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Neu-ir 2016: Opening note


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The slides from the Neu-IR workshop opening note at SiGIR 2016.

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Neu-ir 2016: Opening note

  1. 1. The First SIGIR Workshop on Neural Information Retrieval Neu-IR 2016 (Pronounced “new IR”)
  2. 2. W. Bruce Croft University of Massachusetts Amherst, US Jiafeng Guo Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing, China Maarten de Rijke University of Amsterdam Amsterdam, The Netherlands Bhaskar Mitra Bing, Microsoft Cambridge, UK Nick Craswell Bing, Microsoft Bellevue, US A big welcome from all The Organizers
  3. 3. I’m certain that deep learning will come to dominate SIGIR over the next couple of years … just like speech, vision, and NLP before it. This is a good thing. Deep learning provides some powerful new techniques that are just being amazingly successful on many hard applied problems. However, we should realize that there is also currently a huge amount of hype about deep learning and artificial intelligence. We should not let a genuine enthusiasm for important and successful new techniques lead to irrational exuberance or a diminished appreciation of other approaches…
  4. 4. We love the excitement!
  5. 5. Neu-IR 2016 Word Cloud
  6. 6. Neu-IR 2016 Word Cloud
  7. 7. SIGIR 2016 Word Cloud
  8. 8. SIGIR 2016 Word Cloud
  9. 9. Neu-IR 2016 in numbers
  10. 10. # of registrations 121as of July 19 (Tuesday)
  11. 11. # of submissions 27excluding 3 incomplete submissions
  12. 12. # of accepted papers 19excluding 1 withdrawn by the author
  13. 13. % of accepted papers 73%excluding 1 withdrawn by the author
  14. 14. # of accepted papers on word embeddings 8
  15. 15. # of accepted papers on deep NNs 10
  16. 16. # of accepted papers on document ranking 7Other tasks: QA, proactive, conversational…
  17. 17. # of accepted papers from academia 17based on first author’s affiliation
  18. 18. # of countries based on first author 9spread across 3 continents
  19. 19. # of reviewers 14including 9 PC members
  20. 20. Program Committee
  21. 21. Call for Papers
  22. 22. Discuss, Share, Learn. Non-archival submissions to encourage more presentations Lessons from the Trenches to share learnings Poster sessions to facilitate 1:1 discussions
  23. 23. The rest of this day…MorningI Keynote: Tomas Mikolov Paper presentations Coffee break MorningII Lessons from the Trenches Poster presentations Lunch AfternoonI Keynote: Hang Li Paper presentations Coffee break AfternoonII Breakout session Breakout session retrospective Closing comments