Market research powerpoint


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Market research powerpoint

  1. 1. Blues, Classical, Country, Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Opera, Rap, Rock and pop! And many more…
  2. 2. What music tastes are catered for already? Blues music Classical music County music Heavy metal music Hip hop/rap Jazz Indie PopBlues, Classical, Country, Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Opera, Rap, Rock and pop! And many more…
  3. 3. Comparing the market… This type of magazine uses dark colours and bright gold and red titles. This is very eye-This is a Heavy Metal catching but very muchmusic magazine. It shows suits its genre.a very disturbing It displays on the frontdominant image on the cover that it has 116front cover which is pages of heavy metalconventional for this related subjects. Thisgenre. I would have would attract the reader to buy this particularexpected something like magazine as it may bethis. I think it is very full of the one with the mostinformation for the reader pages.which I like as it makesthe reader buy it. I hopemy music magazine willbe similar in the fact that This content is veryit has plenty of appropriate for thisinformation available. magazine the “top 25 zombie metal songs” People who are interested in heavy The image on here is metal would like this very disturbing but very feature story as it is conventional for this different to their normal type of magazine. I heavy metal as it‟s a would expect this kind different type of heavy of image on this type of metal. magazine. Gripping stories to make the reader interested.
  4. 4. Comparing the market… Bright girly colours thatThis magazine is very stand out and make itwell laid out, it is a very look really eye-catchingbusy cover, but doesn‟t that will attract younglook messy. I think it is teenage girls that likevery conventional for a fashion and pop music.girly pop musicmagazine. I like the factthat it gives away freethings and that it catersfor other interests as welland not purely pop. Other interests included into the magazine so its not all samey. This is a very good way of attracting an audience and I think it would be good to do By showing an something like this. exclusive interview with Jessie J on the front it makes Jessie J fans Free posters. This attracts audience as want to buy this young girls love to pin up their favourite issue. celebrity on their bedroom walls and free posters would make them buy. However when doing this you need to be careful that it is a popular celebrity.
  5. 5. Comparing the market… General styleTitles The „Pop‟ magazine usesThe title on the „Heavy very girly and eye-metal‟ magazine is very catching colours where asbold and in blood red and the „Heavy metal‟gold, as apposed to girly magazine uses darkpink, black and white on the colours. This really„Pop‟ magazine. Each are emphasises moods of thevery different to each magazines. The „Pop‟other, but similarly they both magazine is very brightstick to a conventional style and it creates a generalfor their magazines. happy mood, and theAnything else? „Heavy metal‟ magazine creates a very dark andThe „Pop‟ magazine Other stories gloomy atmosphericadvertises free posters of Feature stories mood.popular male celebrities The „Pop‟ magazine has These magazines both have aand pop stars. This is a main feature story. The „Heavy stories about celebrities Dominant imagegreat way to attract an and gossip about their metal‟ magazine features “The The dominant images areaudience as young lives. Whereas the „Heavy top 25 zombie metal songs of very different in comparisonteenage girls do like to pin metal‟ magazine sticks to all time” which is very relevant to one another. The „Heavyup their favourite stars in general articles on their to their genre and also ties in metal‟ magazine shows atheir bedrooms. The „Heavy specific music. with their dominant image. The man massacring a zombiemetal magazine doesn‟t „Pop‟ magazines feature is The „Pop‟ magazine also with blood splatteredadvertise anything as free “Exclusive interview with goes onto other interests around the cover, this isbut they advertise that it Jessie J, the tears the bullies such as teenage conventional for this type ofhas 116 pages which and the voice” this is also very fashion, this is a very good magazine. The „Pop‟attracts an audience and relevant to their genre. Both way of doing things as it magazine shows a happymay bring in more people these magazines have put in a attracts other audiences Pop artist that is popular infrom different magazines of feature relevant to what their that like fashion as well as the industry, and also ties inthe same genre because it audience crave for so that it music. The „Heavy metal‟ with the feature story. I likehas more pages which drags in their audience and magazine sticks with their this idea for my musicmeans more value for makes them purchase an genre of music and doesn‟t issue of the magazine. put anything else into it.
  6. 6. Comparing the market… The title looks like its been scribbled on free hand and loosely. ThisThis is a very typical ties in really well withblues magazine. The the blues magazine, asdominant image is a blues music is quiteperfect shot and shows smooth and free.a blues artist that is old However, it does stickand looks happy doing out to me as more of awhat hes doing. It rock font and colourfeatures the right stories then a blues magazine.for the target audience I think it would suitas it grips them in from more a blue and it also has a bigstand out title sopeople recognise whatmagazine it is. The dominant image shows a man whoBig white subtitle of obviously is a bluesstories for this artist with hismagazine. I think it saxophone. The manworks really well for this on the cover istype of magazine as it coloured which westands out and grips the usually link to bluesreader immediately by music as they arethese stories as they historically known forstick directly to stories “2012 living blues awards winners inside!” This the existence of blueson blues music, artists shows that there is an interesting story inside music.and bands. that the audience will want to read and therefore people will buy it from seeing this story.
