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Sports bgc

  1. 1. By: Blaine Carr
  2. 2. Let's turn off our video games, 
 and run outside. 
 From so many sports, we may choose and decide. Baseball, soccer, and basketball are fun, Let's grab some friends,
and play in the sun. In baseball, you will be, running around. When you hit the ball, it's a beautiful sound. In soccer, you pass the ball, using your feet, Drink lots of water, and watch out for the heat. In basketball, the best sound, is a swish, Making ten in a row, is a wonderful wish. Whatever sports, you decide to play, Enjoy them with friends, each and every day. by
  3. 3. I liked the poem ChooseYour Sport because it encourages someone to get more active. I chose this poem because it demonstrates that it’s good to get off the couch, get active, and play sports. This poem has a rhyme scheme of some sort. In each stanza the second and fourth.This poem is also a free verse poem it goes by no specific scheme.
  4. 4. Sports inspire us, 
 to compete. Winning over losing, is much more sweet. We do it because, 
we love the game. Life without sports, would not be the same. Plenty of water, we must constantly drink. As we push our bodies, to their very brink. Sports bring out, our inner drive, To make the play, we often dive We sacrifice everything, for our team, because a championship, is our only dream. by
  5. 5. I liked the poem Sports because it gives you a sort of motivation to win. I chose this poem because it pumps you up and makes you want to succeed. This poem is a free verse poem with five, four line stanzas. This poem also has a rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme is that the second and fourth lines rhyme in each of the five stanzas.
  6. 6. Thinking back through all the years How swiftly they’ve passed by I close my eyes and bite my lip Try so hard not to cry You were always such a scrapper A raging thunderstorm The day you shed your diaper You donned a uniform. Fear – never a factor With the toughest, there you stood You have the will, the soul, the heart... But, I always knew you would I watch you while you’re sleeping So still, so calm, serene Once you step upon That football field You’re one powerful machine. I marvel at your talents You’re intense and dedicated So keen, devoted, daring Just as I anticipated Your qualities are endless You’re faithful, kind and true Righteous and respected A leader, Josh, that’s you! Watching you play any sport Has always been a pleasure You’re masterful and focused My pride - I can not measure And now my little scrapper You’ve become a strapping man So stay steadfast … follow the sun And be the best you can! By Judy Muldowney
  7. 7. I liked the poem High School Football because it reminded me of the high school football games we had at our school. I chose this poem because I really like football, it’s a very exciting sport. This poem has some imagery in it.This line has imagery “So still, so calm, serene, Once you step upon,That football field.” This line has imagery because you can imagine someone stepping onto a calm and quite football field.
  8. 8. To tennis What a cracking sport To play, to lose all worldly cares. Returning To the tennis court – That small rectangle, out of time; Win or lose It doesn’t matter, I’ll keep my focus on the game, Satisfy My ruthless nature With tuneful thwack of gut on rubber. One set all, It’s forty-thirty: A sizzling ace secures the game. Up above In beech tree grandstand, A crowd of rooks croak their applause. With topspin, Drop-shot, forehand smash, Exhausting rally,……. gasp for breath, All too soon, Game, set and match, then It’s back to work, my lunchtime spent. By: Mike Jones
  9. 9. I liked the poem ToTennis because I play tennis, it’s what I’m good at. I chose this poem because I like how descriptive it gets about tennis. A significant feature in this poem is onomatopoeia. The onomatopoeia is when he says “With tuneful thwack of gut on rubber.”The “thwack” is the onomatopoeia.
  10. 10. In this scheme of deep and thrilling passion, I face all my foes, my battles, my wars; Wars of defense and haughty aggression, While my heart becomes restless, beating its core . . . Sweat across my brow hotly burns my skin. No other expression or word or thought Can tell the pleasure of my soul within; For 'twas this passion from where joy was brought. So with this dry tear in my eye, I stand . . . (Lord, what will my heart --a passivist --bring?) This round of dear affection in my hand,Will soar so proudly, slicing the pale string. The time has come, I am now whole, in all, As I play my sweet game of basketball. By: Mike Jones
  11. 11. I liked the poem The Game of Passion because it is very descriptive and detailed. I chose this poem because I liked how it was from a basketball player’s first-person point of view. One feature used in this poem is it’s a free verse poem. It doesn’t have a certain way it goes, the whole time the poem does its own thing. It also has a metaphor, “I face all my foes, my battles, my wars;Wars of defense and haughty aggression.”This is a metaphor cause there no literal war but he’s comparing it to the game.
  12. 12. I am a skateboard
 Flying through the air.
 Doing anything because
 I don't really care.
