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Kellogg Brandbook 2012-2013


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Kellogg Brandbook 2012-2013

  2. 2. WE BELIEVE BUSINESS CAN BE BRAVELYLED, PASSIONATELY COLLABORATIVE ANDWORLD CHANGING.This is the point. It’s what the Kellogg School of Management stands for. It’s why we attractstudents who have the courage to challenge conventional thinking, who have the will to leadpositive change.We educate, equip and inspire our students to build and lead strong organizations. To faceoutward and think forward. To become adaptive, resilient and bold in the face of unprecedentedchallenges and enormous opportunities.This is our attitude, the way we see the world. Our courageous and collaborative spirit hassustained our school and our graduates for more than 100 years. It inspires how we preparestudents today to manage and lead in the 21st century global marketplace. This is the point ofa Kellogg MBA.At what point will you join us? 1
  3. 3. INTELLECTUALLY VIBRANT, INNOVATIVEAND SOCIALLY ENGAGEDKellogg is a global community. The world knows us for our grounded wisdom that marries thepower of analytics and people. For our pioneering spirit that challenges convention and driveschange across organizations, markets and communities. For our collaborative culture thatembraces and mobilizes the power of the team to create change and move the world forward.This balanced, yet highly dynamic interplay between the study of management and the studyof markets materializes throughout our curriculum. We teach the science of management andthe art of leadership. We develop insights based on theoretical models and their practicalapplication to the complex challenges leaders must face today. We emphasize the mastery ofanalytical skills to achieve business success and the social acumen to lead and inspire others.We teach all of this within a culture that is inherently and unmistakably Kellogg, a culturedefined by our passion for collaboration and the personal satisfaction we derive fromachieving ambitious, impact-driven goals. 2
  4. 4. GLOBAL PRESENCE OF KELLOGG ALUMNI + 54,000BUSINESSES + ORGANIZATIONS WHERE OUR ALUMNI WORK GLOBAL ALUMNINOTABLE KELLOGG ALUMNIAli Babacan ’92 kathryn hayley ’84deputy prime minister, republic of turkey ceo of consulting, aon hewittcindi bigelow ’86 john hoeven ’81president, bigelow tea u.s. senator, north dakotaDouglas Conant ’76 Linda johnson rice ’87former president and ceo, campbell soup chairman, johnson publishing co.Joe DePinto ’99 ward klein ’79ceo and president, 7-eleven ceo, energizer holdingsLeslie flagg ’91 david kohler ’92private sector officer, u.s. agency for president and coo, kohler development bill mcdermott ’97thomas c. freyman ’83 co-ceo, sapcfo and executive vice president, abbottlaboratories james reynolds jr. ’82 co-founder, chairman and ceo, loop capitalmike george ’85 marketspresident and ceo, qvc gordon segal ’60yung-ku ha ’81 co-founder and chairman, crate and barrelpresident, chairman and ceo, citibank korea Gregg steinhafel ’79steve hafner ’97 president, chairman and ceo, targetco-founder and ceo, kayak 3
  5. 5. welcometo kellogg 4
  6. 6. Spend time at the Kellogg School of Managementand you’ll soon understand what we mean whenwe say, “Think bravely.”At the highest levels, it means being a leader who will questionconventional thinking and challenge the status quo. It means makingevery team and every organization you touch better because youare there.In very concrete terms, it means learning the architecture ofcollaboration and how to catalyze people and resources to leadpositive change in organizations, communities and the world. Itmeans understanding the demand side of markets to identifyconsumer wants and human needs, and develop better products,services and solutions to meet them.Brave thinking requires mastering the mindset and mechanismsof innovation, and how to generate bold new ideas and makethem happen. It also means developing a broader wisdom andunderstanding of the public and private interface, and how to sustainorganizations in a capitalistic economy firmly grounded in ethicsand law.This is what Kellogg believes. This is what we teach. This is whatwe practice, as we pioneer our own course to shape and evolvemanagement education to address the ever-growing complexchallenges of the 21st century global marketplace.This is what “Think Bravely” means. As an alumna and dean, I invitethose who share our passion and purpose to join our community ofbrave thinkers.sally blount ’92, dean 5
  8. 8. It takes know-how to build an You must also understand how people work together and how to influence and inspire them to do itorganization with all the right consistently and well. When we talk about passion for collaboration and the power of the team, we’reparts in all the right places. talking about more than cooperation and consensus. We’re talking about working together to achieveIt takes insight and finesse to keep those parts well-defined, high-impact goals and then enjoyingaligned and working in sync toward a common the rewards of success together.purpose. Success lies in identifying the linkages,understanding the synergies and creating the right That is why we pursue a carefully balanced approachconnections. to management education: the study of organizations in tandem with the study of the processes — theFirst, you must know how business works and master dynamic push and pull — that drive consumer, businessthe fundamentals. That’s why Kellogg emphasizes and financial markets forward.a solid academic foundation firmly grounded incore business disciplines. By design, it prepares It’s this balance of business intelligence and socialhighly effective managers to lead highly complex acumen that distinguishes the Kellogg graduateorganizations. from all others. 7
  9. 9. BASANI maluleke ’11program:full - time student,two - year programfocus:finance, management+ strategy 8
