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Generations United Roundtable Presentation

  1. 1. Celebrate Living History Australia Presenter: Bev Wilkinson
  2. 2. About Celebrate Living History • We work with young people and seniors to document stories for the future • We offer students the opportunity to write stories for their portfolio • We organise exhibitions- Frankston locals Victoria
  3. 3. Connecting Generations
  4. 4. Living the creative life with Robert By Andrejs Boboks Griffith University robert/#more-13069
  5. 5. Stella Wilkie-100 years and counting • Having never met someone of Stella’s age, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I visited her at her nursing home in Murwillumbah. –Kate Grant Griffith University
  6. 6. Conversation starters • Where did you grow up? • What was your childhood like? • How did you and Grandpa meet? • Who were your favorite relatives? • Can you think of any more questions to break the ice? • Visit Story Corps for more great questions
  7. 7. Lets get our Denton ON! • Lets interview each other and write a short story!
  8. 8. Writing Pyramid
  9. 9. Editing • Read over what you have written once, Leave it overnight and read again • (Often mistakes are found when you give yourself a break) • Ask friends and family to read and give feedback
  10. 10. Learn from the Professionals • Pick up a copy of a feature magazine • Look at the journalist’s style of writing • Find link words- Rewind, Flashback • GREAT IDEAS on how to craft a article
  11. 11. Potential Barriers • Post Traumatic Stress • Ask if there are any NO GO Zones • Treat with respect and dignity • Check what you publish is correct • Resource • DART CENTER FOR JOURNALISM AND TRAUMA
  12. 12. Thank you! Any Questions? Want to submit your story to Celebrate Living History? Bev Wilkinson • Email: •

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