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Powerful Presentations: Teaching with Slidedocs


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Powerful Presentations: Teaching with Slidedocs

  1. 1. Slidedocs: Between Presentations and Memos What is a Slidedoc? Why are they relevant? How will I use them? Properties of Slidedocs Chunking Integrated Media Formatting Pages Editing
  2. 2. Between Presentations and Memos
  3. 3. A slidedoc is a new medium invented by Nancy Duarte that uses presentation software like PowerPoint to create documents that are meant to be read. Presentation software offers many advantages over traditional word processing tools: it is easily edited into a variety of formats; it is designed to combine graphics and text; and it can be used to embed support materials including multimedia to maximize the likelihood that readers will engage with the information. Slidedocs combine the versatility of Presentation software with all the best and most difficult aspects of excellent writing: focusing on the audience; insisting on lean prose; editing for flow between ideas; and attending to editorial layout. Finally, we have found a way to cure Death by PowerPoint. A Sample Slidedoc Advantages of Creating Slidedocs Visual Versatile Scalable Interactive
  4. 4. As a pre-read Distribute a slidedoc before a meeting and reserve a majority of the meeting for building consensus. This is particularly helpful when the topic is highly complex or technical. As an emissary People in positions of influence will sometimes say, “send me your slides” before they’ll book a meeting with you. Slidedocs help you fully explain your idea without being there. As reference material Information should enhance a conversation, not distract from it. Combining words and visuals around a single idea with book-like navigation makes it easy for people to refer to the information. As follow-up material Presentations often answer the question, “Why should I embrace your idea?” After a formal presentation, people need answers to the question “How do I embrace your idea?” Slidedocs fill the gap. Applying the idea with students. HOW WILL I USE A SLIDEDOC? EXECUTIVES Keep it to 5 slides. SALES MATERIAL Cheap and effective. BEFORE THE MEETING Keep it to 20 min. DURING THE MEETING 10 minutes is a waste of time. AFTER A LECTURE Like sending a thank you note after an interview: answer unasked questions, review resonating points. BEFORE THE MEETING Make it dense wih data in graphical form.
  5. 5. Properties of Slidedocs