  10. 10. COURAGE TO ACCEPT THECHALLENGE OF CHANGE“With my new skills, I’ll be able to collaborate more effectively within any firm, expand its multinational status and make South Africa more visible on the world stage.”When I traveled to the United States to visit Kellogg, With assistance from my South African businessI noticed how the students seemed to be such a vital network and a South African airline, we broughtpart of the school. I wanted to be a part of that. I was His Excellency Thabo Mbeki, the former Presidentworking in South Africa in corporate finance and was of the Republic of South Africa, to campus as ouran attorney before that. If I truly wanted to know who keynote speaker. His presence generated a lot ofI was and where I wanted to go, I’d have to rise above media attention and contributed significantly to thethe ordinary and immerse myself without distractions. conference’s remarkable success. I’ll continue to work to place South Africa more firmly in global affairs andMoving to the United States with only my South to transform how the world sees and does businessAfrican perspective was a massive change. One of with my country.Kellogg’s biggest gifts is deep thinking that considersproblems from many angles. Understanding where My prior legal and finance experience will alsopeople come from really adds value to one’s life. continue to serve me well when I return home.Now I’m more patient, less argumentative. I plan to With my new skills, I’ll be able to collaborate morestay on that level. effectively within any firm, expand its multinational status and make South Africa more visible on theI was overall conference co-chair for the 2011 Kellogg world stage. And I’ll keep practicing what I’ve learnedAfrica Business Conference. We collaborated with here: the power of self-reflection and the ability tothe planning committee to identify a theme, were accurately anticipate where I can make meaningfulresponsible for panel discussions and speaker topics, contributions to the world.engaged U.S. and African corporations for sponsor-ship, and selected and invited speakers and panelistsfrom the United States and Africa. 9
  11. 11. global thoughtleadership acrossdisciplines.At Kellogg, the transfer of knowledge happens in direct engagementwith Kellogg faculty — world-class thought leaders and ground-breaking researchers who define and shape the fields in which theypractice.Their ability and willingness to collaborate across their areas ofexpertise underscore one of Kellogg’s firm beliefs: Solving thecomplex problems of the 21st century will be possible only through published textbooks and references by Kellogg facultycross-disciplinary thinking and cooperation.Like the students they teach, Kellogg faculty members representan incredible set of diverse intellectual interests, international learn more about kellogg faculty: and life experiences. Many are experiencedpractitioners in their disciplines, grounded in the realities of businessand management. They are also highly sought after as advisers tocorporations and governments on some of the world’s toughestbusiness and social issues.Kellogg faculty members write many of the textbooks that businessstudents worldwide use in class. The difference? At Kellogg, you’relearning face to face with the authoritative source.Most critical to your future, Kellogg faculty members arepassionate teachers and wise mentors committed to sharingknowledge and engaging in vibrant discourse with their students.Inside the classroom and through personalinteraction, Kellogg faculty members bringtheory to life so you can apply it in yours. 10
  12. 12. ArvindKrishnamurthy Timothy Calkins marketing; healthfinance enterprise managementLeigh Thompson David AUSTEN-SMITH managerial economics +management + decision sciences;organizations social enterprise Janice Eberly financeGad Allon assistant secretarymanagerial economics for economic policy,+ decision sciences; u.s. treasuryoperations departmentSunil Chopra Steven Rogersmanagerial economics finance;+ decision sciences; entrepreneurship +operations innovation Beverly WaltherHarry Kraemer accountingmanagement + information +strategy managementRonald Dyeaccountinginformation + Gregory Carpentermanagement marketing 11
  13. 13. angela y. lee focus: marketing, international business + markets
 title: mechthild esser nemmers professor of marketingfaculty spotlight:BOLD RESEARCH ABOUT THE DEMAND SIDE OF MARKETSAngela Y. Lee thinks unconventionally about how roots,” she says. “We want to have food so we canconsumers’ emotions and goals affect their choices. grow and multiply, but we also want to avoid beingShe also thinks about the impact that marketers food so we can survive.” Professor Lee then explainscan have on the world beyond products and profits. how the way people act in accordance with theseHer research and teaching reflect her often non- needs may help or hinder their goals — while a “fit”traditional approaches. way strengthens people’s resolve, a “nonfit” way weakens it.A consumer psychologist, Professor Lee focuses herresearch on consumer motivation, cross-cultural In her teaching, Professor Lee has also taken aconsumer psychology and nonconscious influences pioneering path. In 2011, she introduced a newof memory on judgment and choice. She received Kellogg MBA course on social impact marketingthe 2006 Stanley Reiter Best Paper Award for her — the application of marketing frameworks andresearch on self-regulation and persuasion, which techniques to leverage institutional or individualshe explains with understated wit. resources to advance a good cause, such as recruiting volunteers to support cancer patientsThe “self-regulatory focus” framework says that or addressing the global clean water crisis. Thehuman nature is driven by two motivational factors, experimental course integrates psychology anda “duality” — the need to be nurtured and the need to marketing and includes effectively leveraging socialfeel secure — that dictates how we “regulate” our media, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.behaviors and attitudes. “Both have evolutionary 12
