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Culinary Curling


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Culinary Curling

  1. 1. Culinary CurlingNo Ice? No Problem!
  2. 2. The Problem:• Curling became a popular cult sport due to the Winter Olympics• The problem is that few can enjoy it given limited venues and high cost to maintain ice
  3. 3. The Solution is found in two kitchen items:
  4. 4. Simply pour one or two large cans of olive oil on any large flat surface…
  5. 5. Throw a heavy flat thing…• Le Creuset Dutch Oven comes highly recommended based on weight, durability and fit with culinary theme:
  6. 6. And control speed with the squeegee:
  7. 7. Now the exclusive sport of curling is available to the masses! And it’s delicious and healthy too!
  8. 8. This idea bought to you by…