  7. 7. Comparing the market… The title is very conventional for this type of magazine because its big and outThis magazine shows their and ties in with the style of RnB.everything you would expectfrom an RnB music magazine.The whole overall style looks The colour use ofvery hip hop and new. The this magazine istitle is very stand very bright andoutish, however for this type busy which worksof magazine I would have well as it doesn‟texpected the title to be in a look to busy butgraffiti font as when you think looks effective.of hop hop and the type ofpeople that listen to it youalways associate graffiti withthem. The dominant image is Feature stories very conventional for stick to RnB music this type of magazine it and shows a group of what artists, doesn‟t look to be youths drift onto other dressed stereotypically areas and how people would interests. expect to see people dressed that like to Sub title is larger then the listen to rap and RnB. actual title, it could confuse the audience as they may think this is a magazine called “Breaks out!” and Gives a preview of what artists they are not “XXL” which isnt great featuring. This is a great idea as it shows all the as the audience may not upcoming and popular artists which makes buy this issue as they may their target audience want to buy this not think its their magazine. magazine.
  8. 8. Comparing the market… General styleTitles I think the general styles ofIn both these magazines these magazines are verythey have gone against their different. The blues magazineconvention but in different has hardly anything on it andways the blues magazine one musician this ishas used a free hand style of conventional because thetitle which does fit in with music is smooth and not busytheir style of music as the a lot like how the cover is setblues are smooth and out. Where as the hip hopfree, but the red doesn‟t magazine is busy and in yourreally tie in well with the face a lot like their genre ofblues as red stands out as a music.harsh colour and not a Other stories Dominant Imagesmooth relaxing sound. Feature stories These magazines don‟t The dominant image onWhereas the colour on the These magazines again focus on any other these magazine covers arehip hop magazine does work both use similar cover interests they both rely on very different to one anotherwell for its style of music, but story methods. the fact that they have but very conventional to theirI would have thought a interviews with their artists genre of music. The hip hopgraffiti style font would have The blues magazine and groups. magazine shows a gang offit in better to that particular features interviews andtaste in music. I think the downside to this youths that are dressed in biographies on past and hoodies and what weAnything else? present blues is there are only so many interviews that can take associate chavs andThese magazines are both artists, where as the hip gangsters to wear, and so this hop magazine does place as there are only sosimilar in the fact that they many artists and groups of image fits in well with hip hopdon‟t advertise anything interviews with fresh and as we also associate chavs upcoming artists and these genres so they needfree or competitions to to be careful when using and gangsters to listen to. Inattract the audience in. groups. comparison the blues their stories, I think toThey both rely solely on the I think this works well for make them better it would magazine shows a just onefact that their stories and these magazines as they be good to include some person this is usually the casefront covers are good are well set out and it other interests of these for blues magazines asenough to attract an interests their audience. people who like their usually blues artists areaudience. magazines. usually soloists.
  9. 9. So where are the gaps? Teenage boys pop magazine After researching what magazines are available within the market it has become clear that their aren‟t any magazines of this genre. I think it would be good for boys to have a magazine that is solely for them, as if there arent any available to them in this category then what do they read? I need to do some primary research to find out from the audience, if this became available on the market would they buy it and if so what would they like to see in it? To attract the audience I would focus on other interests and free things as after looking at other magazines it seems an effective way to bring in the target audience.Musical theatre magazineAfter researching the magazines in different areas of the market, I also discovered thatthere is no magazines in this particular genre. I think that this would be a really goodgenre to be put in the market as it would be new and fresh, the downside I see to this isnot many people are into musical theatre anymore. Again, I need to do some primaryresearch to find out if people would be interested in this area and what they would like tosee within this magazine. To attract the audience I‟d do interviews and giveaway freethings that the reader would be interested in. Retro music magazine Again, not many magazines focus solely on music from past era‟s. I think it would be good to put a retro music magazine out there into the market about music throughout the era‟s and biographys on the artists and bands. I think it would be good and would target an older audience as its old music. To attract the audience I would advertise free things and put in pull out pages and demo CD‟s and DVD‟s of the retro artists and bands. To find out if people would buy this and what they would expect to see in this type of magazine I need to do some primary research.
  10. 10. Conducting primary research