  14. 14. REQUIRED READING. AT TOP BUSINESS SCHOOLS DISCIPLINE-DEFINING RESEARCHWORLDWIDE, BOOKS AND REFERENCE WORKS PENNED BYKELLOGG FACULTY MEMBERS ARE STANDARD TEXTS:David Austen-Smith + Jeffrey Bankspositive political theory ii:strategy and structure SUPPLY CHAINDavid Besanko + Ronald Braeutigam MANAGEMENTmicroeconomics GAME THEORYDavid Besanko, David Dranove,Mark Shanley + Scott Schaefereconomics of strategy DISPUTEJeanne Brett RESOLUTIONnegotiating globally CONSUMERTimothy Calkins + Alice Tybout, Eds. BEHAVIOR PUBLICkellogg on branding FINANCESunil Chopra + Peter Meindlsupply chain management: strategy,planning and operation excellence across disciplinesAnne Coughlan, Erin Anderson,Louis Stern + Adel El-Ansarymarketing channelsDavid Dranovethe economic evolution of american ECONOMICShealth carePhilip Kotler + Kevin Keller REAL ESTATEmarketing managementangela Y. Lee + anuradha dayal-gulatikellogg on china: strategies for successRobert McDonald INNOVATION &derivatives markets ENTREPRENEURSHIPSteven Rogersthe entrepreneur’s guide to financeand business BIOTECHNOLOGYLeigh Thompsonthe mind and heart of the negotiatorRakesh Vohraadvanced mathematical economicsjohn wardkeeping the family business healthyDaniel Diermeierreputation rules: strategies for buildingyour company’s most valuable assetHarry KRAEMERfrom values to action: the four principlesof values-based leadershipJAMES Sheinreversing the slide: a strategic guide toturnarounds and corporate renewal 13
  15. 15. daniel diermeier focus: managerial economics + decision sciences; international business + markets; social enterprise
 title: ibm professor of regulation and competitive practice director of the ford motor company center for global citizenship14
  16. 16. uncommon collaboration.extraordinary results.Many experts have long acknowledged the potential The result of their vision was Northwesternfor finding solutions to serious economic and social University’s Global Health Initiative, an allianceissues through effective partnerships among private- of private pharmaceutical companies, nonprofitsector businesses, governments and nonprofits. supporters, and the Kellogg and McCormick schoolsFew proposed models, however, have included a to develop solutions to critical health issues facingdistinct role for academia within that mix. underserved communities worldwide.That changed decisively in 2004, when Professors It’s working. One product currently under develop-Daniel Diermeier, from the Kellogg School of ment is an inexpensive, battery-powered, totallyManagement, and David Kelso, from Northwestern portable device for HIV testing among infants. TheUniversity’s McCormick School of Engineering and product is currently undergoing clinical tests in SouthApplied Science, envisioned a new model for address- Africa and Mozambique. Once approved, it will reduceing complex issues, particularly in healthcare delivery the time a mother must wait for her infant’s HIV testand infectious disease treatment. They saw the results — and for treatment to begin — from severalinclusion of academia in the established paradigm weeks or months to under an hour.of public/private partnerships as a more effectiveapproach to addressing the dearth of resources avail-able to treat diseases common to the world’s poorest learn more about the global health initiative:people — malaria, tuberculosis, polio and HIV/AIDS. 15
  17. 17. “My co-workers have noticed big changes in me. Ideas come to me more frequently. I’m able to ask better questions with a deeper level of understanding.” scott PORTER, MD ’12 program: focus: executive mba student, healthcare evanston campusCHALLENGECONVENTIONTO ACCELERATECHANGE.We live in an era of economic and social challenges To confront challenges and capitalize on opportuni-more daunting than ever before. At Kellogg, we ties, however, we must do more than acknowledge,believe it is also an era in which the opportunities identify and analyze them. We must challenge thefor meaningful change and innovation are far greater status quo. Put bold ideas on the table. Gather thethan ever. people who can make a difference. Put a plan in place and take decisive action.Each day, individuals, businesses and public institu-tions rapidly interconnect, learn and adapt to the newideas and new realities created by an expanding global When we do that well, the worldcommunity. Our MBA curriculum is renowned for theway it balances the study of markets and manage- will notice. That’s when the worldment to create the pivot point where innovation can will begin to change.happen and tangible progress can emerge. 16
  19. 19. gino luci ’12program:full - time student,two - year programfocus:operations managementdirector of prospective students,hispanic business student associationco - president of the gay andlesbian management association 18
  20. 20. THE POWER TO INFLUENCEMARKETPLACE THINKINGI know we have the power to influence people and change how they think. It’s all about innovation —that’s what drives me. I want to change the world with the products I launch.I knew my corporate experience and marketing interests would be challenged and expanded at Kellogg.I wanted to improve my cross-functional skills because everything I’d done to that point had been on aconsumer level. I also wanted to understand the entire operational process, consumer-focused psychology,and the creativity involved with bringing a product to market successfully.I had to break out of my comfort zone. I was happy to discover diversity on many levels at Kellogg. Not justcultural diversity, but diversity in people’s thinking. It didn’t take long for me to realize that if I wanted tobe a true leader, I needed to become a stronger team member as well.This isn’t a school where you take classes and just go home. The students and the faculty are a community, andI’ve had the opportunity to work with them to enhance the Kellogg experience. I’ve seen so many students dogreat things here. It pushes me to ask more of myself. “I had to break out of my comfort zone. I was happy tostudent discover diversity on manyclubs ANDorganizations levels at kellogg. Not just cultural diversity, butRepresenting the rich diversity of Kellogg students’academic, cultural, professional, social and athletic interests diversity in people’s thinking.” 19
  21. 21. 20
