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The pitch


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The Pitch for our music video -

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The pitch

  1. 1. THE PITCH Carl Martin – I just need a friendOur Music Video Pitch by Beth Collett, Danii Round and Dom O’Brien
  2. 2. MOOD BOARD Black and whiteFLASHING AloneLIGHTS ANDCOLOUR Emotion
  3. 3. PROPOSED NARRATIVE The story involves a teenage girl with a loving boyfriend, greatclothes, a party lifestyle, friends and money. She then turns toalcohol and drugs, which affects her mental health and pushesaway her loved ones leaving her alone with no-one. Thus relatingto the lyrics of the song “I just need a friend”. We want our videoto reflect the emotional journey of the young girl throughacting, props, dance and cinematography.
  4. 4. OUR MODELSActress - Katy Dancer - Amara
  5. 5. INSPIRATION Rihanna – We found love Hand held camera in Skins – TV Drama Kanye West – All of the lights The work of director Melina Matsoukas Black Swan – Film
  6. 6. TARGET AUDIENCE We feel Target Audience is significantly important, the clearerthe idea of who you want your target audience to be, the moresuccessful to music video. Student/undergraduate Jicnar Scale: B – C1 Age group 16-24 Females
  8. 8. HEALTH AND SAFETY AND LOGISTICS The use of glass bottles in video Tripping over technical equipment Location Safety (roads, rocks) The safety of our models (warmth due to filming in winter months) Travelling to locations (car and bus) Weather set backs Safety of our performers (dancers warming up and cooling down)
  9. 9. THANK YOU FOR VIEWING OUR PRESENTATIONWe hope we have created a clear image in your heads about thetype of music video we are trying to create, feel free to ask any questions!