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Dove Go Soft - Brandbook


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Dove Go Soft - Brandbook


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Dove Go Soft - Brandbook

  1. 1. brandbook
  2. 2. What is Dove?Dove is a skincare company ranging from hands and eyes to hair care and bubble baths.Dove is honest, straight forward and simple.What is Dove’s mission?Be beautiful, be yourselfFeeling is believingEffective protection, beautiful result
  3. 3. Dove own 25% of the market for hand and face creams.
  4. 4. Words Dove like Words Dove doesn’t likeCream FakeFresh UnnaturalBeauty Edited DisappointingNourishing and NourishmentPurely pampering UnhappyEnergise UncomfortableIndulgentVisible effectsSilkyNaturalSelf-esteem
  5. 5. Who are our users?Dove is aimed at women from around 20+,including mothers and grandmothers.Women who don’t want plastic surgery, whojust want to be comfortable in their own skin.Our tone of voiceDove`s tone of voice wants to feel betterbecause the woman is a natural beauty.She shouldn`t have to be fake to be appreciatedand she should let her daughters feel the same.Without pressure or confidence issues.
  6. 6. Our logoOur new logo for the In every other casenew Go Soft series you have to choose aof Dove products different version of ouris inspired by the logo. Either the onecolor flow in pure with the liquid fill,orwater. This logo is with the blue color be used for allprinted collateralincluding publications,advertising,billboards,posters,flyers and product Also, this logo is topackaging of the be used for all screenGo Soft series and work, includingalways on top of every websites,banners andsurface. presentations.
  7. 7. Our colours
  8. 8. PANTONE 294 CPANTONE 2905 CPANTONE 7541 C
  9. 9. Our typefaces
  10. 10. The dove typeface used in the logo is a custom typeface, which was created by Ian Brignell. Avenir Avenir Heavy The Avenir type family is our Avenir also comes in a heavy version. supportive font. Use it wherever needed. We use it in all our Dove logos and supportive designs. Use Avenir wherever possible. Aa AaABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz(.,;?!$&@#*) 0123456789 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (.,;?!$&@#*) 0123456789
  11. 11. DOAlways leave the logo some space If you have to sit the Dove Go Softto breathe. Use white background or logo on a colour, choose a colourlight shades of grey. from our pallete,or a shade of them.
  12. 12. DON’TDo not use the logo on bright colors. Never use the logo Do not rotateAlways look our main colour pallete. directly onto images or strech the logo
  13. 13. DORight spaces and positioning of the logo 2x x 2 2a a
  14. 14. DON’TWrong positionings of the logo
  15. 15. DODove Go Soft logo should always be used as shown below.You should never remove the GO SOFT logo.
  16. 16. DON’TDo not use any of these or similar compinations of the elements of our logo
  17. 17. Photography
  18. 18. All photos which will be used with the DOVE Go Soft logo, should refer to the relationbetween the humankind and the fabric. In all photographs should appear both of them.
  19. 19. Designer: Kalamogiorgos Georgios Copywriting: Lorna MacAulay