  22. 22. the art ofinterconnection.the impact ofcollaboration.Impact in the global marketplace will be drivenby mastering the art of interconnection. The bigproblems that business and society face today arefar too complex for any single entity, organizationor discipline to solve alone.Properly led and clearly focused, collaboration is thesurest route to innovation and positive change. This isa concept that we at Kellogg have long understood.It is the model Kellogg pioneered.The kind of collaboration we practice here has littleto do with compromise or simple cooperation. Rather,it’s about groups of people focused on excellence,connected by common purpose, willing to put egosaside and even risk failure to discover a new andbetter path. It demands dedication, intensity andkeen social insight.Collaboration at Kellogg calls for humility — to admitthere may be others who can do something better “My classmates come from 23 countries andthan you — and the accompanying wisdom to let them. countless industries. Our review sessionsIt takes knowing when to lead and when to listen. have become 0ptimal times for discussingCollaboration of this kind demands diverse thinkersand doers who want to learn from one another, put real-world applications.”themselves on the line and achieve more together. Njideka Harry ’12We believe that collaboration as we teach it fuels thefire of true business success. You can find no better program: focus:place than here to learn, practice and master it. executive mba student, social enterprise / miami campus nonprofit 21
  23. 23. IVI KOLASI ’12program:full - time student,two - year programfocus:corporate innovation, newbusiness development, businessmodel developmentco-president, emerging marketsclub; student leadership team,kellogg innovation network 2012global summit 22
  24. 24. MANAGING COMPLEXITYIS NOT A SOLO ACT“We face incredibly complex challenges today that cannot be tackled in isolation. We’re challenged to find ways to influence decisions without taking over and to communicate the right idea effectively so the team can work toward the right goal.”After five years at a successful nonprofit, I realized to influence decisions without taking over and toI had minimal exposure to the corporate sector. communicate the right idea effectively so the teamInitially, I chose Kellogg to help balance out my can work toward the right goal.quantitative, qualitative and entrepreneurial sides. I’ve learned how valuable it is to get people excitedI quickly discovered how much more is available here, about an idea and sustain it throughout the and out of the classroom — access to emerging Now I recognize when it’s right to step forward todomestic and international market trends, exposure lead, and when to step back and help with the team’sto different business cultures, industries and levels, as well as the chance to exploresolutions across many disciplines. Kellogg has given me the confidence to use my intuition and leadership skills to tackle real businessAs a member of the Emerging Markets Club, I’m problems. I can’t imagine how this personalworking to bring even more global cases to the and professional evolution could’ve happenedclassroom and to network with other clubs. We face anywhere else.incredibly complex challenges today that cannot betackled in isolation. We’re challenged to find ways 23
  25. 25. equipped to lead in theglobal marketplace. the netherlands kellogg school chicago kellogg ( part - time ) canada united school kingdomevanston kellogg school miami ( emba ) germany mexico germany chile Kellogg’s global academic partnerships offer opportunities worldwide for direct engagement and immersive experiences spain with international economies, management structures and business models. exchange programs switzerland EXECUTIVE MBA joint programs france kellogg main campus argentina 24
  26. 26. As Kellogg’s global footprint expands, so do The world of Kellogg is a globally connectedopportunities for our students to greatly expand community of academic partners, idea generatorstheir view of the world — the who, what and why of and pragmatic thinkers. Our diversity of perspectivesbusinesses, economies and cultures. Our international and experiences engages your intellect at levels mostpresence — realized through our global partnerships students have never explored, enriching learning,and our joint degree and international exchange encouraging innovation and energizing leadership.programs — creates an ideal educational ecosystemfor acquiring the skills, insights and thinking styles This is the power of the global Kellogg community:required for success in the global economy. to simultaneously ground you in the moment and inspire you for the future. norway denmark people ’ s republic of china hong kong people ’ s republic of china: hong kong italy japanisrael india thailand south africa australia 25
  27. 27. Expand your worldthrough experience. 26
  28. 28. STUDENTS WHO PARTICIPATE IN INTERNATIONAL LEARNINGThere’s no such thing as a domestic agenda anymore. The world isone marketplace. Leadership in it demands a broad understanding ofinternational business issues and the ability to communicate effectivelyacross geographic boundaries and cultural divides.This essential, expanded worldview is infused on issues such as international expansion, newthroughout the Kellogg curriculum, embodied in the marketing opportunities, customer relations anddiversity of our faculty and student body, and brought marketplace analysis. During the final weeks of theto life through global initiatives, experiential learning course, students travel to the client company’s homeand international academic partnerships. country to complete their research and present their recommendations to company executives.Global Initiatives in ManagementIn this intensive global business leadership course, Global Electives Weekteams of classmates with a faculty adviser create Our Executive MBA Program offers manyand engage in a challenging 10-week curriculum opportunities to build a global network. Studentsthat culminates in a two-week international field can complete electives at our international partnerexperience. Participation builds valuable leadership schools, where local faculty share rare, on-the-groundskills and a keener awareness of the global business insights into national and regional business practices,environment. culture and politics. All program students also par- ticipate in our intensive Global Electives Week on theGlobal Lab Evanston campus, a gathering of students from across all our global partner Executive MBA programs.To provide practical experience in internationalbusiness, Global Lab pairs Kellogg students withbusinesses abroad to provide real-world consultation 27
