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Advertising in India has known one prominent name since the last 26 years. The name is TDI International India P Limited, a company providing complete solutions for all your advertising needs. The extraordinary range of TDI can be imagined from the fact that it offers excellent services in Airport Advertising India, Delhi Metro Advertising, Internet Advertising, and Mobile Advertising. Be it the medium of OOH Advertising or Online Advertising, TDI has been a name trusted by brands for high impact coverage across India.

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TDI International India P Limited - for Complete Advertising Solutions

  1. 1. Gateway To Affluent Decision Making Consumers in India New Delhi, India www. ·
  2. 2. TDI Corporate Overview 1
  3. 3. TDI is one of the largest OOH Media companies in India TDI is the oldest and the most recognized name in the Indian OOH Advertising sector  Established in 1986, TDI remains the largest OOH Media companies Most experienced and the single largest as well as airport advertising agency in India airport advertiser in India  TDI introduced systematized Airport advertising way back in 1986  It provides extensive range of OOH media services including Airport advertising, Metro advertising, internet & mobile advertising, including strategic planning, media buying and creative Exclusive rights in 9 airports and 22 DMRCs in Delhi Pan-India presence with 16 offices and over 500 satisfied customers solution 1986 1987 1992 Commences Airport Advertising business from New Delhi Participates and Wins Advertising Rights for first ever AAI tender Expands to Key metro Airports in India 2003 Starts TDI Media Services – An Outdoor Advertising Agency 2005 2007 Forays into Advertising at Delhi Metro Railway Stations Launches MAD – The Internet & Mobile Advertising Agency arm 2009 Establishes Vista Retail to grab the Mall Retail Advertising opportunity 2
  4. 4. Integrated Business Model providing extensive range of OOH media services  TDI Metro Advertising    Exclusive advertising rights of 22 Delhi Metro Stations 750 advertising sites spread across strategic locations 5-year long contracts ensuring sustained visibility & assured service  TDI Airport Advertising Pioneer & largest airport advertising company in India Exclusive advertising rights for 9 airports across India 5,779 advertising sites spread across high visibility zones of country wide terminals Highest non-traffic revenue contributor to Airports Authority of India Specialized out of home media agency with 8 years of experience offering one stop solutions for advertising and media solutions to the clients. Provide strategic planning, media buying & media executions    TDI Media Services   MAD  Over 40 key clients and 680 websites across the Internet & Mobile advertising domain Strong international relationships with major Ad Server networks Integrated business model enables TDI to offer entire gamut of OOH advertising solutions under one roof to all its well known National & International client Brands 3
  5. 5. PAN India presence to provide diverse options and nation-wide campaigning to clients TDI has a pan-India presence with airports, 22 Metro Stations in its portfolio North West •DMRC Stations  Ahmedabad Exclusive rights to advertise at: • 9 Airports • 22 Delhi Metro stations Also provides mobile and internet advertising services 22 offices serving clients in every part of India  Pune  Goa • Clients can roll-out a campaign nation- wide without any implementation challenges East  Kolkata South  Chennai  Calicut • All round visibility, diverse options and real time service to the clients TDI Offices Airports under TDI Metro Stations under TDI  Tirupati  Cochin  Trivandrum 4
  6. 6. TDI Airports 5
  7. 7. Passenger traffic at TDI Airports is poised to witness strong growth (1/4) AIRPORT > PASSENGER TRAFFIC (In MN) FY12 YOY GROWTH (2011-12) 12.9 CHENNAI 7% FY11 KEY GROWTH DRIVERS > Third highest airport traffic among all airports in India, fourth largest metropolitan in the country 12.0 Accounts for 60% of the Automotive exports of India. Base for a large number of automotive companies such as Hyundai, Ford etc. Second largest exporter of software information technology (IT) and information-technology-enabled services (ITES) FY12 10.3 KOLKATA 7% FY11 Fifth highest airport traffic among all airports in India, third largest metropolitan in the country 9.6 Hub of the metal industry in India. Houses many companies such as Tata Steel, Exide Industries, Electrosteel etc. Main business commercial and financial hub of eastern India and the northeastern states 6
