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Circular- Asst. Manager


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Circular- Asst. Manager

  1. 1. From: Yard Incharge To: Ghanshyam Dambhaliya (Design); Vinod Rewani; vinay ojha;;; repairs modship; rajendra solanki;; Purchase Dept.;;; Production Manager;;;; Kishan;; h-314; gautam dave;; electrical;;;; Design 5; bharat boricha;; rabindra jena Subject: Circular Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 4:22:30 PM To, All the Concerned Staff, This is to inform all the concerned staff that the Management has appreciated the efforts of the following staff and changed their designation as follows. Sr.No Name Designation 1. Mr. Dharmendra Patel Manager Production 2. Mr. Bharat Boricha Asst. Manager Production 3. Mr.Devdutt Patel Asst. Manager (Machinery installation & Maintenance) 4. Mr. Sameer Nakrani Sr. Production Engineer 5. Mr. D.V.S.Rao Asst. Manager Production 6. Mr. Gunvant Makwana Master – Mechanic 7. Mr. Arjan Makwana Asst. Master – Mechanic 8. Mr. Shamim Mirza Asst. Master – Mechanic Regards B.P.Valsur. Yard Incharge