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Bharat Employment | Job Analysis | Bharatemployment


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Bharat Employment create platform for an integrated learning program through Bharatemployment's learning & certification programs.
Bharat Employment takes pride on providing the highest quality of service to each of our clients. We are committed to an ambitious long term multi generational vision with precautionary approach that takes into account the needs of present and future well being. Through our products we aim to convert you into diverse, equitable, thriving, participatory workforce where employees are champions of sustainability at work. We enable seekers to make informed choices, make a positive difference from the first step of presence to advantage in a fully secured future.

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  • Excellent service by Bharat Employment. A job analysis is the process used to collect information about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job. You need as much data as possible It is a systematic method for gathering information It focuses on work behaviors, tasks, and outcomes It identifies the personal qualifications necessary to perform the job and the conditions under which work is performed It reports the job as it exists at the time of analysis; not as it was in the past nor as it exists in another organization
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Bharat Employment | Job Analysis | Bharatemployment

  1. 1. 7-T Job Analysis -“L BHARAT ‘J. .. ‘EMPLOYMENT
  2. 2. Job Analysis R» . . Job Description -"""
  3. 3. job Analysis . . " job Description """"" Knowledge ‘—’ job Specification / -~r BHARAT I ‘_i. i ‘EMPLOYMENT
  4. 4. Job Analysis $. . . c A Job Description °': ::: ::'°" Responsibilities """""-> Recruitment ‘°'°°“°" g Legal _ _ Employee " Job Specification Reimons Z’
  5. 5. ‘T Methods 0 Questionnaires -« BHARAT I ‘pi ‘EMPLOYMENT
  6. 6. ‘T Methods 0 Questionnaires 0 Observations i '* BHARAT ‘_i. i ‘EMPLOYMENT
  7. 7. Methods 0 Questionnaires 0 Observations 0 Employee journals/ Records s °* BHARAT ‘_i, i. ‘EMPLOYMENT
  8. 8. 0 Questionnaires Methods Observations Employee journals/ Records Interview sin 5- BHARAT EMPLOYMENT
  9. 9. Legal Compensation Recruitment Job Analysis Selection job Description Training Performance Employee Relations Labor Relations Job Specification