  8. 8. Passenger traffic at TDI Airports is poised to witness strong growth (2/4) AIRPORT > PASSENGER TRAFFIC (In MN) YOY GROWTH (2011-12) AHMEDABAD FY12 KEY GROWTH DRIVERS > Major commercial hub in Gujarat, one of the fastest growing and business-friendly states in India 4.7 14% FY11 In 2010, the Forbes magazine rated Ahmedabad as the fastest growing city in India, and third in the world 4.0 COCHIN FY12 Strong industry hub, ranging from ship building to handicrafts and petrochemical refining to international spice trading 4.7 8% FY11 4.3 Destination for roaring in vogue spiritual & health tourism TRIVANDRUM FY12 Largest, most populous city in Kerala. Houses many government offices and Science & Technology institutions 2.6 1% FY11 2.5 IT hub, with over 80% of the state's software exports 7
  9. 9. Passenger traffic at TDI Airports is poised to witness strong growth (3/4) AIRPORT > PASSENGER TRAFFIC (In MN) YOY GROWTH (2011-12) KEY GROWTH DRIVERS > TIRUPATI FY12 Is the biggest Pilgrimage center of the world and draws millions of Pilgrims. 0.2 8.7% 28 % FY11 The city is a major economical and educational hub in the southern region of the state. 0.2 PUNE FY12 One of the fastest growing airport in terms of traffic in India. Has the highest per capita income in the country 3.0 6% FY11 Emerging as a IT hub (such as Infosys ,Wipro, TCS, Cognizant, and IBM) and manufacturing companies 2.8 GOA FY12 One of India's richest states with the highest GDP per capita (two and a half times that of India) 3.1 17.2% 1% FY11 3.1 Tourist paradise of India, Goa is renowned for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture 8
  10. 10. Passenger traffic at TDI Airports is poised to witness strong growth (4/4) AIRPORT > PASSENGER TRAFFIC (In MN) YOY GROWTH (2011-12) KEY GROWTH DRIVERS > CALICUT FY12 Main commercial city of Kerala. Centre of trade for commodities like pepper coconut, coffee, rubber, lemon grass oil etc. 2.2 7% FY11 2.1 Planned projects: Birla IT park (at Mavoor), Cyber park and Malaysian satellite city (at Kinaloor).KINFRA has plans to set up a 400 acre industrial park • Overall 8% growth in air travelers through TDI Airports across India in FY12 vis-à-vis FY11. • 16 % of India’s SEC AB Urban Male 25-55 population numbers (primary decision makers) travel through TDI Airports every month. 9
  11. 11. TDI airports are more cost effective than privatized airports such as Delhi & Mumbai Advertising cost at Delhi and Mumbai airports is 4-5 times of the advertising cost at TDI airports Delhi domestic airport Total Cost Annual Passenger Traffic Cost per thousand (CPT) (in INR) INR 60 Lakhs 2,06,67,113 Monthly Passenger Traffic 17,22,259 70% of monthly passenger traffic 12,05,582 General news TV channel 850 The cost per thousand Business news TV channel 1,000 impressions to reach the same TDI airport 1,100 target group for TDI Airports Mumbai airport Delhi airport 4,977 ~5 times the cost of TDI airports Mumbai domestic airport Total Cost Annual Passenger Traffic Monthly Passenger Traffic 70% of monthly passenger traffic Cost per thousand (in INR) 1,99,95,453 magazines 7,941 Forbes magazine 8,000 The Economist 10,357 English business newspaper 15,000 0 INR 43 Lakhs Delhi airports and high end 4,977 Fortune magazine Cost per thousand (in INR) is lower than Mumbai and 3,687 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 Due to low CPT and low spillage (as airports are frequented by high income group), TDI airports are more cost effective than other mediums 16,66,288 11,66,401 3,687 ~4 times the cost of TDI airports 10
  12. 12. TDI’s Airport have a significant National Reach Airport-Wise Reach (% of SEC AB Males in the City) 40 Lakh High End Customers 498% Calicut 484% Goa 352% Cochin 377% Trivandrum Chennai Ahmedabad Kolkata Pune Very High Reach with Multiple Exposures 172% 90.0% 71% 60% High Reach with Multiple Exposures MediumHigh Reach • More than 40 lakh high end consumers travelled through the TDI Airports in June’11 growing at a rate of 11% from April’11 124% Reach of SEC AB in TDI Cities • 124% of the SEC AB urban Male 25-55 population in the TDI cities travel through TDI Airports every month, indicating multiple exposures 16% All-India Reach of SEC AB • TDI airports reach 16% of India’s SEC AB urban male population in the age group of 2555 in India Source: Airports Authority of India – Note: * Assuming that 77% of airline passengers are SEC AB males and 87% are in the age group of 25-55. We have not considered duplication factor or frequent fliers amongst air travelers.; Multiple Exposure: Many passengers are from outside the city or the same passengers travel frequently leading to multiple exposures 11
  13. 13. TDI has the fastest execution time (1/5) Execution Excellence Case Study: Client – Jindal Steel & Power 2:00pm; 31-May-2011 5:00pm; 31-May-2011 9:00pm; 31-May-2011 TDI adopted the creative as per display size and got the Chennai , Kolkata Ahmedabad client’s approval Contract Signed Creatives printed and sent to and Pune through air cargo Total Turnaround Time from signing the contract to installation at 4 different airports ~ 13 hours 9:00am; 1-Jun-2011 3:00am; 1-Jun-2011 Pictures of installed displays Installation as well as quality sent to client check complete 11:00pm; 31-May-2011 Standby operating team at each airport receives flexes and starts installation 12
