Blogging for Funeral Homes


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Blogging for Funeral Homes

  1. 1. Blogging• Too short?• Too long?• Just right?
  2. 2. Why Should You Blog?• Great way to share information with current and potential clients• Gives a face and personality to your online presence• New content brings users back to your website• New content is good for your SEO
  3. 3. Share Information• You are a wealth of information about funeral care and grief support. Your current and potential clients are hungry for knowledge.• Highlight notable obituaries and tributes• Community issues and events
  4. 4. Tip• If you would put a notice about something in your reception area, blog it.
  5. 5. Your Voice• Give your own perspective on various issues• Use your personality to your advantage• Share what’s going on around your office with your clients
  6. 6. Tip• No need to stick only to funeral related issues, BUT best to avoid politics or controversial issues.
  7. 7. Bring Them Back• New content brings users back to your website• Promote your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter to bring users back• Enable comments for more interaction, BUT be sure you can monitor them.
  8. 8. Tip• Don’t be shy about letting your customers know about your blog posts.
  9. 9. Improve Your SEO• Google and other search engines love new content• Content should be original and high quality• Use keywords in your content, but don’t over use them• Your blog MUST be on your website for SEO benefits to accrue
  10. 10. Tip• Try to answer questions users ask to improve your search results.• How do I....?• 5 inspiring memorial services
  11. 11. About Length• Posting regularly is more important than length• Creating great content that your clients want to read is more important than length• Writing clearly and in a conversational tone is more important than length
  12. 12. Tip• Edit your writing. Keep what is interesting, discard the filler. What’s left will be the right length
  13. 13. Mix it up• Short posts of 150-300 words for quick announcements, comments• Medium posts 400-700 words for most of your posts• Longer posts for more in-depth subjects, but ask yourself if these are better broken into smaller bites.
  14. 14. Short and Sweet• Use short posts for quick announcements• Highlight other blog posts or current events• ALWAYS link to the original content
  15. 15. Medium Well• Most blog posts are in the 400-700 word range• Focus on a single subject• Break it up with photos, headers
  16. 16. Tip• Ask yourself: What is the takeaway message?
  17. 17. Long• Sometimes a subject demands a longer blog post• Use them sparingly• ALWAYS ask yourself if it could be broken up into sub posts• Use lots of headlines, photos to avoid wall of text syndrome
  18. 18. Blogging• “Granular Posting” Limit your post to one subject.• Make sure you pay attention to SEO when posting.• Include keywords in your title and your content, but don’t spam them.
  19. 19. Things to Consider• Can I post regularly?• Is there someone who can take on regular blogging duties?• Start with moderation. You can always expand later• Consider hiring a blog manager
  20. 20. Nothing to post?• Interview a client• Start a series. I remember..• Interview your staff• How to...• Focus on an event- before, during, after• Repurpose other content
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