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Session Purpose: Raise the awareness of the need to integrate more technology into ourclassrooms, given the generation of ...
Identify experts      Staff will be         Staff will use a      Each staff member       10 minutes                      ...
Part 2   professional development planninng
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Part 2 professional development planninng


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Part 2 professional development planninng

  1. 1. Session Purpose: Raise the awareness of the need to integrate more technology into ourclassrooms, given the generation of children we are teaching.Learning Objective to Be Addressed: Staff will learn and review what the Starchart is, what itmeans to the district/campus and what the campus will be expected to do in order to improvefor the annual survey to be given again, a year from now.***Teachers and staff have just completed the Star chart online survey.Grade Level: Facilitator: Location: Start Time: End-Time:7-8 Technology LMC 4:30 5:30 Specialist, Ryan SweatLearner-Centered Purpose Description Steps Estimated Time Activity Teachers will signWelcome, have a seat, To welcome the Teachers will sign 5 minutes in, get a snack andget a small snack staff, allow them to in, get a snack and have a seat. get comfortable and have a seat. for them to energize . themselves, after a long day with a small treat.We will begin going . I will discuss the 5 minutes To present our past I begin thethrough and discussing agenda for the scores with our PowerPoint bythe PowerPoint (that I meeting, I will most recent scores going over the firstprepared for Week 3’s introduce the STaR and discuss why four slides.assignment) Chart and talk about they have fallen andaddressing the STaR what it is, how it what we can doChart. can be used and about that to bring why we have it. them back to where they need to be. Go over and discuss To give staff the Different staff Facilitator will hand 10 minutes each of the four key knowledge of what members will read out four slips of areas. each area means each description of paper, each with a and how they are each area. different description different from one on it for each staff another. member to read. Ryan will quicklyRyan will continue So staff can see the Ryan will 10 minutes read through thewith the next four changes that have quickly read slides. We willslides discussing the occurred in the past through the spend more time onKey Area summary three years and slides. We will the last slidepoints for the past begin to think about spend more time discussing thethree years. why those changes on the last slide trends that have have happened. discussing the occurred. trends that have occurred
  2. 2. Identify experts Staff will be Staff will use a Each staff member 10 minutes informed of which check list to check will fill out the of their co-workers off which software check list, we will are proficient in they are proficient identify who is technology in, so others who proficient at what may not be know so the staff can see. who to contact Lastly, after the when and if they staff development, need help. Ryan will compile a list and e-mail it to the staff.Administration will Someone Staff will be Administration will 10 minutesdiscuss their representing encouraged to use give theexpectations of administration as a technology expectations, stafftechnology whole will stand up resources available will need to complyintegration, going to inform the staff and we will be and their progressforward. that we will be expected to model will be monitored expected to appropriate use of monthly every 6v participate in technology weeks as well as ongoing resources in the annually. professional classroom. developments.Evaluation Staff will have an The survey will Staff will take the unlimited opportunity to pertain to the survey and the give their staff administration opinions on the development team and staff itself and what Leadership development as we could have cabinet will go well as answer done to improve over the answers some questions it as well as and discuss the for the questions such as: results at the next administration “In what ways can meeting. that will help the I improve my administration level of determine who technology and where the integration to campus needs the ensure the best most help. possible teaching and learning for my students?” so the administration can get a better idea of the staffs goals.