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Ecological succession


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ecological succesion

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Ecological succession

  1. 1. ECOLOGICAL SUCCESSION Presented by: SUMAN MEENA under supervision Mrs. Anju Singh
  2. 2. CONTENTS 1. Ecological succession 2. Steps of succession • Nudation • Invasion • Competition and Coreaction • Reaction • Climax 3. Example of Succession
  3. 3. ECOLOGICAL SUCCESSION  The replacement of one community by another until a stable stage is reached is called ecological succession.  Ecosystems tend to change with time until a stable system is formed.
  4. 4. Primary Succession  Primary succession occurs where there was no previous community, such as on bare rock or sand.  Primary succession begins with pioneer organisms.
  5. 5. Secondary Succession  When a community is disrupted and succession occurs again, it is called secondary succession.  Disruption may be from fire, farming, wind, foresting
  6. 6. STEPS OF SUCCESSION  Nudation  Invasion  Competition and co action  Reaction  Stabilization (Climax)
  7. 7. This is development of bare area without any form of species. nudation may occur due to- Topographic Climatic Biotic Nudation
  8. 8. Invasion is the successful establishment of a species (Pioneer organisms) in a bare area. Invasion include the following three steps: Migration Ecesis (establishment) Aggregation Invasion
  9. 9. Competition and coaction Due to aggregation of a large no. of the species at the limited place, there develops competition for space and nutrition. Individuals of a species affect each other’s life in various way this is called Coaction.
  10. 10. Reaction Reaction includes mechanism of the modification of the environment through the influence of living organisms on it. Due to this very significant stage, changes take place in soil, water, light conditions, temperature, etc., of the environment. As a result of reaction, the environment is modified and become unsuitable for the existing community which sooner or later is replaced by another community (seral community).
  11. 11. Stabilization (Climax) The final stage of succession is called the climax community. The final community is not replaced and is known as climax community and the stage as climax stage.
  12. 12. Example of ecological Succession
  13. 13. THANK YOU