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Brief of short film

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. By Bethlehem Gebretinsae BRIEF
  2. 2. WHAT I WILL BE DOING? • My group & I will be creating a radio trailer, a poster and a short 5 minute film based on anything we desire. • We have to include the main four components: 1. Mise en Scene- use of settings, costumes 2. Camera- use of techniques, shots and angles 3. Editing- transitions, effects, filters 4. Sound- diegetic, non-diegetic and sound effects • We are aiming to make our project very unique and creative, we also want to subvert roles and genres with our thriller. We want to create a seasonal thriller which is a mix of Halloween and Christmas. • We will also be going against the codes and conventions and studying them.
  3. 3. • We will be considering the representation of characters, making sure to subvert roles and fit them into the typical stereotype. • Some scenes were influenced by other movies and TV shows. Despite creating a short film, the scenes from TV shows and movies are similar to them ones that we want to do as well. • For example, If we had a kid acting for us then he would be doing something that young people would do, such as coloring books, etc. • In addition, I will be applying theorists and their theories to my project and compare their similarities and differences.