  14. 14. TDI has the fastest execution time (2/5) Execution Excellence Case Study: Client – Jindal Steel & Power City : Chennai Location : Check In Area 13
  15. 15. TDI has the fastest execution time (3/5) Execution Excellence Case Study: Client – Jindal Steel & Power City : Kolkata Location : Domestic Departures 14
  16. 16. TDI has the fastest execution time (4/5) Execution Excellence Case Study: Client – Jindal Steel & Power City : Pune Location : Domestic and International Arrivals 15
  17. 17. TDI has the fastest execution time (5/5) Execution Excellence Case Study: Client – Jindal Steel & Power City : Ahmedabad Location : Security Hold Area 16
  18. 18. TDI is Passionate About Quality, Service and Support 1. Dedicated Ideation (Pre-Sales) Team that Focuses on Client Innovation • High quality creative team dedicated to customise and ideate creatives for client displays • Can turnaround any client request for a customised creative within 24 hours • High value clients of TDI would be provided selective access to the ideation team to co-develop creatives 2. Dedicated Installation and Maintenance Team • Dedicated team in each airport to provide 24x7 installation support (always have sites ready well before installation) • 24x7 maintenance from the time of installation through the contract period 3. Dedicated Operational (Support) On-theGround Team • Each airport has 5 dedicated on-the-ground team with one supervisor, who services requests instantly • 2-hour turnaround time of resolving any potential complaints or requests 17
  19. 19. Additional benefits of using TDI Airport advertising Reaches wide category of decision makers such as premium consumers, B2B, policy makers, bureaucrats, institutional customers, and the C-Suite (CEO, CFO, etc.) Greater presence of Image/ Brand conscious consumers More Luxury/designer brand consuming target audience Mostly Tech-savvy individuals Willingness and ability to spend more on quality products 73% of Fliers look at advertisements during waiting time at airports Believers in reputation of the company 18
  20. 20. Airports - Effective Way to reach Affluent Audience & Key Decision Makers Profile of the Passenger Key Airport Survey Results It is important for me to be well dressed  72% of travelers are the CWE (chief wage earners) of their households  Skew towards SEC A, 25+ yrs age group: in short a very affluent TG  Bulk of them travel on business purposes & every fifth traveler is a member of a FF program  73% travel once in 3 months but Nearly all of them travel at least once a year 66% I don’t mind spending on expensive brands 52% I love to buy new gadgets and appliances 59% Designer label improves a persons image 59% Willing to pay extra for good quality products 61% Is airport advertising the most effective medium to reach high-income audience?  This segment of the audience is in the most captive state in the airport  Convergence of target audience, decision makers and corporate leaders in the airports Source: TGI-2010, Technopak Advisors (India), poll report Focused targeting of niche audience, with more than 50% being affluent, with a high propensity to spend 19
  21. 21. Because Airline traffic in India is growing at a fast pace, … c.50% of India’s Urban Male Population Represent the Rich and Middle Class Segments… Rich 11% (35 Mn) Top 15 Airports in India By Passenger Traffic Traffic Rank City 1 Delhi 2 Middle Class 41% (136 Mn) Bottom of the Pyramid 48% (154 Mn) April ’10Mar ’11) Traffic 4 Year Traffic April ’11Growth Mar' 12) 29,942,888 9.40% 35,881,965 Mumbai 29,071,913 7.60% 30,747,842 3 Chennai 12,049,679 9.30% 12,925,218 4 Bangalore 11,592,265 11.80% 12,698,483 5 Kolkata 9,631,672 12.30% 10,303,991 6 Hyderabad 7,602,998 8.70% 8,444,467 7 Cochin 4,340,736 18.40% 4,717,671 8 Ahmedaba d 4,043,475 14.90% 4,695,098 9 Goa 3,080,037 12.80% 3,118,974 10 Pune 2,808,939 14.50% 2,991,639 11 Trivandru m 2,526,885 15.30% 2,555,227 13 Guwahati 1,934,750 16.90% 2,253,169 400 12 Calicut 2,059,979 12.50% 2,209,636 200 14 Jaipur 1,655,212 33.60% 1,828,412 15 Coimbator e 1,243,823 10.30% 1,345,381 330 Mn Urban population …Translating Into Increasing Passenger aircraft movements in India 1,600 1,400 1,394 2.8X 1,200 12.1% CAGR 1,000 in ‘000 s 800 600 500 0 FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 20
  22. 22. … Airports are emerging as future advertising hub… Benefits of Airport Advertising Airports - rising presence of mass brands Growing passenger aircraft fleet in India 80% 60% 50% 40% 33.3% 30% 20% 10% 0% Yes Source: poll report 706 700 No Aircraft seating capacity 70% 800 66.7% 600 500 400 312 300 200 121 100 0 1995 > 300 200-300 2006 100-200 2015 50-100 21
