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Hyperlocal geo targeting vs beacons


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Bfonics is a digital content delivery platform that utilizes real time messaging as a tool to empower businesses to create powerful advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Our platform uses Beacon technology, web and mobile application to seamlessly integrate the digital and physical world.

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Hyperlocal geo targeting vs beacons

  1. 1. © 2016 bfonics
  2. 2. ● Over the past few months, AdTech vendors have been pushing “Hyper Local Geo Targeting” as the future of proximity based marketing to unassuming retailers and vendors. ● Most of these vendors even claim that their technology can pinpoint the precise location of a consumer to a specific resolution of distance. ● Thing is though, Hyper Local Geo Targeting, although quite revolutionary in a lot of ways, isn’t necessarily implemented in a way that it proves to be as effective as the marketing for the same would lead you to believe.
  3. 3. Criteria that buyers must be wary of when dealing with vendors offering Hyper local Geo Targeting services.
  4. 4. 1. Goal: What is it that you are trying to achieve with the hyper local geo targeting service? 2. Selection: Who are the vendors and what’s the accuracy of the Satellite based service data? 3. Cost: How much does it cost the client now and over a period of time? 4. Placement: Where exactly all the ads/deals are being served (in-app or within the mobile web)? 5. Accuracy: Whether the targeting that they’re receiving is deterministic or just merely probabilistic?
  5. 5. ● Needless to say, dealing with Hyper Local Geo Targeting services is in itself, quite the hassle; and that’s precisely where beacon technology comes in. ● Apple made low cost, low energy Bluetooth based beacons to send out messages to app users. We, at bfonics, created wifi beacons as well as a technology to convert existing wifi routers to beacons to send messages to apps.
  6. 6. So how does beacon technology help? ● Eliminates the need of satellite based service data: With the new beacon technology (wifi /Bluetooth), clients can experience a smooth and completely hassle-free proximity engagement experience. ● Location accuracy: ranges 0.5 – 70 meters of accuracy, especially indoors. ● Engagement beyond ads: Greeting a customer at the doorstep, offering information, product discounts, indoor maps, automated check-ins and many more. ● Privacy: beacons only ping data to a mobile to recognize the mobile but doesn’t take any data from the mobile. Apps would take the information with customer’s permission. ● Analytics: Heat maps, ROI of engagement and other metrics.
  7. 7. Customer attraction, retention and engagement is expensive and challenging. Location based mobile marketing and campaigns provide huge opportunities for businesses, as well as benefits for consumers. Technologies have their own advantages and challenges it's important to wisely choose the right technology or have the right mix of tools to maximize business potential.
  8. 8. Explore the possibilities of beacon technology with the help of bfonics WiFi Beacon Developer Kit. The kit has everything that will help you get started with a beacon based campaign using our WiFi Beacons.
  9. 9. Proximity Marketing Simplified To know more about this innovative technology : bfonics bFonics