Run the world[1]


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Run the world[1]

  1. 1. For my music video analysis I have decided to analyzethe video ‘Run the world’ by Beyoncé. The reasoningbehind this is due to the fact it fits the genre I will beresearching. Run the world is an R&B pop song, thiswould suggest Beyoncé would follow certainelements such as dance routines, lots of props, whichthe ‘Run the world’ video follows. The song is afemale empowerment type of song like many ofBeyoncé’s previous songs such as ‘IndependentWomen’ and ‘Single Ladies’.The songs begins with what seems to be diegeticwind, this is where we get the first glimpse of theartist. Beyoncé is riding a black horse over an open,deserted plain with her back towards the camera. Asthe horse lifts off the ground, scenes of Knowlesstanding atop a ruined vehicle are shown, as she leadsa large army of women. This is when the main beatkicks in.The mise-en-scene andcolors used in thisparticular video are black,
  2. 2. browns, reds and creams this complements thesetting of a dusty deserted desert.Additional scenery includes a large bull in the middleof the battleground and a large banner featuring anAfrican themed drawing of Beyoncé. A lot of the propsused are dirty and grimy. There is a contrast with themale and females costumes, the girls seem to be in thereds, oranges and yellows these colours are verybright and strong which links in with the lyrics thatgirls and strong and ‘run the world’. Beyoncé the leadartist is not dressed to perfection like she is in most ofher other video’s. Her hair is messy and her make-upis dark, which complements the hard beats of thesong and her surroundings of dirty cars, walls ect. Ataround 1:56 Beyoncé is presented in the dessertholding chained hyenas suggesting she is a strongfemale. Beyoncé has many costume changes duringthe video, all of which present her as a strong female.Although many of her costumes are provocativeLaura Mulvey suggests this is the ‘male gaze’ alsoAndrew Goodwin suggests music videos need to havevoyeuristic treatment of the female body.There are many dance routines featured in this video,which is expected from the audience from a Beyoncévideo. Beyoncé hired a dance duo from France. Shealso hired an Mozambican kwaito dance group whotaught Beyoncé their traditional dancers which fitsperfectly with the beats of the song and the settingwhich has a African feel to it. In most of the dancingBeyoncé uses the minimalistic approach. Many of thedances she uses focus on her legs, which Beyoncé is
  3. 3. well known for again this could be used for the malegaze. Beyoncé dances seductively towards the men.The run the world video has major influences fromTina Turners 1979 film Mad Max and Janet Jacksonsmusic video for ‘Rhythm Nation’.The narrative of the video is pretty clear due to thename of the song Stuart Hall would suggest it is aDominant or Preferred meaning. Beyoncé is known asa strong female role model. In many of her songs shefollows this and creates songs and videos, whichrepresents strong independent women. Run theworld is a good example of this. When Beyoncé takesthe males badge and places it on her self suggests sheis strong. He movements and lyrics also suggest this.Armies of women are used to show that womenshould unite and become strong and independent and‘Run the world’. Young girls can relate to this videoand look up to the artist.There are a lot of close ups on Beyoncé’s face creatingher as the star image. This is expected in a Beyoncévideo as she is awell-known artist.The close ups on herface reveal herstrong facialexpressions, whichagain tie in with thesong and lyrics. Theincreasing number of female army represents whatBeyoncé is trying to get across in her video.
  4. 4. The video would be aimed teenage girls. Many girlslook up to Beyoncé as strong independent women.Due to these expectations Beyoncé creates videos thatwill portray her as this icon girls look up to. Althoughthis is the case many males would look and indulge inBeyoncé’s videos as she is a attractive female shereveals a lot of her body in the video this links toLaura Mulveys ‘Male Gaze Theory’.Beyoncé is representing all girls in this particularvideo. The males in this particular video lookintimidated by the females they look pretty weak, aswhen Beyoncé jumps on them they fall feebly, due tothe title of the song this is what the director wouldwant to portray.