  23. 23. ….Airport ads have better recall value due to high dwell time and focused viewership… Average Dwell Time at Airports  Travelers spend significant time at the Domestic Departure: Business 2-5mins 5-10 min 5-10 min 15-20 min Baggage Screening Check-in Security Check Wait airport. 5-10 min Boarding 55 min Baggage Screening 5-15 min 10-15 min 35-45 min Check-in Security Check Wait survey, 73% of travelers glance at ads / 5-10 min Boarding 90 min International Departure: Business 5 min 5-20 min 10 min 1-1.5 hrs 10 min 30-40 min 10 min 1.5-2 hrs 10-15 min hoardings while waiting at the airport % of Travelers Involved in Each of the Activities at an Airport 2 hrs International Departure: Leisure 5 min viewership as there is no escape route  According to a A.C.Neilson Domestic Departure: Leisure 5 min  Airport ads have focused, compelling 0% 20% Glance at Ads / Hoardings Read print media This compares well with traditional media such as TV and radio where the consumer is exposed to an advertisement for less than a minute 37% Play/SMS/ Talk on mobile 33% 23% Use my laptop Shopping Sleep 80% 53% Watch TV 3 hrs 60% 73% 19% Sit idle Source: A.C.Neilson Research 40% 10% 8% 22
  24. 24. ….Airports are the most appropriate & effective medium to reach affluent people… Airports are becoming the hottest OOH advertising destination for premium brands Airline passenger traffic by age Airline passenger traffic is skewed towards 25-50 years age group 41 - 50 years 24% 72% of travelers are the Senior executives / officials 55 - 60 > 60 years years 3% 3% < 25 years 10% 26 - 30 years 16% Airline passenger traffic consist of a very affluent class of people 31 - 40 years 44% High propensity to consume top end goods and services Survey result: Is airport advertising the most effective medium to reach high-income audience? No -27.5% -40% Yes 71.6% -20% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Survey result: Does long term premium branding at airports deliver commensurate returns? No -5.5% -20% Yes 94.5% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Source: Technopak Advisors (India), poll report 23
  25. 25. …Airport advertising in Tier II cities is expected to witness higher growth Growth (%) in Traffic at Major Airports in India 33.6 Passenger Traffic At Tier 2 Airports Growing the Fastest in the Country 18.4 16.9 Non-TDI Airports 15.3 14.9 14.5 12.8 Airport advertising in Tier II cities to see higher growth compared to metros Key markets for growing consumerism Source: AAI, poll report 12.5 12.3 11.8 10.3 9.4 9.3 8.7 7.6 Survey result: Will non-metro airport advertising register faster growth in 2011? Higher growth in passenger traffic in Tier II cities Cost effectiveness and better value for money TDI Airports No -5.3% Emerging as industrial hubs or tourist destinations -20% Yes 90.4% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Survey result: Does advertising in smaller airports offer better value for money? No -1.6% -20% Yes 96.9% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 24
  26. 26. TDI - DMRC 25
  27. 27. TDI has advertising rights at 22 densely populated Delhi metro stations… TDI has strong presence in prominent stations with many footfalls, connecting important suburbs; thereby tapping captive audience, surrounded by the Brand for minimum 10 minutes 1. Kashmere Gate     1,40,000 footfalls/day with 240 trains (Up/Down) Connecting point of East, Central and West Delhi Commercial area - wholesalers & SME owners, IP University Mori Gate, I P University, Daryaganj, Kashmiri Gate I S B T 2. Inderlok     90,000 footfalls/day with 240 trains (Up/Down) Connecting point of North West, North and West Delhi Mcdonalds , Comesum and Parsvanath mall in station Tri Nagar, Zakhira, Lawrence Road 3. Shahdara  75,000 footfalls/day with 240 trains (Up/Down)  Malls, College, Wholesale Trade Market  Vivek Vihar, Anand Vihar ISBT ,Shahdara Border, Yamuna Sports Complex 4. Netaji Subhash Place  70,000 footfalls/day with 240 trains (Up/Down)  Shopping Hub of Delhi, commercial complexes, corporate offices & educational institutions  Punjabi Bagh , Saraswati Vihar & Wazirpur Industrial Area 5. Rohini East  70,000 footfalls  Important residential belt of North West Delhi  Rohini, Mangol Puri & Budh Vihar Source: DMRC 26
  28. 28. … with asset base in strategic locations in the Metro… Outside the Metro Staircase/ Escalator On the Platform At the Entrance/Exit 27
  29. 29. …. hence, TDI will benefit from expected rise in Metro ridership 20.1% CAGR 35 45 33 28 30 23 25 20 41 44 2020F 40 40 42 2018F 2.8x 2017F 45 2016F 50 2019F Average daily commuters of Delhi metro (lakhs) 16 19 15 10 5 2015F 2014F 2013F 2012F 2011F 0 • Average ridership of Delhi metro is expected to cross 40 lakhs by 2016, implying a CAGR of 20.1% during 2011-16 • TDI is likely to benefit from this increasing audience base, since it owns some of the most prominent sites in various locations within and in the peripheral areas of the Metro stations 28
