Short Story[1]


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Short Story[1]

  1. 1. Short Story The Future. “Life is so easy. I love my owner.” Thought the Iphone. Iphones are such a major thing at the moment. Everyone either has one or wants one. “I’ve been left, I always go everywhere” mumbled the Iphone. The room was dark and there was no –one around. The Iphone was scared and worried but the Iphone was consoling himself by saying ‘that she will come, she has to come, she doesn’t ever forget me at home, what has happened?” “Don’t be silly kid. She can’t be with you for every second of the day.” Said a wise voice. The Iphone turned around to see whose voice it was and why this voice was saying that. “Why are you saying that?” replied the Iphone. “Because it’s the truth, my dear son, you will learn that everyone gets left and that these humans do not stay with us constantly,” said the wise book. The Iphone turned around and stared at him. Behind the book there he could see a PS3, IPod nano, Nintendo DS, Television, Computer and he was intrigued to know more about them and there stories about how they got left behind “BY THE HUMAN”. They all started to tell the Iphone about their stories and how they all got neglected one by one. “Every since you have come in to her life, she doesn’t use us that much and we are slowly getting neglected”, they all shouted at him.
  2. 2. “It’s not my fault that this is happening, I didn’t mean for this,” cried the Iphone. ‘Look, young child your future is coming to a near end as well, we all don’t last forever”, said the book to him. The computer screen is on and it is on the apple home page. They all stare at the screen and see the next apple product ‘THE IPAD’!!!!!! Iphone starts to sob… he looks around at them ashamed for acting the way he did with them when he first them. He slowly starts to come to realise that not everyone is going to last forever and that human’s take everything for granted. They hear footsteps come upstairs towards the room and rush to their original positions and the lights switches on. The girl runs up and picks the Iphone up whilst hugging like a child misses their mother. She leaves and all the others look at the book that has sadly fallen and completed his life. By Navpreet Grewal and Megan Shepherd.