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Spread the Love Valentines Edition


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Special Celebrate Living History newsletter for Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is a day full of love. But what if you don’t have someone special in your life to share this day with?

It can be a day full of sadness and can make some feel lonely in the world.

You can be surrounded by people but yet feel alone.

So LETS make this day one to remember!

Calling folks who are part of a university, TAFE, school, community group, church, workplace that are willing to make Valentines Day love hearts?

All you need is red paper, glitter, pens and a whole swag of love.

Find a local retirement home, hospital or meals and wheels and distribute these love hearts.

Bring a smile to someone’s face! Take a photo and send these wonderful pictures to for us to feature these photos on our website or hashtag #spreadlove16 on Instagram.

Lets #spreadlove16 to make this this Valentines Day one to remember.

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Spread the Love Valentines Edition

  1. 1. 1 Howdy Folks! It is hard to believe its yet another year! Over the break I have been looking back at the past and deciding where to go from here. I’ve had such an amazing journey and it is great to think that ideas have the power to change the world in just a little way. I’m so proud that I’ve had the opportunity to connect many seniors and young people together through the art of storytelling. I truly believe that everyone has a story to share and having a simple chat can open many doors. Not only did we share stories, we have created wonderful friendships. To me our Celebrate Living History interns are the lifeblood of what we do. Their enthusiasm to capture an amazing story will always make me smile. One of our fabulous Swinburne University graduates 4Follow our mascot Ava Dognar to Page Lorem Ipsum Connecting young people and seniors to document stories for future generations 1 Spread the Love Hearts by Melissa HaberSemester 1: 2016 Words from Bev Wilkinson Words from Bev the founder of Celebrate Living History It started with a Dance Inspirational Young Person Words of Wisdom Sponsors Contact details 2
  2. 2. Celebrate Living History Semester 1: 2016 2 Integer metus. Lorem. byline [Name] When Bob asked 16 year-old Ineke to dance at a social ball, neither of them realised that nearly fifty years later, they would still be dancing together at their children’s, and their grandchildren’s, parties. Bob was 24. He and his friends would finish footy practice, put on their best suits, sneak a bit of alcohol in their Coca-Cola bottles, and go to the social dance nights in the hope of “meeting people”, or rather, meeting girls. Ineke and her friends would do the same, putting on long dresses and gloves. “That’s what young people used to do for fun,” Ineke says, “Everyone would just dance. There was no alcohol, unless you snuck it in like Bob.” They danced all night, and Bob was the cause of Ineke missing the last bus home, which meant he could give her a lift. “I saw this little blonde,” he says. “And I thought, ‘I’ll ask her to dance’. From then on it was like BOM! It was on. That was it.” It started with a dance By Elise Cook It wasn’t long after that the two decided to marry, and a month after the proposal they tied the knot. “Everyone thought we were pregnant or something, which we weren’t, we just wanted to get married!” Ineke says. When asked what the wedding was like, they weren’t quite sure how to put it: “Oooohhh… it was ok,” Ineke says. “It was… what would you call it?” says Bob. “Rushed.” Ineke had to become Catholic to marry Bob. A priest came to the house the morning of the wedding so that she could confess her sins. The whole things upset Ineke’s parents, but to them the process meant very little. “We weren’t Christians so it didn’t really mean anything. We just wanted to get married”, Ineke shares. Little did they know that later down the track, becoming Christians would completely reshape their marriage. They describe the early years of their marriage as being the most difficult.
  3. 3. Celebrate Living History Semester 1: 2016 3 Being young and immature was one of the biggest obstacles, along with the life that came with running a pub. “Because we spent a lot of our early years in the pub, it meant we were always around alcohol, which made everything more difficult,” Ineke shares. “It also meant that we often misunderstood each other. One of the most important things in a marriage is to listen to each other and talk to each other. That was our biggest problem, so much goes misunderstood when you miss those steps.” Twenty- two years into their marriage Ineke and Bob became Christians and they describe it as a turning point in their relationship. “From that point on we became incredibly close,” says Bob. Ineke says she came to know the Lord reading a verse in the Bible, and asked Bob to go to church with her. When Bob listened to a pastor talking about unconditional love at the local Baptist Church, he gave his life to God that same day. Not long after, their three teenage children also became Christians, and it marked the beginning of a new depth to Bob and Ineke’s relationship, which has remained strong ever since. When asked what some of the most monumental moments in their marriage have been, they both agreed that the births of their three children were absolute highlights. They also talked about travelling overseas together, and both being able to reconnect with their heritage, the places they were born and spent their early childhoods. For Ineke it was Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. “It was a huge thing,” says Ineke. She was 10 years old when she came to Australia by boat, as was Bob when he left his hometown. For him that place was County Durham in the UK, where upon arrival things got very emotional. “He just cried,” Ineke recalls. Bob remembers life in England; “Things were pretty bad. There was no employment. My Father fixed up bombing sites. I had six sisters and they wanted big families to move to Australia. It cost ten pound to move the whole family, but it was a struggle to even get that ten pound together.” Today, Bob and Ineke’s favorite way to spend time together is to sit in their backyard with a glass of wine, feeding the birds. They describe their love for each other now as comfortable and relaxed. “Its the type of love where you can be at ease with that person all the time,” says Bob. “She is my heart’s home.” What Inspires You? The smiles on the faces of people I try and help inspires me. Whenever, I am teaching young migrants some school subject and they grin to portray their understanding satisfies me to an extend that it becomes a motivation to continue community service and gives and incredible feeling of being useful to the society. Inspirational Young Person Khurram Jahangir Khan
  4. 4. Celebrate Living History Semester 1: 2016 4 Continued from page 1 2 Melissa Haber mentioned an idea of connecting with folks who don’t have loved ones on Valentines Day. While this is a day full of love, this can be a day full of sadness and can make some feel lonely in the world. We can be surrounded by people but yet feel very alone. This idea resonated with me very strongly. While I was on placement at the aged care facility, I could see clients who had visitors on a regular basis held a more optimistic outlook on the world. It is amazing what a difference just having family and friends visit can make. I felt sad for those that did not have friends or family visit often. While I know they are not alone, it makes such a difference to laugh and be appreciated by those who care about you. It can be the simple things that can make all the difference. So in the spirit of connecting folks in the community, I want to make this Valentines Day one to remember. Are you part of a community, school, TAFE, University, church or workplace group that are willing to make love hearts? All you need is red paper, glue, pens and a whole swag of creative fun! Find a local retirement home, hospital or meals and wheels and distribute these love hearts. Help bring a smile to someone’s face! Take a photo and send these wonderful pictures to for us to feature photos on our website or hashtag #spreadlove16 on Instragram. Lets bring the community together to make this Valentines Day one to remember! Griffith University intern Andrejs Boboks interviewed Robert about how to live a more creative and passionate life. Robert says his advice to younger generations is if you are going to live a creative and fulfilling life, doing something about mindful awareness is an excellent thing to do. “It helps you to stay sane, stay in the present and helps you to awake to your life and nature, what it really is about” he says “That helps you to create some sort of foundation.” In addition Robert says to play it cool and live your life as it comes to you. “Deal with your ups and downs and create what you want to do with your life with passion and with rational sensibility.” Words of Wisdom
  5. 5. Celebrate Living History Semester 1: 2016 5 3 Till later gang! Bev 4 (Continued) Thanks to our sponsors and supporters!
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