  30. 30. Metro Rail emerging as a key advertising medium to reach the masses Advertising in metro rail offers unique opportunity to tap huge middle class income group of a city Most effective way to capture the masses on the move Vast reach of target More than 20 lakh people commute daily by Delhi Metro audience Largest network reaching Delhi and NCR region Captive audience and high brand recall Low clutter media Consumer are continuously surrounded by the brand In Delhi Metro, passengers spend minimum 6 minutes at the station Good brand recall as the brand message is hardly missed by customers High concentration zone with superior visibility Ad panels near station display screens and handle bars difficult to miss Maximize the brand communication thrust Low spillover and hence better ROI Segmentation of stations based on commuter profile and catchment area The message reaches the target group it was intended for Government plans to build metro rail network in 9 cities, including Mumbai, offers future growth prospects 29
  31. 31. TDI is credited with several innovative concepts (1/2) Touch Screen Display First Full Pillar Branding Conveyor Belt Display “Backlit With Trivision” Innovative Product Showcasing Innovative Digital Displays TDI has continuously worked on innovations to improve the brand recall for its clients 30
  32. 32. TDI is credited with several innovative concepts (2/2) Country's First Live Car on Billboard Electrical Product Display at Airport Largest Site in New Delhi Owned by TDI Country's Largest Airport Billboard at Kochi TDI has continuously worked on innovations to improve the brand recall for its clients 31
  33. 33. SAIL This is to record our appreciation for the Publicity Campaign executed by TDI International India Limited that Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) has been availing for the last many years. SAIL is satisfied with TDI’s product and services, timely support and responsiveness. Annoop Joshi Asst. General Mgr
  34. 34. Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd We take this opportunity to thank you for your support provided to us in terms of advertising our SP Infocity projects at Pune & Chennai airports during the last couple of years. The TDI has been prompt in service and execution and we are satisfied with their performance. Saurabh Chaturvedi Sr. Manager – Marketing Real Estate
  35. 35. Punjab National Bank This is to certify that M/s TDI International India Ltd. have been rendering Advertisement Display Services to our Bank and we have found their Advertising Media and client servicing to our best satisfaction. Chief Manager Circle office Delhi
  36. 36. Indian Oil Corporation Limited We take this opportunity to thank you for the role you and your team have played in supporting our Brand. The advertising opportunities you have offered us at various Airports have provided great visibility to our brand and have been widely appreciated from various quarters. Also, the service you have provided is well appreciated and its been a pleasure working with your team. N. Balasubrahmanyam Sr. Manager (Branding)
  37. 37. Godrej Properties Limited. It has indeed been a great and most satisfying experience for us is TDI International India Limited to have extensively utilized your services for our “Brand Building Campaigns” for a long time. We would like to take this opportunity to wish TDI International India Ltd, “All the Best” in their future endeavors. Ketan Sengupta Regional Head
  38. 38. Fortis Hospitals It has indeed been a great and most satisfying experience for us is TDI International India Limited to have extensively utilized your services for our Brand Building Campaigns. We would like to take this opportunity to wish TDI International India Ltd, all the best in their future endeavors. Himadri Das Manager-Marketing
  39. 39. LG It give us pleasure to certify that M/s TDI International India Ltd. Has been rendering advertisement display services to our client M/S LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. And we have found their advertising media and client servicing to our satisfaction and look forward for long term relationship. Raj Mohanty General Manager-OOH
  40. 40. MARUTI SIZUKI This is certify that M/s TDI is working with Maruti Suzuki on various Campaigning program from the last many years. There performance has been found satisfactory Amit Saurabh Manager – PG -4-Marketing
  41. 41. AUDI This is to record our utmost appreciation for the most Cost Effective and Implementable Publicity Campaign by TDI International India Limited. The services provided by the company were planned and executed in an exceedingly professional manner ensuring best value for our Ad-spend. The campaign has yielded the desired results. “Audi Gurgaon” taken this opportunity to place on record its appreciation. Varoon Kapoor Zenica Cars India Pvt .Ltd.
