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"Middlemarch" as a Social Document


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Published in: Education
  • Bharatbhai your slide is too good and use of chart gave a decent look to your presentation and it is full of information and very notable work although this novel is very hard to remember also but it will use full to us.very good
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  • i also like your slide it is really helpful to us i also like your charts.
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"Middlemarch" as a Social Document

  1. 1. Bharat Bhammar Roll No : 04 Semester : 2 Year : 2014-15 Paper :06:The Victorian Literature Submitted to: Smt. S.B.Gardi Department of English M.K. Bhav. University ‘Middlemarch’ as a social document
  2. 2. • Conflict in Town • Traditional Society • Woman and the society of Middlemarch • Title Setting of the novel Plot of the novel Crowd of characters Themes in the novel
  3. 3. Setting of the novel  In Middlemarch the novelist returns once again to the English Midlands in which her girlhood had been passed and which had fertilized her imagination.  The location of Middlemarch has been left unknown and vague; the setting has not been precisely described, as is the case with the other early novels like ‘Adam Bede’, ‘Silas Marner’ ‘Mill on the Floss’
  4. 4. Plot of the novel Dorothea- Casaubon- Ladislaw story Bulstrode’s episode Fred Vincy- Mary Garth story Rosamond- Lydgate story
  5. 5. Themes in the novel Social position Self- discovery PoliticsMoney Love
  6. 6.  Love keeps people together in Middlemarch we can see in the Middlemarch true love between characters like Ladislaw Fred Vincy Will Dorothea Mary Garth Dorothea
  7. 7. Crowd of Characters Dorothea Brooke Celia Brooke Rosamond Vincy Mr. Brooke Edward Casaubon Dr. Tertius Lydgate Mrs. Garth Caleb Garth Fred Vincy Mary Garth
  8. 8.  The canvas of Middlemarch is a crowded one. it is a long novel running into over eight hundred minutely printed pages in the Penguin Edition. There is a host character, so many that all of them cannot even be named in the space.  Overall, every character in this novel are human; each of them can be liked or disliked according to their personal foibles and flaws. But Eliot's point is that we, like they, are human; we can only judge them as we judge ourselves.
  9. 9. Title Study of provincial Life The Society of Middlemarch Anthropological study of People
  10. 10.  As the title suggest the novel gives us a realistic, vivid and comprehensive picture of provincial life of England. The picture is such that if there is any hero in the novel it is the society of Middlemarch.  The action of the novel takes place in Middlemarch or the neighboring parishes of Tipton, Lowick or Freshet. As Quentin Anderson points out, “it is a landscape of opinion”, and not any natural landscape, which is dominant in the novel.
  11. 11. Woman and the Society of Middlemarch Major Women Characters in Middlemarch Mary Garth Dorothea Brooke Rosamond Vincy
  12. 12. The limited, isolated community has certain well-marketed characteristics. Everything new or transformation is seen with suspension. Class distinctions are taken for granted and every class carries with it, its own privileges.  The class to which Mrs. Cadwallader belongs shields her effectively. It never goes away from the mind of Mr. Brooks, or anybody else that his activities in favour of the Reform Bill could work in the direction of reducing his hereditary privileges as a landowner. Traditional Society
  13. 13. Conflict in Town  Old and new both existed in Middlemarch. Old was dominant but new was the future. Religion was divided in to two. One is the practical, kindly, undogmatic tradition of which is Mr. Farebrother. The other is passionate and fanatical, is loosely called enthusiastic. Bulstrode and the older is suspicious of the new.  A.O.J. Cockshut “ The relation between the enthusiastic and the old fashioned, decent traditional Anglicanism is well given in the exchange between Mr. Vincy and Bulstrode at the end of chapter 13.”
  14. 14. “The book is full of high feeling, wisdom and acuteness. It contains some of the most moving dramatic scene in our literature” Conclusion