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Research publishing houses


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Research publishing houses

  1. 1. IPC Media publish a range of different magazines. Here are some of the more popular ones…Woman’s magazine. Lifestyle magazine. Woman’s magazine. Equestrian magazine.Woman’s magazine. Woman’s magazine. Music magazine. TV magazine.
  2. 2. Web Details! The website for IPC Media is set out very well and it is easy to Market Share! Brand Identity Profits follow. It is brightlyIPC Media produces over IPC Media brands IPC Media’s revenue coloured and its main85 iconic media brands. usually are bright with currently stand at a full- house style is dark blueAlmost two thirds of these big eye-catching titles. year pre-tax profits of and a light blue asare of UK women and This is their brand £15.1m. last year they they are the colours on42% of men. identity. An example of announced that they their logo. There are working with IPC Media, had a 37% fall in profits. pages on informationAlthough IPC media have the name “drawn Ink” IPC Media, saw revenues on the separatea share in 85 media was borne, along with bounce back slightly magazines theybrands they only receive the subsequent identity following its decision to publish and also pages25% within the market designed to reflect both sell off non-core titles. about the companyshare. the “Britishness” and The magazines bringing and what it is they do. illustrative nature of the in the most profits are The website has Company size! "Essentials” and “What’s contact details, and archive.IPC Media currently have on TV” which is up 9.9% has details of whena main office in London, Due to new changes and 54% YoY jobs are availableand also have other within IPC Media they respectively. Its which is very helpful forlocations such as; have said that it’s magazines that are people who want toBerkshire, Croydon, overall brand identity bringing in the least profit start in this industry as itDerbyshire, Dorset, will remain unchanged. are “Good to know” and is generally open toLincolnshire, Manchester, “Nuts” which are down at everybody. IPCPoole, and Stamford. 29.2% and 22.5% YoY Media’s website has respectively. been very useful for the information I have needed for this research.
  3. 3. The 1940s! A key wartime role was History and development! Early 1900s! played by the IPC’sThe 1800’s- “The field” First of IPC Medias four Woman’s weeklies, this waslaunched in 1953, became traditional woman’s weeklies to keep up the morale ofvery popular and the largest launched in November 1911, Britain’s women and supplymagazine in Europe within a the same year Golf Monthly an essential informationyear. Had its own was also published. Homes & service on behalf of thecorrespondent throughout Gardens became one of the Government.the Crimean war. Seven IPC first magazines to be The 1950s!titles launched that are still published after the Firstpopular today: Country Life, World War. The upsurge in the musicHorse & Hound, Shooting scene heralded the arrival of The 1920s! “New Musical Express,” orTimes, Yachting World,Amateur Gardening, Cycling “Odhams” launched the more known as “NME,” inWeekly, and Amateur new monthly “Ideal Home” 1952. Set the ball rolling withPhotographer. Competitions in opposition to the “Homes its compilation of the first UKplayed a key role in the & Gardens”. “Woman & record chart.sales promotions. For Home” entered the market The 1960s!example a prize offered by in 1926, by 1929 it had grownthe" Fledgling” magazine, in to a steady 144 pages, Life for magazine staff would1889, offered £1 a week for majoring in fiction. never be the same againlife to any reader who could following the 1963 formation The 1930s! of the IPC, bringing togetherguess the amount of goldand silver in the Bank of The first issue of “Woman” the three rival magazineEngland on a given date. was born in 1937 it cost 2d companies, Newness, and was the first full-colour Fleetway and Odhams. magazine at that price.
  4. 4. History and development Continued…. The 1900s!The 1970s! “What’s on TV” introduced 1991, goes on to become the UK’sThe Reed Group acquires best-selling magazine. “NME”IPC in 1970 to form the giant becomes the first major UK musicglobal corporation, Reed title to get its own internet site-International. IPC welcomed – destined to go on tothe Queen and Duke of become Europe’s most popularEdinburgh to its King’s Reach music website. IPC Magazines is 2010 onwards!Tower HQ. IPC was at the sold to cinven for £860m in1998, In January 2010, IPC Mediaforefront of the pre-recorded one of the largest management restructured around threevideo market with the buyouts in UK history. key audience groups: men,formation of the IPC video The 2000s! mass-market women anddivision in 1976. up-market women. JuneThe 1980s! New name- IPC Magazines is 2011, IPC Connect launches now renamed IPC Media in 2000. a major brand-“Feel GoodIPC Editorial Awards are A new identity to go hand-in- Games” – targeting massintroduced, now a key event hand with a strategy based on market mums with the veryin the company calendar. being a brand-centric business. best games and rewardingIPC embarks upon the After 30 years in King’s Reach them with real gifts.biggest sales campaign in its Tower, IPC announces in Mayhistory, spearheaded by 21 2004 that it to move into brandof its top editors. new offices next to the Tate Modern in 2007. Pick me up January 2005 launch backed by £6million marketing investment.
