Experimenting looks with jewellery and accessories


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Bharatplaza has an exotic collection of accessories and jewelleries for your aesthetic senses.24*7 are online services are provide to you at our web address, visit and explore our site to cater your dressing needs.

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Experimenting looks with jewellery and accessories

  1. 1. Experimenting looks with jewellery and accessories.To look beautiful and charismatic is a human desire. Both men and women in modernand ancient India had keen interest decorating their looks by the means of accessoriesand jeweler apart from clothing. Creating new look is not only one criteria, but also itsartistic representation of culture.Jewellery and accessories had attracted Indian for many reasons, in ancient Indiajewellery was made of gold and silver, which made it too costly, as result one could notafford a wide range of jewellery in his or her dressing, but fashion jewellery is thecheaper copy of Former. As they are designed after keeping changing trend in mind.They are very trend conscious. It keeps on changing with the changing needs and theyare easy to carry as they are light in weight. Jewellery is worn for the reasons they areaesthetic, artistic, religious, symbolic, or to denote status. Different kind of jewellery canbe seen in the market like Bangles, nose pin, chandelier earring ,necklaces, chains,traditional jewellery, bridal jewellery, mangalsutra is a symbol of marriage union wore bywomen of India, party wear jewellery, gemstone jewellery, earring and bracelet’s ,rings,mangtikka, anklets, toe ring ,Hair tucks and many more. Fashion jewelry continued to
  2. 2. develop over the years, changing and growing to reflect the national mindset. It remained an item to be mass produced and typically, was created as cheaply as possible. The whole idea behind fashion jewelry was to create a beautiful but somewhat disposable product to fit in with trends. Gemstones and semiprecious stones jewellery are also redefined and had made it easier to fit in common man pocket. Fashion jewellery enhances the beauty and make it possible for one to explore new look and rejoice each time. Fashion jewellery is an art form, and as art often does, change in scope, message and value. It will continue to grow and develop over the yearAccessories also play a vital role in defining one’s look. Accessories are important andbecoming more and more important every day as they emphasize on one’s personal style,taste and preferences. It also helps in making the best of each and every item own. Accessories can be of two, One that can wore and other that can be carried. On their own,a handbag, scarf or headband may not make much of an impact. but when it is combinedwith clothing, accessories help create a solid outfit. Accessories matter just as much asclothing, providing you an entirely new opportunity to express yourself. Thanks toaccessories, you can create a flowing wave of style from head to toe. List of few fashionaccessory are Clutch, a handbag without handles, rectangular in shape, often an eveningbag but used during the day as well. Pouch, small bag such as a pocket, teabag, moneybag, sporran, etc. Footwear or jutis, Turban, is traditional hats worn on head mostly by menin India, wedding turban are mostly worn by groom in Indian traditional wedding, mobilepurses and many other. One can use accessories to develop his or her own person style ofdressing. The right techniques, one can use for self expression in fashion are accessories.Teenagers are mostly attracted toward accessories and fashion jewellery because of itschanging with the changing need .ResourceBharatplaza has an exotic collection of accessories and jewelleries for your aestheticsenses.24*7 are online services are provide to you at our web address, visit and explore oursite to cater your dressing needs.http://www.bharatplaza.in