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  1. 1. Script*Music playing in background*Lucy is in the bath singing to thesong that is playing. Happily pampering her self. Thewindow that is open suddenly slams shut. Lucy reactsto the loud noise realizing something is going wrong.Lucy stares into the mirror with a towel rappedaround her. (Lucy’s phones rings) Lucy picks up herphone.*On Phone*Lucy: Hello*pause*Lucy: Hello (Slowly)*pause*Lucy: Who is this?*pause*Lucy: I don’t, please just tell me who this is?*pause*Lucy: Your scaring me just please, this isn’t fair*pause*Lucy: Is that you?!!!! You cant do this, I will ring thepolice*pause*Lucy: How did you get this number? Leave me alone.We are done.
  2. 2. *pause*Lucy: No don’t do this, you cant. Stop(React to the mysterious phone call whilst and afterthe call)*Now in bedroom*Lucy is pacing her room, picks her phone up and dialsa number.Lucy: I need to stay at yours, im not joking don’t askwhy I just do. Is that okay? (Spoken quickly)*pause*Lucy: Just don’t ask im setting of now. I will see yousoon.*pause*Lucy: Just don’t worry okay.Lucy throws clothes into a bag, pacing room. *phonebeeps* she reacts to the message and looks out ofwindow to check her surroundings.Lucy walks downstairs again checking hersurroundings. Opens the door and slams it behindher. Lucy is now outside the time is around 5:30 so itis getting dark. Constantly on edge Lucy begins herjourney to her boyfriends. On route Lucy feels apresence following her. Constantly looking aroundLucy carry’s on her journey. As Lucy looks back onceagain she turns a corner and bumps into a stranger,both of them jump.Stranger: Sorry
  3. 3. Lucy: Yeah eh sorryLucy now has the decision on which way she will go.Lucy looks both ways contemplation her decision. Shechooses to go through the park. Before she enters shetakes one last glance behind her. She begins herjourney through the park cut through taking her timeand being extremely aware.*Phone beeps* Lucy again reacts to the message.(Increase panic and become more physically aware)Lucy picks up the speed in her walk as she hears anunfamiliar sound she suddenly increases herbreathing. A shadow walks behind Lucy however sheis still unaware, the figure moves and between thetrees Lucy spots a dark figure. Lucy reacts and beginsto pick up the pace constantly looking behind heruntil she falls onto the ground.