Personal Skills Audit

Name: Beth Louise Bage
Skills acquired

How did these skills
contribute to the creation of
your pro...
Research and Planning
- What tasks did you
complete when
preparing to film your
- How did your planning
help the...
obvious within the sequence.
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Personal skills audit


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Personal skills audit

  1. 1. Personal Skills Audit Name: Beth Louise Bage Skills acquired How did these skills contribute to the creation of your product? How will you develop these skills during the A2 project? Digital technology - What equipment/software packages did you use to produce your production? We used a camcorder to film our sequence, with also the help of a tripod. We used software such as Final Cut HD to edit our footage in order to get it the way we wanted it to be. The camera’s were used to film our footage for our video, which we then later edited the footage using the Final Cut HD software. This software allowed us to cut and crop bits from our footage, which we didn’t want to feature in our video. Me and Vic will be using the same equipment and software within our A2 coursework as we did in our first year. Therefore we will be familiar with how things work as we have had experience using this equipment previously, so hopefully this time round things will be easier for us to film. Post production - What software did you use to create your production? - Discuss specific features of the software. In terms of software we only used Final Cut HD. This allowed us to cut and crop parts of the scene we didn’t want to feature in our film. Add text into the opening scene to present the title, directors etc. We also used Garage Band to create sounds, which related with our theme. The software made our final product look professional, which is what we were aiming to do as we wanted our product to be of a high standard. By using varied effects and cutting tools, this avoided the sequence looking boring. In A2, me and Vic will develop the skills which we have learnt from first year, by using more advanced software such as, experimenting various types of fonts, to make our titles look more appealing. More varied effects rather than just darkening of the scene and ‘fade in fade out’.
  2. 2. Research and Planning - What tasks did you complete when preparing to film your sequence? - How did your planning help the smooth progression of your film? For mine and Vic’s research and planning we started of by researching the background of horror films and the iconography. We then started to analyse sequences such as Scream. So we knew what needed to be incorporated to make a successful horror film. Our research and planning helped us very much and it allowed us to look at what major things need to be used within a horror film such as; costume, iconography, sounds, makeup. By creating a storyboard this made us more organized also. Using conventions of real media texts - Which texts did you analyse? - Did you take any inspiration from the conventions found from your research? In terms of conventions, Vic and me analysed specific scenes from horror movies. This gave us a great insight on how to help us make a successful and high standard final product. We found out that props such as knifes, blood ect are familiar in horrors as they have a symbolism of death. By us carrying our specific research tasks this gave us an overall idea on what we wanted our story line to be based upon. We mainly focused our research upon selected scenes ‘Scream’ and ‘Physco’. We decided that our story line was going to be about someone stalking a girl. Creativity - Were our ideas for your portfolio imaginative and unique or did you adhere to conventions? We tried to be as creative as we could within our coursework. With ‘Stalking’ being our theme we carried out further research on how we would create the atmosphere of the girl being stalked, without being too Our sequence was different from other horrors you see. We had to focus on mise-en scene a lot. Quiet hose, music playing, dark night, girl was alone. In A2 if we carry out as much planning as we possibly can this will give us more ideas for our final product. As well as us keeping well organized, we will also use a storyboard for our music video as it helped us out last year, as we will know what shots and what is going on in each part of the song. In A2 we hope to think more widely. We hope to include many conventions that are recognizable to our audience yet are sophisticated such as; certain camera angles, costume and makeup. In A2 we will also try and be very creative too. We will take ideas from other music videos but add our own personal style to it.
  3. 3. obvious within the sequence.