  29. 29. Executive MBA Program Miami is a leader — and hub to the Americas — in several areas, including finance, commerce, / media, culture, international trade, entertainment and art. A cosmopolitan city and thriving economic powerhouse that’s home to international locations Executive MBA Partners some of the nation’s hong kong, china kellogg - hkust largest banks, brokerage tel aviv, Israel houses, and consulting and kellogg - recanati commodity firms. toronto, Canada kellogg - schulich vallendar/frankfurt, germany kellogg - whuYour learning experience isn’t limited to faculty Kellogg is the incubator where you will beexpertise. Kellogg students come from every pushed by others and, in turn, push yourself.sector of business and every curve of the globe. This is the school that encourages you to seeOur team-based approach ensures you will build further. It’s equally energetic and grounded,an enduring professional network and develop allowing for both engagement and quietlifelong friendships from among their ranks. introspection. 28
  30. 30. 29
  31. 31. Energized, driven andready to lead general management as a CEO. Of course I know“I’m more energized, driven and ready accounting, but I’m looking at cases now and learning to see what happens next. You don’t what others have done in their environments. get many opportunities to directly I’m obviously older now, but I know I’m in a great school with exceptional classmates and professors. shape your life. Here, you have two I’m getting a different kind of “more” out of my MBA years. It’s a gift to be able to do that.” program. It’s definitely focused on management and leadership, but still touches on everything. In acquisitions today, you rarely work on your own.I fly in every weekend from Montreal for class at You have to learn to lead and motivate groups. I listenKellogg. As CFO for a major defense industry contrac- first, understand the challenges, then offer an opiniontor, I’ve been working internationally for years, so I’m or suggestions. If you don’t listen, you’ll never getaccustomed to travel. I enjoy the challenge of taking anywhere.on a job and going with it. I always meet great people,and my career is going well. I’m more energized, driven and ready to see what happens next. You don’t get many opportunities toI was 30 when I began heading up General Dynamics’ directly shape your life. Here, you have two years. It’sfinancial offices in Madrid, Zurich and Montreal. I am a gift to be able to do that.currently the Chief Financial Officer of the Montreal-based unit. Since this article was originally published, Firat was named CFO of General Dynamics—Ordnance andNow I’m looking at the next 10 years, and want to Tactical Systems (OTS), a multibillion-dollar divisiongrow more. I want to become CFO of a multinational, headquartered in Tampa, Fla. He is excited to seemultibillion-dollar corporation, and then move into where his Kellogg degree will take him next. 30
  32. 32. FIRAT GEZEN ’12program:executive mba student,evanston campusfocus:managementcfo of general dynamics, canadaspeaks four languages — turkish,english, french, spanish 31
  33. 33. LEADERS OFCONVICTIONTAKE WISE ANDBOLD RISKS.Kellogg alumni venture forth — and achieve great Others apply their knowledge and skills to the world’ssuccess — in careers and industries as diverse as the most pressing social issues through organizationsworld of business itself. At Kellogg, success means such as Room to Read, One Acre Fund and Ethospursuing a passion, fulfilling a vision and making a Water; in government and policy making; and throughdifference wherever you decide to go. their leadership of organizations like the NAACP.Our Career Management Center is widely In today’s business landscape, Kellogg Dean Sallyacknowledged as best in class at providing Blount says, “Leaders must be courageous, willing toprofessional development services to our students stand for their convictions and confident enough toand our alumni throughout their careers. take wise and bold risks.”You’ll find many of those Kellogg alumni in topcorporate positions at some of the world’s most A Kellogg education preparessuccessful and respected companies: DuPont, you to do that, wherever you chooseTarget, SAP, QVC, Unilever, McKinsey & Company,Goldman Sachs, Booz & Company and KKR. to lead. 32
  35. 35. Courtney Haynes ’12program:part - time student,evening programfocus:finance, marketing, manage-ment & organizationssenior vice president ofprivate equity firm 34
  36. 36. TRANSFERRING KNOWLEDGEWITH IMMEDIATE IMPACT“I was an investment professional when I started, and will be after I graduate. The difference is how much value the breadth of my Kellogg education has added to my skill set.”I always wanted to get my MBA, but I didn’t want to understanding of different businesses. To me, teamsinterrupt my career to go to school. Kellogg’s Part- are a microcosm of the real world. You can manageTime Evening Program enabled me to keep moving time when you work alone, but team-focused skillsup in my company while I pursued my MBA goal. have infinite benefits.I only applied to Kellogg. I immediately sensed the In the past, my focus was on finance and investmentenergy and dynamism of interesting, smart, driven management. Today, my role has expanded to includepeople. I also felt that I fit in well with classmates business development and strategic marketing.and alumni. My professors applied their real-world Kellogg provided me with a unique opportunity at theexperience to every lecture, which helped me transfer right time to pursue new challenges. My newfounda lot of what I learned in class to my job almost marketing knowledge has dovetailed with my currentimmediately. job requirements. I was an investment professional when I started, and will be after I graduate. TheI always understood that collaboration is important, difference is how much value the breadth of mybut I appreciate it even more now. I knew I could Kellogg education has added to my skill set.contribute from the finance side, but was motivated byother students from diverse industries to expand my 35
