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Staff training

  1. 1. While we wait for the webinar to begin… If you cannot hear me speaking… • Type me a message in the chat window (lower right hand portion of the screen) • If you are using your phone, be sure you enter the audio code Veterinary Blog: • Why I Fired Demand Force (
  2. 2. Why Should I Care What They Think? A.K.A. Online Reputation Managing – What it is, why it is important, and how to make yours great!
  3. 3. Objectives Define ORM Discuss how reputations are made online Determine the best way to remove negative reviews A word on grieving clients Share tips on asking clients for reviews Discuss how to track success in generating reviews
  4. 4. What is ORM? Online Reputation Managing Your reputation IS online whether or not you do anything to put it there. Public records Yellow pages Third party aggregates User submission
  5. 5. How Are Reputations Made Online? Customer reviews and ratings Yelp Yahoo Google + Citysearch Insiderpages Merchant Circle Superpages Foursquare
  6. 6. How Are Reputations Made Online?
  7. 7. How Do I Remove a Negative Review? The bad news…. Negative reviews cannot be removed unless they violate the website’s policies Profanity Erroneous comments (person rated your veterinary practice thinking it was a department store site)
  8. 8. How Do I Remove Handle a Negative Review? The good news… There are steps you can take to minimize the impact Increase the positive links that arise from searches
  9. 9.  Professional sites like LinkedIn, Naymz and Plaxo  Personal sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace  School-related sites like Classmates and Reunion  Corporate sites like Business Week, Crunchbase, and FastCompany  Review sites like Yelp and Amazon  Media sites like Flickr, YouTube or Vimeo  Resume sites like Emurse, Resume Social and Rezume  Bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg or Mixx  Popular industry blogs  Industry-specific social networks, forums and groups  Local social networks, forums and groups  Special interest or lifestyle social networks, forums and groups *List taken from How Do I Remove Handle a Negative Review?
  10. 10. Negative reviews are inevitable. If you know the person who wrote the review, you may want to contact him or her personally via phone. Some sites allow you to send a private, email type message to a reviewer. If you cannot address the review privately, you may decide to leave a response to the negative review. How Do I Remove Handle a Negative Review?
  11. 11. Negative reviews are inevitable. No matter what format you use to respond… Take your time. Try not to take it personally. Thank the person for the feedback Assert that you desire to improve Clarifying is okay, but be VERY careful not to get in a power struggle. If you respond to a post and the person posts negatively again, sometimes it’s better to not reply. Remember if you reply publicly, your audience is NOT the person who was offended. It is the entire public who might be reading along. BE NICE. Ask for help composing your response – especially if you feel at all hurt or offended yourself. How Do I Remove Handle a Negative Review?
  12. 12. A Word on Grieving Clients Many negative reviews stem from grieving Emotions are running high Strong desire for closure Lash out Can happen a long time after the loss Can often be prevented
  13. 13. A Word on Grieving Clients Pet Loss Tools Direct to the pet loss tools Light a candle Pet loss library Pet memorial  Consider other ways to show that you care
  14. 14. Question Break!
  15. 15. How Should I Ask Clients for Reviews? Approach your clients as someone needing their help and partnership. Goal is to generate more reviews Ask 10-20 clients per week Receptionists – Flag appointments with positive clients Email campaigns Avoid surveys Let’s look at some scenario examples…
  16. 16. Asking For Reviews Scenarios Trixie Woo is looking great and I think the plan we made will have the Flop Bot under control nicely! Is there anything else with which I can help you today?
  17. 17. Asking For Reviews Scenarios No, I think we are all set!
  18. 18. Asking For Reviews Scenarios Great! Then I’d like to ask for your help. Our hospital has been working to make sure we are offering the best possible care for pets. Do you spend time online?
  19. 19. Asking For Reviews Scenarios Yes, I’m on Facebook all the time!  Great – What I’d like to have you do is to write an online review for us. Here are some instructions on how to get to our website review page. Online reviews help others find our website and help others find the veterinary clinic that will best fit their pet’s needs. OR…
  20. 20. Asking For Reviews Scenarios No, I just don’t feel comfortable on a computer. I can certainly understand that! I don’t have much time to be on the computer either! If you do find you are online in the future, please consider leaving us a review.
  21. 21. Asking For Reviews Scenarios No matter which way the conversation goes… I really appreciate you doing this for us. Please be sure you let us know if there is anything we can do better – we want to make sure we are constantly improving and meeting needs.
  22. 22. Asking For Reviews Scenarios Let’s look at an example of how a technician or receptionist could ask for reviews.
  23. 23. Asking For Reviews Scenarios How did your appointment go? It went well, thanks!
  24. 24. Asking For Reviews Scenarios Did you have anything else you needed to pick up today? Nope, I think we are all set!
  25. 25. Asking For Reviews Scenarios Great! Well, we are offering a promotion you might be interested in. If you go online and leave a review for us following these instructions, your name will go in our monthly drawing for $10 off your next visit. Would you like to take the instructions with you?
  26. 26. Asking For Reviews Scenarios Sure – Who can’t use an extra $10?! Great! Be sure to let us know if there is anything we should be improving – we want to make sure we are meeting your pet’s needs! OR…
  27. 27. Asking For Reviews Scenarios No, I really don’t use a computer much. I can certainly understand that. If you do find yourself online in the future, please consider reviewing us.
  28. 28. Let’s Practice! Are there other situations that you are worried about experiencing when asking for reviews?
  29. 29. Are We Being Successful? 4-5 New reviews each month Presence on all major review websites Using the reviews to make data-driven decisions If you are seeing the same kinds of negative reviews coming through, critically assess if you have a larger problem at hand. If you are seeing the same kinds of positive reviews coming through, critically assess to whom you can give a serious pat on the back!
  30. 30. Closing Thoughts We covered a LOT of information! ORM = Online Reputation Managing Reputations are made online through reviews and rankings Negative reviews cannot be removed BUT can be diluted Negative reviews can come from grief You CAN ask for client reviews successfully Tracking your reviews will improve your practice
  31. 31. Thank You for Attending Today!!  Ann Pearson  ORM Specialist  Beyond Indigo  877-244-9322 ext 322 