  5. 5. Bauer media’s mainly focus on woman’s gossip and lifestyle magazines and mens interest…Womans gossip Music magazine. Womans gossip Music magazine. magazine. magazine. Market share! Brand Identity! Profits! The Bauer Publishing Bauer media doesn’t Bauer media saw its Group comprises 282 really have a brand profits fall to £36m. It magazines worldwide in identity as they have a also has a recent 15 countries, as well as TV range of magazines revenue turnover of and radio stations. The out and cater to most €2.129 Billion. company’s value to more needs. than €2 billion.
  6. 6. History and Development! Bauer Verlagsgruppe has been managed by 4 generations of the Bauer Company size! family. Originally a smallBauer media has a very Web details! printing house, the Bauerlarge company it is based publishing group has grownall over; The Bauer media’s•Germany website is very useful it into a worldwide publishing•USA has information about house and media•Spain company. the company and its•France Its first launch in the UK as•Austria links, also it has jobs Bella magazine in 1987, H•Poland advertised which is very Bauer publishing became•Portugal helpful to people who Britains 3rd largest publisher.•Romania•Hungary want to go into this Bauer further expanded in•Czech Republic industry as it gives the UK with the purchase of•Mexico plenty of information Emap Consumer Media and•China about the job title and Emap Radio in 2008 to•Russia become the Uk’s biggest•Slovakia what it includes. publishing group.•United Kingdom•Nigeria
  7. 7. There are as 50 magazines that “Future” publish but here are some of the most popular…Music magazine. Stitch and craft. Photography Music magazine. magazine. Market share! Brand Identity! Profits! Future has a market Future don’t Magazine publisher Future has reported a share of £89m. They particularly have a surge of almost 40% in digital revenues in the saw revenues fall to brand identity as six months to 31 March, but still reported a £1.3% to £168.3m But such, they cater for £700,000 pre-tax loss largely to continuing profits rose by 13.6% more a wide range to £18.4m in the year of magazines and problems with its US business. to the end of March. genres to cater everybodys needs.
  8. 8. History and development! Future was founded in Somerton, Summerset in 1985 with the sole magazine Amstrad Action. Web details! Anderson sold Future to Pearson PLC for £52.7m in 1994, butCompany size! The website has lots bought it back in 1998, for of details on about £142m.Future have a huge the share prices andcompany of people business links but In December 199, Future issuedworking for them. Planet PC, a new PC gaming doesn’t really giveToday Future magazine intended to appeal to me a lot of male 8 to 12 year olds.employs 1,200 information aboutpeople in offices in the company, to find In 2001 Anderson left future.London, Bath, San the information for In November 2009, FutureFrancisco, New York this presentation I reported a fall in profits fromand Sydney. have had to look £9.5m to £3.7m.Within the UK branch elsewhere on In March 2010 Future announcedthey publish over 70 Google. Therefore I that it was exploring themagazines alongside don’t think this possibility of reviving its Games website is very Master brand on television. The60 websites and 27 helpful. video games show had run fromannual live events 1991 until 1998; the spin-offand exhibitions. magazine was continued.
  9. 9. Conde Nast published only 30 magazines and they all have a similar housestyle…
  10. 10. Company size Conde Nast is situated in New York, United states. It has many branches across Europe.Brand Identity Profits Also situated in;The magazine has a Conde Nast saw pre-tax •Chicago.very specific brand profits rise from 14% to •London.identity, it’s a very £17.3m last year. The rise •Madrid.high class type of in revenue and pre-tax •Miami.magazine and this is profit was achieved •Milan.portrayed by the style despite the company •Paris.of the magazines as seeing UK ABC circulation •Tokyo.they look rather fall 3.7% year on year to 1,expensive and nicely 448,477 in the first half oflaid out. After looking 2012. Its worst performingat examples of magazine was Glamour,magazine covers they which was down to 11.3%publish I see that they to 470,138. Its strongestare all fitting to a title being Wire, which wasparticular house style. up 4% to 52,136. This year Conde Nast International, saw profits rise by 25% to £43.5m. revenues were upWeb details 7.7% at £460.2m.The main Conde nast website is very useful andhelpful but the UK one only tells you about themagazines they publish. The main site explainswhat jobs are available and everything you wouldneed to know about the company and itsmagazines.
  11. 11. History and Development1900: Conde Montrose nastbuys Vogue and establishesconde nast publications.1913: Vanity fair launches. History and Development1914: Conde nast elevates continued…magazine photography with the 1959: Samuel Newhouse bought anarrival of baron adolf le meyer. interest in Conde Nast.1916: Condé Nast became the 1999: Condé Nast moved from itsfirst publisher of an overseas 350 Madison Avenue address to 4edition of an existing magazine. times square. Also in 1999 Conde Nast purchased1924: opened a state of the art Fairchild Productions.printing press. 2009: Condé Nast announced the1932: First colour vogue closure of three of its publications:printed. Cookie, Modern Bride, and Elegant1939: Glamour launched. Bride.