  37. 37. THE POWER OF AGLOBALLY CONNECTEDCOMMUNITYFrom the moment you arrive at Kellogg, you become in and day out is immeasurable. They and youra part of our global network, a loyal and committed fellow students represent an undeniable and enduringcommunity of entrepreneurs, innovators, experts advantage of the Kellogg experience — close connec-and leaders. Kellogg alumni exemplify excellence tions and friendships that will enrich and enlightenin management. The positive impact they have on you throughout your lifetime.their organizations, communities and the world day + COUNTRIES WHERE ALUMNI LIVE AND WORKALUMNI CLUBS ACROSSSIX CONTINENTS KELLOGG ALUMNI ON + 36
  38. 38. Njideka Harry ’12program:executive mba student,miami campusfocus:social enterprise, management+ innovationfounder, youth for technologyfoundation (ytf)REALIZING POSSIBILITIESI COULD HARDLY HAVE IMAGINEDI spent 12 years in corporate finance and banking, A decade ago, I founded an international nonprofitand completed a postgraduate fellowship at a premier that uses technology to create enriched learninguniversity. I wanted to get an MBA and researched environments for marginalized people in the devel-executive programs for more than four years. After I oping world. Before moving to the U.S. several yearssat in on a class and interacted with several students ago, I lived in a developing country, where I witnessedand alumni, Kellogg became my first choice. Everyone firsthand how technology can help address a varietywas so receptive and supportive, and I wasn’t even a of social issues. I’ve leveraged that experience bystudent yet. donating my time to mission-based organizations at Kellogg. Post-Kellogg, my goal is to launch a commer-Kellogg fosters that kind of supportive environment. cial enterprise that has social impact.My classmates are extremely talented mid- and se-nior-level managers who bring experiences from dif- Juggling work, school and life is about balance. I haveferent cultures, countries and industries. Classroom three young daughters and travel from Louisville, Ky.,and study group sessions stimulate in-depth discus- to attend class at Kellogg. One of my favorite quotes issions of real-world applications. We look at cases from from Eleanor Roosevelt: “You must do the thing youwidely varied and often entirely new perspectives. think you cannot do.” I’m a better time manager as aWe have the freedom to ask how circumstances play result of this experience.out in different scenarios. How would we address theissues? What tools would we use to solve the problem? 37
  39. 39. INSPIRINGINFLUENCINGOTHERS BY EXAMPLEWhether leadership can actually be taught is thoughtfully. When to lead with an answer and whenoften debated. At Kellogg, we know for certain that to lead with nothing more than a question.leadership potential can be honed, strengthenedand inspired in the right kind of environment — The diverse, gifted alumni on these pages came toone that encourages bold thinking and risk taking. Kellogg as students with an inspired idea of what they wanted to do next in life. Whether they cameOur graduates leave here ready to lead fearlessly, to to be more effective in a family-owned business orbuild strong organizations and, in very real ways, to to transform an entrepreneurial idea into a globalinspire and influence change in the world. The wide- enterprise, they made the most of the opportunitieseyed inquirer becomes the sage innovator. The Kellogg offers.ambitious manager the skilled team builder. Theinfluencer the confident pacesetter. The academic The result? They’ve seen and done what’s possible.achiever the world-renowned authority. They also know that the future holds even greater possibilities.How does it happen? How do Kellogg graduatescontinue to excel generation after generation? It’s an They’re ready for what comes next.intuitive understanding of authentic leadership andthe learned ability to know when to step up and when The question is: Are you?to step back. When to speak out and when to listen 38
  40. 40. Matt Levatich ’94 David Chen ’84president and coo, founder and ceo,Harley-Davidson Equilibrium Capital GroupEllen Kullman ’83 John Vlahakis ’85ceo and board founder and president,chair, DuPont Earth Friendly Products Gloria Guevara ’09Roslyn Brock ’99 minister ofchairman, NAACP tourism, MexicoCheryl Hyman ’06 Ana Dutra ’94chancellor, ceo of leadership andCity Colleges of Chicago talent consulting, Korn/FerryPete Peterson ’47founder, PeterG. Peterson Foundation John Wood ’89co - founder, founder and boardThe Blackstone Group co - chair, Room to ReadEddie George ’09principal,The Edge Groupformer heisman Jeff Ubben ’87winner and tennessee founder, ceo and cio,titans running back ValueAct Capital 39
  41. 41. Daniela Belmont ’07executive mba,miami campuscorporate sales director,belcorpAndrew Youn ’06full - time mba,evanston campusfounder, one acre fund 40
