anarchitect by using Google’s Search Engine.
  4. 4. You can find out tons of architects in yourlocality itself, but it is totally depending uponyou, how you find a right architect for yourdream home within your limited budget.Few important points which should beconsidered before appointing an architect,
  5. 5. EducationExperienceTechnical knowledgeWorking procedureTerms and conditionsCharges whether it is based on % of thewhole project, or per hour charges etc. anapproximate figure.
  6. 6. Portfolios of the architectsPortfolio is very important.By viewing the portfolios you will be able to seesome amazing designs which they designed inpast.By that you will get a proper idea about thestyle of architecture.You will get an idea of quality and servicesupport of there work.
  7. 7. Important thing is whether the architect’soffice is nearby your project location or not sothat he/ she can visit the project on dailybasisorThey will depute any separate assistants orproject manager.It is very important for an architect to visit theproject daily so that there will be no disputesand no mistakes by contractor.
  8. 8. Working with an architectYou should have complete information of thearchitect’s history. You should not blindly goto hire the company as you are spending lot ofmoney for their services.They assure you to complete the work in thegiven time frame.Once you appoint an architect, give them abrief explanation about the building design.
  9. 9. It will help the architect and it will makeeasier to design a building as you wish.The chemistry is very important forcooperation.Frequent communication would be needed inbetween you and architect for doing worksatisfactorily.
  10. 10. Ikshu Constructions Pvt. Ltd.DLF Ph-3, Gurgaon-Delhi, Indiacontact : +91 - 95400 96960email : ikshuconst@gmail.comurl :