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Fun Information About Trinidad & Tobago


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Fun Information About Trinidad & Tobago

  1. 1. Fun Information About Trinidad & TobagoDID you know that...Trinidad & Tobago is really a small paradise island in the Caribbean. Its a multiracial culture famousfor its hospitality.DID YOU KNOW THAT...Eric Williams (1911-1981) is the dad of modern Trinidad & Tobago. In 1962 he had become the firstpm of Trinidad and Tobago.During the last 15 years of his government Williams introduced manyreforms as well as did lots of things to improve existence in his country.DID you know that...Without a doubt , the most famous athlete in Trinidad as well as Tobago history is Hasely Crawford.In the 1976 olympic games in Montreal, Canada, Hasely Crawford won the gold medal in the 100-meter sprint.DID you know that...Trinidad Tobago is known as the home of the cricket legend Brian Charles Lara. He is the Caribbeancricket icon. In Trinidad as well as Tobago, such as countries for example Sri Lanka and Bangladesh,cricket may be the national sport.DID you know that...The most popular music in Trinidad Tobago today is calypso...DID YOU KNOW THAT...Like Guyana, Mauritius, and southern Africa, Trinidad & Tobago is a multiracial democracy in theworld.DID you know that...Trinidad as well as Tobago offers many idols: Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul (author ), Billy ocean(singer), Hazel Dorothy Scott (pianist), pearl Primus (professional dancer ), Janelle Commissiong(Miss world 1977), Hasely Crawford (sportsman ), Brian Lara (sportsman), Wendy Fitzwilliam (missUniverse 98 ), and chris Minshall (custom ).DID you know that...Pope steve Paul went to Trinidad as well as Tobago in 1985DID you know that...Trinidad & Tobago hosted the FIFA U-17 globe Championship in 2001.DID YOU KNOW THAT...Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul, most widely known as sixth is v.S.Naipaul, is one of the mostfamous Caribbean writers of the twenteenth century.he or she was born upon August 17 , 1932, inChaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago.Naipaul offers written a lot more than thirty publications. Naipaul had been awarded the actual Nobelreward in literature in mid 2001. The Swedish Academy said , "Naipaul is really a modern thinker ,carrying about the tradition that started originally with "Lettres persanes" as well as "Candide". Insidea vigilant design , which has already been deservedly admired , he changes rage in to precision as
  2. 2. well as allows events to speak with their own inherent irony ".DID you know that...Behind cricket, soccer is easily the most popular sport in the country.Trinidad and Tobago team isnicknamed "soca warriors", an allusion to the traditional calypso music.DID YOU KNOW THAT...Trinidad and Tobago has had famous olympic athletes in the past century :Edwin Roberts (track aswell as field), Ato Boldon (monitor and field ), Wendell Mottley (track as well as field), Ian Morris(monitor and field ), Michael Agostini (track as well as field), Maxwell Cheesman (cyclist ), RogerGibbon (cyclist), Samuel Gene (cyclist ), Rodney Wilkes ( weightlifting), as well as Lennox Kilgour(weightlifting).DID YOU KNOW THAT...It was a beautiful night in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The day was this summer 16th, theentire year was 1977.Miss Trinidad-Tobago was crowned Miss world. For the first , the miss Universeoverhead was won by first dark. Her name : Janelle "penny " Commissiong. Following her victory ,she said : "I felt like a beam of sunlight was around me."all inclusive resorts in Costa Rica