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Project Hope _ Health Program


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Project Hope _ Health Program

  1. 1. Women’s Health at Work Program Merck for Mothers Indonesia
  2. 2. Situation background • Large manufacturing base employing predominantly young women of reproductive age • Estimated that more than 5 million women work in factories ** • Women often have low literacy and little education on health. **
  3. 3. Situation background • Women lack access to quality health care services, particularly maternal and reproductive health. • Indonesia has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the region - est.10,000 women die from complications during pregnancy, labour, and childbirth each year*. • * s_Starts_in_Six_Provinces Jan 2012
  4. 4. Health affects productivity * Studies undertaken in Indonesia have shown that Anaemia is a significant problem in women. • 24-42% women workers shown to be anaemic • This is increased for pregnant workers. • Productivity seen to be decreased by av. 6.5 hours per week. • Working capacity down by 5% *Women’s Health Movement for Productivity in the Workplace.
  5. 5. Investing in health benefits business Studies globally have shown a: • ROI of $3 - $6 per $1 invested • Reduction in sick time seen (28%) •Reduction in absenteeism (11-19%) •Reduction in staff turnover (8-14%) • Reduction in health insurance premiums (28%) • Reduction in workers compensation and disability claims (30%) Aetna study and
  6. 6. Investing in health supports Government initiatives Women’s Health Movement for Productivity in the Workplace. Guideline for employer responsibility HealthWorks objectives are in line with this
  7. 7. The Challenge  More women can access and use quality health services.  Early detection of anaemia and treatment.  Changing health behaviors and life styles.  Reaching women (and their families) and to empower them to actively take control of their lives and health.
  8. 8. HealthWorks Indonesia
  9. 9. Goal Reduce maternal morbidity and mortality among factory workers in Indonesia (MDG 5a- significantly reduce global maternal mortality and 5b-achieve universal access to reproductive health)
  10. 10. Objectives 1. Increase women's health knowledge and healthy behaviours 2. Increase access to quality health services 3. Improve skills of health workers employed in factories 4. Improve linkage and access to afforable external health services 5. Strengthen management health knowledge and clinic policies and practice
  11. 11. Program Focus –Maternal and reproductive health –Family Planning –Nutrition and anemia prevention –Prevention of common diseases
  12. 12. Strategies • Build capacity of health and other staff to deliver Health Promotion activities that educate and change behaviour • Provide improved and expanded services for women in Family Planning, anaemia, TB and for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women • Strengthen referral system to external services • Educate and gain the support of stakeholders to sustain and fund health inputs
  13. 13. Local implementing partner • Yayasan Kusuma Buana (YKB) will work closely with suppliers to: –Support and mentor clinic staff –Strengthen clinical and educational services –Deliver health promotion activities –Strengthen links with external health services if required
  14. 14. Key Activities • Baseline survey (KAP survey and FGDs) • Train health and other staff to conduct health education activities in the workplace • Train and mentor health staff to – Provide education and guidance to pregnant and post partum women and breastfeeding support. – Provide services such as family planning, anaemia testing and treatment and de-worming, screening and referral for TB – Strengthen clinic operations and external referral • Stakeholder meetings • Review and final evaluation
  15. 15. Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators will be collected to measure progress and impact of the project. • Health –from worker survey and clinic activity. • Work related – will work with buyers/factories to develop and measure changes in relation to absenteeism, turnover, productivity and communication
  16. 16. HealthWorks Cambodia Phnom Penh 7 Factories 6 Clinics 12,000 women Changes already seen through Health Promotion activities in the workplace
  17. 17. HealthWorks Cambodia
  18. 18. Health Works = Benefits for all • This is a great opportunity to make gains for your brand, your suppliers and their workers. • Be part of an innovative program that will change the way health is delivered in the workplace. • Lead the way in incorporating government guidelines in your supplier’s workplace.
  19. 19. Please contact us if you have... • Suppliers located in West Java who are stable for the next 3 years • Have good labour practices in line with ILO standards • With more than 1000 workers with at least 80% female • Have a staffed clinic • Have had no recent similar health programme and • Who are committed to working with us and support the project.
  20. 20. Project HOPE contact details • Dr Nasar Sheldon –Country Director, Indonesia • • Barbara Eagles – Regional Program Director: HealthWorks •