  42. 42. alumni spotlight:EMPOWERED TO ACT.MOTIVATED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.Daniela Belmont had mixed feelings about joining the Daniela’s last name didn’t automatically land her afamily business. Belcorp, headquartered in Peru, is the corner office. She was expected to work her way upparent company of three cosmetic and fragrance lines the ladder. Kellogg’s Executive MBA Program in Miamisold and distributed in 15 countries in Latin America. offered the perfect path to achieving her goals ofDaniela relished the excitement of the corporate world, leading the company to regional leadership andbut also wanted to make a meaningful contribution empowering society. She says she graduated with an enhanced skill set andShe realized that Belcorp offered her both. The an international network of Kellogg alumni from whomcompany has a network of almost 650,000 independent she continues to seek advice and draw support. “Nowsalespeople, many of them women living in reduced if I need something in any of the countries in whicheconomic circumstances. As beauty consultants, they we do business, I can call someone I know and trust,”can earn an income and, at the same time, develop she says.their self-esteem — qualities that can contributeto a brighter future for them, their families and thecommunities in which they work and live.alumni spotlight:PURSUING A PASSION. CHANGING LIVES.For Andrew Youn and his entrepreneurship class harvests and double their income per acre. In 2010,teammates, the idea behind their business plan the team expanded into Rwanda with a pilot program,project was relatively simple. With the right tools and achieved comparable results. Andrew’s goal overand supplies, the team hypothesized, Kenya’s poorest the next 10 years is to serve one million familiesresidents — many of them farmers trying to support and make life better for as many as five milliontheir families on an acre or less of land — could lift individuals.themselves permanently out of poverty. Andrew’steam proposed that with high-grade seed and Andrew says such results and growth would not havefertilizer and basic land-management training, the happened without the Kellogg network. One of thefarmers could increase annual crop yield by 400 most rewarding aspects of working with a Kelloggpercent and ensure adequate food and better living team, he maintains, is the ability to share a unity ofconditions for their children. purpose and have fun pushing toward a goal together. Thrilled at the opportunity to help alleviate hungerThe team created the One Acre Fund and persuaded for so many families, Andrew says, “I couldn’t dreamboard members of Kellogg’s Levy Institute for of working on anything else.”Entrepreneurial Practice to invest. Initially, theydrew on Kellogg alumni volunteers to run all the In 2011, Forbes Magazine named Andrew in itsU.S. operations, from tax filings and external audit “Impact 30” list of the world’s leading socialto budgeting and a website. entrepreneurs — individuals who “use business to solve social issues.”In the first four years, One Acre Fund helped morethan 22,000 subsistence farm families triple their 41
  43. 43. SET YOUR SIGHTS.choose your COURSEOF ACTION.Doing business would be much easier if the world were linear, typical age rangeunilateral and homogenous. It isn’t. The world is multidimensional, of kellogg students:multinational and multicultural. The professional and personallives of Kellogg students are correspondingly complex and varied. 20 50 25-31 full - timeThat’s why we offer options that help our students find the idealbalance among professional, educational and personal goals. 20 50 25-40Wherever you are in your career — and your life — and whatever part - timeyour academic goals and professional priorities, you can tailor aKellogg MBA program to fit. 20 50 32-50 executiveSome students choose to immerse themselves in our Full-Time MBAProgram, earning the degree in two years. Other students decide tocontinue their careers while studying toward their degree in our years of workPart-Time and Executive MBA programs. experience:Students whose undergraduate or graduate business education 2.5+ 2.5+ 10+ 20 YEARSfulfills core prerequisites may choose an accelerated option in ourimmersive One-Year Full-Time Program or our flexible Part-TimeProgram.Regardless of the path you choose to follow, your destination 0 YEARS full - time executiveremains the same: part - timethe Kellogg MBA. irrefutably one of the mostrespected and valuable academic credentialsin the world of business and beyond. 42
  44. 44. FULL-TIME, TWO-YEAR MBA PROGRAMbasani maluleke ’11“To truly know who I was and where I wanted to go, I knew I had to pull myself away from the ordinary and immerse myself in the extraordinary at Kellogg.”kellogg ’ s full - time program is geared toward professionals who want theopportunity to immerse themselves in an mba program. part-time, saturday mba program anita gutwein ’11 “I’d reached a career pinnacle, but couldn’t advance without an MBA. This was a complete and intensive program on a part-time schedule. I could actually bring back what I learned on the weekend and apply it on Monday.” the part - time program is ideal for working professionals who want to advance their careers by earning the kellogg mba. executive mba program wendy longwood ’12“I researched other schools, but only applied to Kellogg. I sought a combination of high quality, reputation, general management emphasis, teamwork and networking expertise. I found it here.” the executive mba program is designed for mid - career professionals who have functional expertise in their chosen fields and seek to advance professionally. 43
  45. 45. FIND YOUR FIT AT KELLOGG. Whether you choose our Full-Time, Part-Timeor Executive MBA Program, YOU’LL ENJOY the same unparalleled leadershipeducation, taught by the same exceptional faculty, enriched by lastingrelationships and grounded in the distinctive kellogg culture. full-time mba part-time mba executive mba typical 25-31 25-40 32-50 age range years of work 2.5+ 2.5+ 10+ experience gmat yes yes no required program, 2-year program evening program September start, evanston schedule + Monday – Thursday + Twice monthly options and 1-year program 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. + Friday – Sunday time to mmm (mba+mem), + 2 – 5 years + 2 years complete 2 years degree saturday program September start, Miami jd-mba, 3 years + Every Saturday + Once monthly 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. + Thursday – Sunday + 2 – 5 years + 2 years accelerated option January start, evanston + Students with core + Twice monthly prerequisites + Friday – Saturday + Saturday or Evening program + 2 years + 1.25 – 5 years january start, miami + Once monthly + Thursday – Sunday + 2 years program A full-time program of For working professionals For senior and midcareer overview study with multiple program seeking to advance their executives desiring to hone their options: careers with a Kellogg MBA leadership skills and broaden while remaining actively their business knowledge across 2-year: Strong business employed.The part-time multiple disciplines. The general core, multiple majors, wide- program’s flexibility offers management curriculum promotes ranging courses multiple options: Saturday direct interaction with world- 1-year: Accelerated or evening program, up to class faculty members and close completion, core three courses per quarter, collaboration with fellow students, prerequisites, wide-open an accelerated option for each an experienced, highly choice of electives those enrolling with core motivated professional focused mmm: Dual degree, MBA prerequisites, broad range of on maximizing the learning and Master of Engineering majors and courses, and other experience. Management ways to tailor the program of study to individual career jd-mba: Dual degree from goals and lifestyles. Kellogg and Northwestern School of Law international yes yes yes study 44