  42. 42. Crompton Greaves Limited It gives us pleasure to certify that M/s TDI International India Ltd. Has been rendering advertisement display services to us and we have found their advertising media and client servicing to our satisfaction. We look forward for long term relationship. Prerna Saxena Deputy Manager – Marketing Northern Region
  43. 43. TATA STEEL LIMITED This is further to the execution of the TATA STRUCTURE advertisement at the Kolkata Airport site. I must compliment you and your team in the execution of the said project-both in terms of the speed and the quality of the response. Srinivas Shenoy TV Head Marketing-STP
  44. 44. TATA HOUSING DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED This is in reference to our ongoing outdoor campaign for our project EDEN COURT-PRIMO at the unipole located at Kolkata Airport. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your entire team on the execution and display of the said outdoor hoarding. Rajeev Dash Head Marketing-Services
  45. 45. THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED We take this opportunity to thank you for playing a valuable role in continuously supporting us grow and perform in the current outdoor scenario. TDI has supported in terms of quality media and timely execution it indeed has been pleasure working with TDI and the team. Dr R K Uppal Chief Manager
  46. 46. UNITED BANK OF INDIA This is to certify that M/s TDI International India Ltd. is in the business of Airport advertising . Their Services in relation to display signage's are excellent. We are satisfied with the services and maintenance rendered by team. Manager Public Relation Manager
  47. 47. Airtel This is to put on record our utmost appreciation for the most proficient and Cost Effective outdoor campaign executed across the country by TDI International India Limited showcasing strengths of Bharti Airtel Ltd. We are extremely satisfied with the all-encompassing services including “After Sales Feedback” provided by the competent professionals of TDI that are par excellence and most effective. Arun Sharma VP Marketing – Head Media
  48. 48. Bank Of India We advise you that the services rendered by you towards display of scroller, hoardings, traffic direction pole at Kolkata Airport during the period October,2009 to December,2010 were satisfactory. Bikas Chakrabarti Head-Marketing
  49. 49. Indian Overseas Bank We take this opportunity to out on record our appreciation for the speedy and perfect service rendered to us by TDI in terms of good visibility, speedy implementation and cooperation in terms of visibility at Chennai Domestic Airport. K. Thamil Marai Chief Manager
  50. 50. Fortune Hotel This is to record our utmost appreciation for the most proficient and Cost Effective Publicity Campaign executed by TDI International India Limited that included comprehensive Outdoor campaign, Print media and magazines as also Mobile and Online advertising. The services provided by the company were planned and executed in an exceedingly professional manner ensuring best value for our Adspend.The campaign has yielded the desired results . Sanjeev Mahajan Managing Director
  51. 51. Fortis Malar Hospital We take this opportunity to thank you for the valuable service rendered by your organization in helping us to build our brand recognition at your premises. You and your team has supported us in providing the best options for outdoor medium for a progressive growth and as well as the timely execution for the chosen medium. J.Kavya Executive – Corporate Communication
  52. 52. MRF We have been dealing with TDI International India Ltd. for several years. The service provided by the company is satisfactory. A Rodricks GM-Advertising
  53. 53. State Bank Of India This is to certify that M/s TDI International India Ltd. has been entrusted the job of displaying our product advertisement at Airport. Their Services in relation to display signage's are excellent. We are satisfied with the services and maintenance rendered by them. Manager Asstt. General Manager (PR & CSB)
  54. 54. V.I.P. It has indeed been a great and most satisfying experience for us is TDI International India Limited to have extensively utilized your services for our Brand Building Campaigns. We would like to take this opportunity to wish TDI International India Ltd, all the best in their future endeavors. Shraddha Yeolekar Assistant Media Manager
  55. 55. Diversified & strong client base Big Brand names, both in public sector as well as private sector, as clients Telecom Financial Services Consumer Durables Automotive Real Estate & Hospitality Others These clients are the leaders in their respective sectors. With such big who-is-who in its clientele, TDI stands to benefit from rise in their advertising spend 54
  56. 56. Overview of Indian Advertising Industry Advertising industry in India was valued at Rs. 248 bn in 2010 and is expected to grow to Rs. 372 bn, at a CAGR of 12.0% during 2011-14 Growth of Advertising Industry in India Rs. billion 400 13.8% CAGR 2005-10 300 200 100 12.0% CAGR 2011-14 114 130 161 194 216 217 248 265 296 333 Advertising: Medium wise share (2011) 372 Radio 5% TV 39% 2014e 2013e 2012e 2011e 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 0 2004 Print 41% OOH 5% Internet 3%  Rising competition is compelling the companies to advertise more so as to be present in consumers mind in order to capitalize on anticipated rise in consumption in India  Advertisers are seeking new ways such as roadblock strategy, product placement in Films and TV to engage with consumers  Tier-II towns are emerging as key markets for advertisers seeking to tap their large consumer base and leverage their purchasing power Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers 55
