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Create Engaging Messaging & Positioning with this free template


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Create Engaging Messaging & Positioning with this free template

  1. 1. HOW TO CREATE PRODUCT MESSAGING Here is a template that makes sure you create engaging messaging. Have fun, be creative and ping me when you have questions: Make your messaging fit into a bottle
  2. 2. 2| What is product messaging and why do I need it? Product messaging consists of words and phrases that get a prospect interested in your product. Most relevant is the first tenth of a second she reads it. Product messaging for technology needs to convey complex messages in simple and compelling words. Don’t use tech slang unless your buyers are very techie. Use simple language as much as possible. When creating engaging messaging, use the language and tone your customers speak. You create your product messaging to consistently use it throughout your communications and marketing activities.
  3. 3. 3| Four rules to create compelling messages? 1. It’s not about the features. Particularly in high tech many times product features get confused with product benefits. If you have key product features that you know your customers love, stop and think about the value that they provide. 2. Be specific. Don’t state general benefits that are true for many products. You have to nail down the key benefits for your specific product. 3.Put the key benefit(s) first: You have only a split second to capture your prospect’s attention, so mention the most compelling benefit of your product first. 4. Differentiate your product: Unless you just invented a product that is out of this world, there always will be products that your customers will see as alternatives. Do your competitive research and clearly state how your product is different from other in your product category.
  4. 4. Messaging Template
  5. 5. 5| Example – Fill in this side with your information Office Mangers of small and medium size businesses Need a simple, efficient solution for ordering things across the company OrderX A cloud-based tool with a simple use interface, that allows you to order with just a few clicks, even across teams. Our competitors that provide a complex and cumbersome to use ordering software that wastes time Simply and efficiently purchase things across the company with OrderX, a cloud-based tool. It saves you time by automatically organizing requests and capturing accounting data. Simple – Order fast with just a few clicks from any online store Collaborative – Sorts requests from everybody across your organization Organized – Captures accounting data automatically Information For [customers, prospects, buyer personas] Who [Your customer’s main problems that your product addresses] The [product name] Provides [How your product solves the customer’s problems] Unlike [What your competitors do in comparison to your product] Only our product offers [Summarize now the unique benefits of your product. Different from any other product. Use the Who, Provides, and Unlike sections] 3 main benefits of your product
  6. 6. 6| Example - Fill in this side with your information Order faster and smarter with our simple cloud- based tool: Simple Lets you order with just a few clicks from any online store Collaborative Sorts requests from everybody across your organization, which means no more back and forth Organized Captures accounting data and creates expense reports automatically Messaging Use the information on the previous slide to create the messaging. One succinct statement and 3 key benefits. Remember to use words that engage your customers, and speak their language. The creation of messaging takes an iterative process. Create a draft and then work with your team for input.
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