 Flipping and grinding
 With all my might.
 Once I catch some air,
 I know I'm in flight. Spinning and twisting
 With my natural-born flair.
 Swirling like the blade
 That is cutting my hair.
 Being watched by my fans,
 While doing my best.
 With the sweat running down my chest,
 I know in my heart
I'm better than the rest. But I have to confess
 Why I am the best?
 It is the heart that my God gave me
 Planted in my chest. By: Brian Michaels
  13. 13. I like the poem How I Fly because it’s told from the skateboard’s point of view. I chose this poem because skateboarding is fun, exciting sport that people don’t really think about as a sport. A feature in this poem is a simile. The simile is “Swirling like the blade.” It’s comparing the skateboard swirling and a blade.
  14. 14. It is not only your ego at stake. This game is a metaphor for truth, no habits, no fear. Talent has many ways, but few are the clean paths to beauty. Do not underestimate scars. Losing games you start losing life. This world will not be new forever, and a taste of truth may carry disillusion. Overcome it and that´s victory. By: Mandy Roberts
  15. 15. I liked the poem Chess because chess doesn’t get the appreciation for a sport as it should. I chose this poem because I like chess. One feature in this poem is a metaphor. The metaphor is “a taste of truth may carry disillusion.”Truth doesn’t literally have a taste.
  16. 16. Basketball is the sport of kings, From the toss of the jump ball to when the buzzer rings. In basketball you have to try your best, Once you do you'll beat all the rest. If you want to win, never lose hope, When there is a problem, learn to cope. Take your shots with confidence, Never with incompetence Jump up for a rebound with all your might, Don't ever do it in a state of fright. Ask for help when you're in need, For if you don't, you'll never succeed. By: Nick Schuelke
  17. 17. I like the poem Basketball because it demonstrates how an actual basketball game goes on. I chose this one because basketball is a fun sport that I enjoy. A feature in this poem is a metaphor.The metaphor is “Basketball is the sport of kings.” Basketball isn’t only a sport for just kings.
  18. 18. Going to war armed with a metal pole, A stiff breeze cuts the summer air. Becoming safe is the primary goal, And the chattering and cheering begin to blare. I stop to turn and face my enemy, He stares me down, ready to battle. I can only imagine what lies ahead of me, But I'm tough, so I know I won't rattle. The first shot is fired, the battle's begun, And the shot comes close, but misses its spot. It may have come close, but I will not run, I dig back in and wait for the next shot. Wind kicks up the rust colored dirt, As a next shot, colored white, is coming near. So I deflect the shot away, without being hurt, Then dig back in again, feeling no fear. A third shot is fired in the ferocious fight, And as this next shot closes on in, I focus and swing with all my might, Knowing this is a battle I will win. I smack the shot long and far, This will be my moment of fame. The shot clears the fence and hits a car, And I know my homerun has won the game. By: Matthew Frazier
  19. 19. I like the poem A Brutal Battle of America's Pastime because the poem itself is a whole metaphor, comparing baseball and a battle. I chose this poem because baseball is a fun sport to play. One feature in this poem is personification. The personification is “Wind kicks up the rust colored dirt.” Wind can’t kick, that is a human characteristic.
  20. 20. He tried basketball. He can’t run and he can’t jump. He sits in the stands. By: Jerry Stevenson
  21. 21. I liked the poem Not His Game because it shows how the nonathletic people feel in just one short stanza. I chose this poem because it shows a different side of sports. A feature in this poem is the mood of it. The mood of this poem is sad. It’s sad because the person being talked about can’t play basketball because he isn’t good.
  22. 22. Sports are really fun, Having a good time with friends, What could be better? By: Blaine Carr
  23. 23. Success is gold It tastes like Gatorade It sounds like the cheers from a crowd And smells like sweat It looks like a trophy It feels like self-accomplishment By: Blaine Carr
  24. 24. Knicks awful, crappy Losing, failing, hurting Melo is the only player NewYork By: Blaine Carr
  25. 25. Tennis Active, fun Swinging, running, playing Strings, shoes, helmet, pads Hitting, injuring, throwing Exciting, scary Football By: Blaine Carr
  26. 26. This is a Sports-fene Sports-fene’s live in suburban neighborhoods in South Carolina, slyly in Spring Sports-fene’s eat special salads, steaks, steamed broccoli, and smoked salmon Sports-fene’s like sleeping sink holes, screaming at sports onTV, secreting soda from the scalp, and storing team spirit in small spaces Sports-fene’s scare away sailors for screen doors Sports-fene’s shook me for spaghetti and spiders By: Blaine Carr