  57. 57. Increasing opportunities for OOH Advertising Industry in India With just 6% share in Indian advertising industry, OOH media sector is set to witness robust growth Key Growth Drivers OOH Media Globalization and urbanization Roadside Growth of OOH Advertising Industry in India 30.0 9.2% CAGR 2005-10 20.0 15.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 9.0 10.0 24.0 21.5 12.5 14.0 15.5 17.0 19.0 12.5 2015E 2014E 2013E 2012E infrastructure development (e.g. metro, flyovers) 11.6% CAGR 2011-15 25.0 2011E Availability of desirable sites due to 2010 Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers Taxi toppers 2009 increasing recall, flexibility & cost efficiency Kiosks 2008 Digitization and other innovations at Railway Stations people leading to more eyeballs Bus sides 2007 next wave of consumerism is expected to emerge Transit Displays Bus shelters 2006 Expansion to Tier II-III cities, where the OOH Advertising Industry Street Furniture at Airports Increase in time spent outdoors by 2005 to improve connectivity with the customers leading to higher airport traffic and footfall in malls Rs. billion Companies’ focus on localisation Billboards 56
  58. 58. IMF forecasts emerging economies to outperform advanced ones 10.0% 2009 2010 2011e 8.0% 6.0% 4.0% 2.0% 0.0% -2.0% -4.0% -6.0% World Advanced economies European Union Emerging and developing economies India  Economic recovery continued to strengthen during the first half of 2010, but global financial stability suffered a major setback with the turmoil in sovereign debt markets in the second quarter of 2010.  The IMF expects the world economy to expand by 4.2% in 2011. Despite perceived high near-term concerns, Emerging market economies still outpaces developed economies by a factor of 2-3x in terms of GDP growth, and likely to remain the global growth engine for foreseeable future .  Unlike other previous crises, emerging markets are better placed this time to weather the storm, due to huge accumulation of foreign exchange reserves and trade surpluses that they boast.  Even among emerging economies, India is expected to grow faster than several other developing markets Source: IMF 57
  59. 59. India – the place to be in!   FDI inflows in 2009-10 totaled $25.9 bn, inflows during Jan-June 2010 were $5.8 bn  2010 12th largest economy in terms of real GDP, 4th largest on PPP basis, second fastest growing economy Ranked third in AT Kearney’s FDI Confidence Index (2010) India will outperform its BRIC rivals in terms of GDP growth post 2015 Real Growth % Brazil Russia India 7.7 3.9 4.3 6.6 2015-2020 2050 China 2006-2015 2015 5.4 3.8 3.2 6.0  Fourth largest economy by 2025 and third largest by 2050 ($38 tn)  India to be more than 80% of US GDP by 2050; 10% currently Structural Strengths  Explosion in aggregate consumption  Government reforms  Thrust on infrastructure spending  Increasing corporate capital investments 38.3 Almost ‘ideal’ demographics to complement growth  India GDP ($ tn) Source: IMF 35X 1.1 1.9 2007 2015e 4.4 2025e 2050e 58
  60. 60. Rising infrastructure investment boosts growth Infrastructure spending in India Sector-wise Infrastructure spending (2010-2019) 9.0 140 7.3 120 100 80 5.8 Ports, 94 9.0 8.0 144 117 8.0 7.0 6.0 97 5.0 Roads, 427 Internet & Telecom, 150 Power, 288 5.0 80 60 40 6.5 10.0 4.0 65 3.0 52 Water, 154 2.0 20 1.0 0 0.0 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 Infrastructure Spending (USD bn) 2010-11E 2011-12F As a % of GDP Irrigation, 272 Railways, 281 Airports, 272 Source: Planning Commission, Goldman Sachs • Despite India’s strong focus on infrastructure development in recent years, spending trails other emerging markets, such as China • Infrastructure spending in India stands at 7% of FY 2010 GDP compared to 11% in China. Spending has to reach 9%-9.5% to sustain GDP growth of 8%-9% • India’s Twelfth Five Year Plan (2013-17) targets total investment of $1.0 tn in infrastructure, a 2.0x increase over the Eleventh Five Year Plan 59
  61. 61. Household Liability as % of Disposable Income Aggregate Consumption in Real terms (INR tn) Explosion in consumption to be the key driving factor for advertising 70 4.1X   17 1995 2005 Expected to volt India into premier consumers market  10 Income pyramid changing rapidly, rise of strong middle income class  34 Rapidly rising household income Explosion in aggregate consumption from INR 17 tn in 2005 to INR 70 tn in 2025E 2015e 2025e 140% 100% 100%  Penetration of credit cards, insurance, home loans, etc are low in India and offers a tremendous opportunity  Financial savings to rise from $200 bn currently to $660 bn by 2017  35% Rural India is still an untapped opportunity  INDIA India Inc and consumers will borrow more 6% CHINA KOREA SINGAPORE MALAYSIA Sources: McKinsey Global Institute, IDFC SSKI However, rising competition is compelling the companies to advertise more and be present in consumers mind in order to capitalize on anticipated rise in consumption 60
  62. 62. Emergence of India as a prime outsourcing destination also fueling air travel Major Global players like New International GE, Microsoft, British Airways, Aviva, World Bank are outsourcing operations to India Brands rapidly entering Indian Markets 100 of the Fortune 500 companies have R & D Centers in India Rise in Knowledge based outsourcing operations like Pharmacy (UCB, Pfizer), IPR, HR etc. being outsourced to India Growth of Indian Tourism Growing Indian Consumer PPP India R&D will grow to $ 8bn by 2010 a CAGR of 30% over 2003 India outsourcing market $34.1bn and growing at a CAGR of 29.5% India captures 11.5% of Global outsourcing services market Global Automobile Manufacturer with Indian manufacturing hubs: Toyota, GM, Ford, Hyundai, Yamaha FDI in India $32bn in 2007-08. 220% 30,000 Expats working in India increase over 2005-06 As large global organizations are setting businesses in India as outsourcing centers for some of their operations, airline travel has greatly increased 61
