5 things that will increase ecommerce conversions on product landing pages


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When a potential shopper hits your landing page, the conversion clock starts ticking. Your only goal at this point is to get the user to add the item to his shopping cart. This article shows you what your product landing pages need to have on them.

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5 things that will increase ecommerce conversions on product landing pages

  1. 1. betterlp.com http://betterlp.com/5-things-that-will-increase-ecommerce-conversion-on-product-landing-pages/5 Things that will increase ecommerce conversion onproduct landing pagesOnce a potential shopper hits your landing page, the conversion clock starts ticking. Your only goal at thispoint is to get the user to add the item to his shopping cart. While there are infinite ways to arrange aproduct landing page, below are the most important tactics to help retain buyer interest and make he or shemore likely to commit to a Call TO Action (CTA) and a purchase.Photos: High-quality photography is key to showcasing your product. If you don’t have top notch photos ofyour products, stop reading and get this done. You can have the best product in your class, but if theimagery is less than perfect, you are shooting yourself in the foot. If you can only give them one photo,make sure the product has a neutral-colored background. Also, if you want to show more detail and “click toenlarge” options – be sure to use a Lightbox overlay so the image loads OVER the page and not in a NEWwindow or tab – click the image below for an example.Price: Price is possibly the biggest reason why a shopper will abandon your siteand look elsewhere. While determining prices is a topic I will cover in anotherpost, here are a few things to help sweeten the deal. 1. First, display the price boldly and clearly. 2. Don’t make users register or add the item to their carts before showing them the price. This will certainly annoy users and cause them to leave in droves. 3. If your price is discounted from the suggested retail price, show them the discount because everybody likes to know you are giving them a deal.
  2. 2. Reviews: Social proof & social influences have a massive effect on consumer shopping behaviors. You canhave the best copy money can buy and the best phots your budget allows, but visitors won’t believe oneword of it until it’s been confirmed by an independent customer, ideally someone in their network. Whilepositive reviews motivate users to purchase, negative reviews give you a unique opportunity to either makeproduct changes or respond to customer concerns publicly. This open and proactive approach to giving andreceiving feedback ultimately gives your website more credibility, which translates into loyal customers andrepeat sales.Add to Cart: Because your call-to-action entices the user to click on the “Add to Cart” button, you must giveplenty of attention to optimizing it for conversions. Try the following tips to increase your conversion rate.Use the words “Add to Cart.” This may seem obvious, but shoppers can either be apprehensive aboutthe commitment of “Buy Now” as it might seem too committal. The convention of the words “Add to Cart” isnon-committal, and leaves them comfortable that they still have options and can continue shopping. It’s yourmost important button, so don’t hide it. Use bold colors that contrast well with your design and attractattention. Try choosing a color that is not used anywhere else in the design to really set it apart. By makingthe button plainly visible, shoppers won’t have to wonder how to add items to their shopping carts. also it’s aGREAT tactic to add the payment methods yo accept so the user knows what they can expect on the rest ofthe process.Related Products: Offering shoppers suggestions gives you the opportunity to feature items they wouldn’thave stumbled upon otherwise. Some shoppers might not be savvy in searching, but are more likely towander through your website based on the suggestions they receive. Because the biggest reason for a lackof conversion on ecommerce websites is not being able to find the desired product, this feature gives youthe unique opportunity to customize the products your customers see based on their browsing history.Deals: Without a doubt, shoppers are responsive to deals and promotions, and the king of all deals is freeshipping. Marketing guru Seth Godin dedicated a whole chapter of his book Free Prize Inside! to Amazon’ssuccess with its free shipping model. In order to offer this and still make a profit, make a minimum purchaseamount, but don’t make it too high. A minimum purchase amount will encourage shoppers to spend a little bitmore just to get free shipping.tipsBonus Tips – Once a User clicks add to cartOK – so the user added your item to the cart – no need to start the hi-fives just yet. The next andevenMORE important step is to get this new potential customers through the payment as quickly andpainlessly as possible. I’ll offer some helpful tips. 1. One-page checkouts increase conversions. Long forms with many steps require the browser to load a new page, proving detrimental to a shopper’s patience. One A/B Split Test study determined an improvement of more than 20% when users were able to checkout with one click of the submit button. 2. Provide instant chat. A study by BoldChat found that 76% of shoppers want to have instant access to a customer service rep during the checkout process. Instant chat not only lets you help your users with technical problems, but it also allows you to encourage them to complete their order. I recommend http://www.snapengage.com. They are the most flexible, easiest to integrate AND They have a built in Facebook Module – get the 15 Day Trial and see for yourself. 3. Follow up. If you’ve been keen enough to capture a customer’s email address in the first steps of the checkout process, you have a unique ability to recover a lost sale if she decides to jump ship. Get an Aweber account or Mailchimp – both are solid and have excellent delivery rates and very easy to use Dashboards. 4. Don’t require registration. A Forrester Research study found that requiring users to register before checking out decreases ecommerce conversions by a staggering 23%. While registering users is a great tool for identifying repeat shoppers and making the checkout process more streamlined, make this an optional step. Also, consider using Facebook Connect or other social media sign-in widgets. These tools allow shoppers to register with your site without having to create a unique account. 5. Use cookies. A cookie is a small amount of information a website puts in a user’s web browser so that it can remember something about him/her at a later time. Use this info so when they do visit your website again, they can pick up where they left off, with item(s) in cart.
  3. 3. You still need solid design help and correct A/B testing, but by implementing the suggestions provided in thispost you should rapidly increase your conversion rate.Click Here to Optimize your Product Landing PagesEditAbout the authorConversion Optimization Expert and Landing Page Guru - Clients include Carbonite, Cabelas,Golfsmith, Fleshlight, Freescale, AppliedMicro, Texas Monthly.