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All Physicians re everything 11-03-14


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All Physicians re everything 11-03-14

  1. 1. Tel: (248) 857-7200 November 3. 2014 Dear Multispecialty Center Physician; First may I take this opportunity to thank each of you personally for welcoming me so kindly to the Multispecialty Center here at Doctors’ Hospital of Michigan. I am honored each day to work with this fine group of professionals. We began some new processes in the past two months and I thought you should be kept abreast of those, as well as informed of changes occurring now. 1. Obviously the move is complete! I know the first week was incredibly challenging for everyone and sincerely appreciated the cooperation and patience we experience from you. Now we move on to week two, where there are still some “bugs” to be worked out. Your continued patience and input is welcome. 2. Referral Process; Luz has taken point on this and has organized and followed up beautifully. Discussions have been held with Naina and Letty at OIHN to streamline the process on both ends, as well as to develop a reporting method and schedule back to OIHN about appointments made. We expect to review the process next week to see if further improvements or changes need to be made. Nicole Hawkins from Urgent Care has also begun to send us referrals, and was informed we will use the same process & reporting method for those as we put into place for OIHN. 3. Scheduling of Patients; Denise is working very hard to get your patients scheduled as soon as she receives referral information and/or authorization information necessary to do so. She is fantastic at doing this and I hear patients compliment her daily on her kindness and knowledge when she is discussing scheduling with them. 4. Medical Records; We have all medical records scanned and in IDOC at this time. Going forward ALL charts will need to be scanned into IDOC, without exception. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in ensuring your documentation is complete before leaving our MS Center so that the complete chart is submitted at one time to Medical Records, rather than in pieces over several days or weeks. 5. Coding / Billing: We are implementing a plan to remind each physician to write their billing sheet diagnosis so that it matches their physician notes. This ensures proper coding and billing to the insurance company, thereby prompt payment for services rendered. We know you understand the importance of this initiative and will do all that you can to assist us.
  2. 2. Tel: (248) 857-7200 6. Prescription Printing: We now have a stock of prescription paper in the department for your use. Any prescription printed MUST be on this paper and not on plain paper. Pharmacies are getting stricter about this, so we thought we should get “ahead of the curve” and begin to use the paper for ALL physicians now. I personally hope to have a separate printer in the physician office for this sole purpose in the future. Please help your patients by using the prescription pad when handwriting a script, and the stock paper when printing from our/your computer. Staff will begin/continue to copy all prescriptions for the medical record. 7. Patient Satisfaction Surveys will be given to all patients as of November 3, 2014. These are a Joint Commission requirement for a one year time period. A copy of the survey is attached for your reference. Please consider your part in ensuring out patients have the best possible experiences here. - We should all keep our voices at a calm, reasonable level, no matter the situation. - We should all be mindful of HIPAA laws and not discuss one patients in front of another, nor should we have charts on the counter where anyone can see them. Luz has suggested and implemented a new system for the patient room placement and chart placements. Your adherence to this new method is appreciated. - We should all be mindful of having the patient experience be as positive as possible. If a patient has a complaint, or there is a part of the process not being addressed well, let us all remember that we are each doing our best in sometimes challenging circumstances, but remain a TEAM. Blame has no place on a team, only communication and working together to resolve the issue for the patient. Please take any opportunity to thank Luz and Denise for their outstanding performance thru our move upstairs. We were unexpectedly shorthanded, as Todd is no longer employed with the hospital and I cannot say enough to all of you how much these two women did to make this move a smooth transition for your patients. They are my heroines! Also, please thank the facilities, information systems, housekeeping, security, and switchboard staff who all endured far too many requests from me for help in making this 3rd Floor our new “home”. This would not have been possible without their help. In closing, feel free to look at my bulletin board to see the projects we are working on, or to suggest any you feel would be helpful. Process and quality improvement should never end in a healthcare setting. We appreciate your patient referrals, your business and best of all, you! Our wonderful physicians! Betsy Labick Assistant Manager Multi-Specialty Clinic
  3. 3. Tel: (248) 857-7200 Doctors’ Hospital of Michigan Office: 248-857-8736 Direct: 248-857-6913 Fax: 248-857-6737 Email: