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17 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas


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Looking for a unique wedding guest book idea for your wedding? Want something that will leave a lasting impression?

We've found 17 different ways to have guests sign in at your wedding which will give your wedding that immediate "wow" factor.

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17 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

  1. 1. 17 UNIQUE WEDDING GUEST BOOK IDEAS Click through for inspiration.
  2. 2. Want to have a memorable wedding guest book? We’ve found 17 unique wedding guest book alternatives for you to feast your eyes on. Let your imagination run wild!
  3. 3. Why not have your guests sign on your favourite chair? It’s practical, easy and you can read through the comments down the track while relaxing in it!
  4. 4. Do either of you have a “must-do” sport? Why not incorporate it into your wedding and have your guests sign a baseball, bowling ball, cricket bat or even a footy jersey?
  5. 5. After something for a unique conversation starter? Have each guest colour in a character and personalise your guest book poster.
  6. 6. A wishing wall is another interactive guest book alternative. Your guests write their well wishes for you and slot it into the wall.
  7. 7. Signing on Jenga blocks! Something you can bring out when you have house guests and it will start conversations for sure!
  8. 8. If you love to travel or you met overseas, why not have people sign on a globe? You could also paint it using chalk paint for that something different.
  9. 9. Puzzles are a great way to entertain guests and have a guest book easy to store and use later on. You could print a photo or guest book poster as the image and have guests sign the back.
  10. 10. Natural Stones This is a beautiful way to incorporate nature and you can keep these stones in a vase just for display or place them around your plants.
  11. 11. What a cool way to have your guests sign in at your wedding! This surf board would look amazing hanging up in the home.
  12. 12. Hand make your own quilt for something personal, beautiful and unique.
  13. 13. For all you wine lovers our there - why not start collecting cork stoppers from the wines you have enjoyed together and have them signed.
  14. 14. Here’s an idea for music lovers. A framed signed record hanging up on your wall would have many comments after your special day.
  15. 15. Another one for the music lover! Beautiful way to capture memories.
  16. 16. Interactive and fun way for something completely different. Provide paint, paint brushes and a huge canvas for a unique piece of artwork. Just hope it doesn't get too messy for guests!
  17. 17. Signing Platter This would be great for anyone but especially great for foodies.
  18. 18. Signing on monograms is becoming a popular option for guest book alternatives. You can easily place them on display in any room after the wedding.
  19. 19. Leave a message in a bottle. A sweet way to leave well wishes for a beach themed wedding.
  20. 20. Image Credits:,,,,, We hope this has helped to give you ideas. Happy wedding day planning! Check out Beyond Signatures for a larger range of wedding guest book poster designs. We design A2 sized digital guest book posters for you to print out at your own choosing.