  63. 63. Next Generation Cities also emerging as hotspots Megacities:  Nation’s largest population centres ( > 5mn)  Largest market in terms of:  Household income (> $5,260)  Total consumption expenditure (> $3,170) Boomtown:  Potential to be the next Megacities  Fastest growth in household income ( averaging 12.6%) 590 million people will live in cities by 2030, nearly twice the population of the United States today Source: McKinsey Global Institute, 2010 Significant Contribution of These 16 Cities to India’s Growth  10% of Indian population  31% of disposable income  21% of total spending Niche Cities:  Small Population (< 2mn)  Household expenditure as big as Megacities ( > $3,355)  55% of total urban income  Megacities alone account for 45% of urban expenditure  7% of population in these cities account for 25% of country’s income Sources: National Council of Applied Economic Research2007, Economic Survey of India 2006 Indian Cities with high population, a growing middle class and a young English speaking population will be the key drivers of the Indian economy 62
  64. 64. Rapid evolution of the Indian aviation sector in the last decade Scheduled airlines : Distance flown (mn km) 199 Non scheduled airlines in operations 39 123 Number of aircrafts 225 735 Passenger handling capacity at airports 66 mn 235 mn Number of Operational airports 50 710* 2010 2000 82 • India is the 9th largest civil aviation market in the world • India is ranked 4th in domestic passenger volume (43.3 mn) • The Indian Passenger Aviation market is serviced by a government owned carrier and many private players • Nearly 41% of market is captured by Low Cost Carriers, which flew into Indian passenger aviation space in 2003, with Air Deccan Source: AAI 63
  65. 65. Indian aviation sector an over-view International including JVs (14) AAI managed (128) Airports in India (136) International airports Aircraft movement 3% 87% 20% Market share of domestic carriers (May 2011) 20% 97% Passenger traffic Source: DGCA, AAI 0% Civil enclaves (25) Others 80% Freight traffic 40% 13% 60% Custom airports (8) Others Non-AAI (8) 80% Domestic airports (81) Jet Airways, 18.5 % JetLite, 7.6% Air India (Domestic), 13 .2% IndiGo, 19.9% Kingfisher, 20. 0% Go Air, 6.6% Spicejet, 14.2 % Low Cost Carriers rapidly capturing market share 100% • Airport Authority of India (AAI), a government of India undertaking, manages most of the airports • Responsible for developing, financing, and maintaining all government airports • However, Indian government has allowed private sector participation to accelerate the modernization of aviation infrastructure 64
  66. 66. One of the fastest growing and dynamic aviation market in the world Increase in both personal and business travel through airlines means more eyeballs at Airport Seat factors of domestic carriers (%) Drivers for Growth in Airport Passenger Traffic 100.0 Growth in passenger aircraft movement 90.0 • The sector has been more liberal and investor friendly since 2004 • Passenger aircraft movement has grown 2.8x since 2002 Seat factor (%) 80.0 70.0 79.8 78.1 68.1 84.3 88.4 82.7 79.8 72.1 89.4 87.0 78.0 78.6 71.7 66.0 60.0 50.0 40.0 30.0 20.0 10.0 0.0 Air India Rising domestic and foreign tourists Jet Ariways JetLite Apr-10 Kingfisher Spicejet Go Air IndiGo Apr-11 Passenger traffic in India • Improving tourism infrastructure • Successful ad campaigns abroad • Growing number of business travelers, due to the emergence of business hubs like Mumbai (Finance), Bangalore (IT), Chennai (IT), Delhi (Manufacturing, IT) • Passenger traffic increased at an impressive CAGR of 11.8% in the last five years Source: AAI 65
  67. 67. Glossary TERM DESCRIPTION ALTERNATIVE MEDIA Outdoor formats that do not fall into the categories of: billboards, street furniture or transit. Most alternative media is used to create customized solutions for advertisers BACK LIGHTED UNITS (BACKLIT) Advertising structures which house illumination in a box to throw light through translucent advertising printed on plastic or heavy duty paper for higher visibility, especially at night BILLBOARD Large format advertising displays intended for viewing from extended distances. Billboard displays include, but not limited to: 30-sheet posters, 8-sheet posters, vinyl-wrapped posters, bulletins, wall murals and stadium/arena signage COST PER THOUSAND (CPM ) The cost of reaching one thousand potential viewers of an Out of-Home panel. The formula for calculation: the monthly cost divided by the circulation in thousands IMPRESSIONS The estimated number of persons passing an outdoor location on an average day POINT OF SALE A check-out counter where people place items they have chosen to purchase from a store, such as a supermarket or department store REACH The number of people, as a percentage of the target population, that are exposed to an advertising message RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) The measurable revenue associated with a specific advertising program TRI-VISION An advertising display where, through the se of triangular louver design, copy for three different advertisers an be displayed in pre-determined sequence of the moving panels 66
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