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Doc1salwar suit


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Doc1salwar suit

  1. 1. A global chic garment,Salwar kameez are one of common wear in Indian outfit. Salwar kameez is conventionalwear of India, Pakistan and Afganistan. In India it is the traditional wear of Punjab.Salwar kameez, as the word itself represent is comprises of salwar a loose pyjama, pantor trouser, some it is spelt as shalwar and Kameez, a long tunic with sliton both sides,kurta is another word which is used for kameez.BodyWhen women wear a salwar kameez they usually take a rectangular scarf of normally2.5 metre length, over their shoulders known as dupatta, or chunni. Though traditionallysalwar is a loose pant but the pants can also be baggier or body fit which gathered atwaist and is held up by an elastic band or by a drawstring. Kameez is usually straightcut, but it changes with the changing fashion.In modern times when there is lots of changes in trends , salwar kameez has also beendesigned in many different way s. It is still a popular wear among Indian Women womenregardless of their age and religion are open to wear this amazing outfit, as itcompliment the beauty of a women with convenience. There are various categories andranges of salwar kameez available in Indian Market. Because of globalization thetraditional wear of Indian is influenced by the fashion of other countries too.
  2. 2. It is convenient and modest alternative of sari, and can be casual, formal, dressy orplain. By varying the cloth material, pattern, colour, embroideries and decoration, thesalwar kameez can be designed in different pattern. Churidars are a variant of thecommon salwar pants. Salwars are cut wide at the top and narrow at the ankle.Churidars narrow more quickly, so that contours of the leg are revealed.t hey are alsolonger than the leg and sometimes finish with a tightly fitting buttoned cuff at the ankle.The excess length falls into folds and appears like a set of bangles resting on the ankle(hence churidar; churi: bangle, dar: like. The fashion industry has converted theSalwar Kameez from a regional court garment to the national urban outfit for women inthe Indian subcontinent. Since the 1980s designers from around the world have re-contextualized and developed this into a ‘Global Chic’ Garment for the mainstreamfashion market.The various salwar kameez style that are popular today are:-Anarkali kameez,, is a kameez with snug empire waist bodice with a paneled and flaredskirt piece attached to it and paired with Churidar style or Salwar style trousers,Patiala salwar kameez, A very baggy pants, regular Kameez and matching Duppatta.,Angrakha style kameez , kameez has an overlapped front in its bodice often worn withchuridar style trousers and transparent stole.Churidaar salwar kameez, Punjabi style salwar kameez, Consists of a loose fitting trouser, straight cut Tunic Topand a long scarf called Duppatta/ Odhni. Afghani salwar kameez, The difference lies in the cut and style of the suit. The salwarsare very loose, featuring a many pleated look. The salwar is very baggy and is oftenembroidered along the leg or ankle. The kameez is shorter than a traditional suit,ranging from mid-thigh to above the knee. This suit can be sleeveless.Parallel salwar kameez ,Style saga salwar kameez,Wedding salwar kameez,Partywear salwar kameezSleevlees salwar kurta are more popular among young Indian young women. With theslight variation in fabric and in design and cut ,salwar kameez can be designed in a newappealing look.
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