  46. 46. Adam ginsburgh ’11program status:part - time, evening programundergraduate education:economics and mathematicalmethods in the social sciencesWHERE LEARNING ANDLEADING CONVERGEI’ve always enjoyed my work in private wealth manage- was writing reviews for my team. What I learned in classment at Goldman Sachs. Over the past several years, I’ve absolutely changed my approach.assumed greater responsibility, and now I serve as thebusiness unit manager of our Midwest business. Previ- My Kellogg training has helped me take on new chal-ously, I only managed analysts. Today, I help manage lenges and responsibilities at work. I’ve also learnedlarger, more complex teams, which requires a markedly how to manage better through crises and the importancedifferent skill set. of keeping people motivated and focused. I’m no longer limited to analyzing our business; developing people hasKellogg’s Part-Time MBA Program was the ideal fit for become a natural extension of my schedule. I could continue my career growth andadvance my education at the same time. Obviously, I’vemade choices — there are only 168 hours in the week —but I have learned to successfully prioritize what I needto accomplish on the job and at school. Ironically, manytimes my two priorities seemed to converge. For instance,I was learning about performance reviews in class while I 45
  47. 47. THE KELLOGG WAYIt is an experience so distinctive your visit when classes are in session so you can see firsthand the dynamic nature of the academicand encompassing, it can only happen experience. Plan ahead so you can meet and inter- act one-on-one with future fellow students, take aat Kellogg. student-led campus tour, or join an interactive information session led by an admissions officer.It takes place virtually around the clock, insideand outside the classroom. It imposes no national begin your planning by selecting your kellogg mbaborders, and the opportunities for intellectual program of choice at kellogg.northwestern.edudevelopment are unlimited. Make a virtual visit now.The Kellogg experience is enlivened by student Can’t visit or don’t want to wait? Each Kelloggorganizations, energized by leadership opportunities, program — Full-Time, Part-Time and Executive MBA —enriched by diversity in all its forms — intellectual offers a wealth of online resources designed to makeinterests, culture traditions and life experience — and your virtual visit as informative and rewarding asinfused with social interaction. It is inspired by the leaders, world-renowned scholars and distin-guished alumni who visit our campuses regularly. Depending on the program you choose, you’ll find video galleries, student diaries, faculty profiles andSee for yourself in person. blogs, admissions events, sample classes, alumniMany students say that their in-person visit to profiles, Kellogg publications and much more.Kellogg was the defining moment in their MBA launch your virtual visit at kellogg.northwestern.edudecision. It could very well be yours. Try to schedule 46
  48. 48. online resources: Full-Time MBA Programstart here // email // Answer your admission and application pro- cess questions by emailing the Office of Admissions:which program is right for you? // Compare our mbaadmissions@kellogg.northwestern.eduTwo-Year, One-Year, MMM and JD-MBA Full-Timeprograms: read our blog // Learn what life is like as a Kellogg student: kelloggmbastudents.wordpress.comintroduce yourself // Sign up for a KelloggConnection account, a personalized online portal download a viewbook // Explore our Full-Timeabout our Full-Time MBA programs: programs in more depth: ProgramsAttend an event // Meet our admission officers,alumni and students at events in your city or resources: part-Time MBA Programstart here // DOWNLOAD a VIEWBOOK // Explore our Evening and Saturday programs in more depth:attend an event // Meet our admission officers, and students at events in your city or EMAIL // Answer your admission and application process questions by emailing the Office ofwatch our video gallery // Learn more about our Admissions: PartTimeMBA@kellogg.northwestern.edustudents or view a class: apply now // Ready to start? Use our checklist to assist you in the application process:SCHEDULE A VISIT // Get a feel for Kellogg by attending Saturday or evening class: resources: executive MBA Programstart here // DOWNLOAD a viewbook // Explore our Executive MBA Program in more depth: an event // Meet our admission officers, Programsalumni and students at events in your city or EMAIL // Answer your admission and application process questions by emailing the Office ofWHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING // Read testimonials from Admissions: emba@kellogg.northwestern.edustudents, faculty and alumni: apply now // Start the application process by scheduling a personal interview:read our blog // Learn what life is like as an MBA student: 47
  49. 49. THIS IS YOUR TIME.YOUR TIME IS NOW.Kellogg prepares students to thrive in any business climate. Our students graduateready to build strong organizations, lead courageously and make an enduring markwherever they go. At what point will you join our community of brave thinkers?Think bravely. Start here. 48
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