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Goal Examples for Call Center


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A presentation on the role of goal setting for Call Center Teams, including relevant examples for every role.

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Goal Examples for Call Center

  1. 1. The BetterWorks OKR Examples CALL CENTER
  2. 2. 2BetterWorks | In today’s fast-paced workplace, having an accurate measure of progress towards your goals is critical for knowing what you’ve done, how you’re doing and what you have to do next. Measurable OKRs not only keep teams aligned and individuals accountable, but also lead to higher performance within the company. Think of this through the lens of fitness wearables: Fitbit users take 43% more steps than non-Fitbit users. Why? Turns out that just making goal data and progress available to an individual and their peers is motivational for doing more. Different jobs call for vastly different types of goals, so we’ve created specific OKR examples for major roles within Sales. At BetterWorks, we believe setting good OKRs is easy if you start with the five Goal Science™ pillars: connected, supported, adaptable, progress-based and aspirational. As you’ll see, the OKR examples we provide follow these pillars to ensure that your team’s goals are on the path to success. To make these examples even more valuable, we’ve divided them into two categories: objectives and key results. The examples are not intended to be complete packages of objectives and key results. Instead, you can choose which cross section of examples is best for you, or simply use our examples as a guide as you begin setting OKRs. Chairman of Kleiner Perkins (and BetterWorks board member), John Doerr, believes that there are three words that make or break goals: “as measured by”. So a simple rubric for good OKRs is as follows: I will ________ as measured by ____________.
  3. 3. 3BetterWorks | Secure office space for new call center by end of March • Select a region where the call center should be located by end of January • Sign a lease on new office space by end of February • Completely furnish and setup office space by end of March Rollout new customer service process to support the business by end of March Hire and train 12 new customer service employees by end of March • Get agreement from key stakeholders on an appropriate SLA by end of January • Create new program for gathering and monitoring feedback by February 15 • Develop and train employees on a new script for the top 10 reasons customers contact the call center by end of March • Hire 2 new managers for the Customer Service team by January 25 • Hire 10 new Customer Service Representatives by February 5 • Ensure all new hires attend employee on-boarding program by February 20 • Attend customer service meetup by end of March Head of Call Center Management ROLE GOAL AS MEASURED BY Develop and train employees on a new script for the top 10 reasons customers contact the call center by end of March • Work with Analytics team to identify top 10 reasons customers contact the call center by end of January • Work with Marketing team to create 3 new scripts by end of February • Ensure all Customer Service Representatives are trained and certified on new scripts by end of March Call Center Manager ROLE GOAL AS MEASURED BY
  4. 4. 4BetterWorks | Become certified on 10 new scripts by end of March • Attend training on new scripts by February 15 • Practice new scripts with 5 different co-workers by end of February • Receive certification from manager on new scripts by end of March Call Center Representative ROLE GOAL AS MEASURED BY Receive a 90%+ rating in customer satisfaction for Q1 Develop new process for inbound customer calls by end of March • Answer 95%+ of calls within defined SLA in Q1 • Offer a free discount to 50 customers who call in with a complaint in Q1 • Have manager shadow 10 calls and provide feedback by end of January • Meet with co-workers to identify 10 pain points or inefficiencies by end of January • Review the 20 calls that took the most time to assist a customer by end of January • Present new process to manager by end of March Create a program for gathering and monitoring feedback from customers by February 15 Ensure 95% of all calls are answered within the new SLA within Q1 • Meet with 3 vendors to identify a new feedback gathering platform by end of January • Sign a new vendor to gather feedback by January 15 • Launch new program and begin tracking results by February 15 • Conduct efficiency training with all Customer Service Representatives by end of January • Update online FAQs to reduce incoming call volume by end of January • Adjust schedules of employees to ensure peak hours are well staffed by end of February GOAL AS MEASURED BY
  5. 5. 5BetterWorks | Goal Science®Thinking About BetterWorks The BetterWorks platform is designed for today’s workforce by applying five Goal Science(R) pillars, based on proven goal setting practices and organizational research. BetterWorks provides enterprise software to easily manage collaborative goals and lightweight performance conversations. Its platform is built on Goal Science insights and operational research to help high-performing companies align and engage their teams, execute more effectively and ultimately become more successful. Connected Supported Progress-based Adaptable Aspirational © 2016. BetterWorks. All rights reserved. 999 Main Street, Redwood City CA 94063 | 844.438.2388 |