Argyle Social Walkthrough for FIU News


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Argyle Social Walkthrough for FIU News

  1. 1. Argyle Social Walkthrough S
  2. 2. Core Features S  Publishing S  Publish photos, links and status updates to Facebook & Twitter S  Engagement S  Fluid dashboard displays incoming messages and saved searches S  Analytics S  Important metrics are quickly displayed in an easy-to-read format S  Collaboration S  Allows teams to respond to inquiries and share important messages
  3. 3. Publishing Dashboard
  4. 4. •  Create or select a campaign to track various efforts •  Publish status updates, links and photos to Facebook & Twitter •  Schedule multiple posts at once to save time •  Publish now, or schedule posts in the future •  Queue posts with a Hopper – A tool that publishes posts according to settings you specify •  Web browser tool allows you to find content anywhere on the Web and add it to your Hopper or schedule for later
  5. 5. How to create postsStep-by-step instructions for posting on Facebook and Twitter S
  6. 6. Click New Post on Publish Tab
  7. 7. Select a Campaign & Title
  8. 8. Create a Status
  9. 9. Create a Link
  10. 10. Create a Photo
  11. 11. Link vs. Status vs. Photo Status LinkS  Text-only option includes a URL in S  The rich text status give you the body of the message maximum control over links on FacebookS  Ideal for Twitter or a Facebook post without links S  Links are “video-friendly” Photo S  Uploads a single photo to the Facebook Wall S  Solicits the most engagement
  12. 12. And then you hit “Publish”
  13. 13. RSS-to-SocialAutomation •  Intelligent automation tool allows you to schedule multiple posts and re-post over time •  Filter posts by blog category or keyword •  Send your RSS posts into a Hopper.
  14. 14. Engagement Dashboard
  15. 15. Customer Service Tips & TricksS  The Engagement dashboard quickly displays all of your incoming messages, flagged posts, saved searches, and messages from Twitter and Facebook. S  Flagged posts appear on every account holder’s flagged section, which means it requires immediate attention. Resolved posts are then un-flagged.S  If you see a user with a question that pertains to an area outside of your expertise, flag it and someone else on our team will take care of it.S  Social media allows you to take a proactive approach and answer simple questions without congesting your other high cost support channels.
  16. 16. Customer Service Tips & Tricks Flag & Track Queries View Conversations
  17. 17. Measure Shares, Create Better Content S  Dig into data about the content your on-site visitors share S  Integrates with sharing buttons on your website to track behavior S  Shares, clicks and conversions are tracked directly on your Argyle Social dashboard
  18. 18. Social ROI S  Traditional Web Analytic tools use last-touch attribution – whatever marketing source they touched gets credit for 100% of the conversion. It doesn’t work for social media marketing.S  Stop underreporting and attribute your efforts to filling the top of your funnel and track micro/macro conversions.
  19. 19. Social CRM – beta S  New followers and mentions create new contacts. Ongoing replies and interactions update these records. S  Illustrate high-value social actions like clicks, on-site shares, conversions to your social contacts. S  Push data into your CRM via Argyle’s open API or a plug-and-play integration
  20. 20. PricingS  $50/month per user for access to FIU’s university-wide Facebook and Twitter accounts* S  Largest online network for FIU that will continue to grow S  Dedicated customer service agents from various university departments will continue to join networkS  $10/month per Facebook Page and Twitter account S  Respond to questions using your own accounts S  Measure interactions by attributing your responses to campaignsS  *Even if you’ll be using your own accounts, you’ll need to pay for your own seats and accounts.
  21. 21. Questions?Betsy Soler – Social Media Community Manager E-mail: Twitter: @bsoler