Lights and halcyon magazine advert


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Lights and halcyon magazine advert

  1. 1. ‘Lights’ This is a magazine advert in which is advertising Ellie Goulding’s album ‘Lights’. We see a close up of the artist herself, which is presented in the middle of the advertisement to show that Ellie is the centre of attention. The image, which has been chosen, identifies simply that this advert is promoting her music. Unlike many other artists and celebrities, Ellie hasn’t been overdone with lots of makeup, in which the photograph initially shows her natural beauty. She isn’t posing over the top and her subtle pose makes her look like a down to earth girl. This particular magazine advert links to Ellie Goulding’s video ‘Starry Eyed’ which is one of the songs from her album ‘Lights’. The video has the same style of ‘sparkle’ in it as well. Although that this advert is simple, it is unique at the same time. Even though there isn’t a large amount of different
  2. 2. things going on within this advert, the gold glitter effect, which is being used, makes you instantly attracted to the advert. Ellie Goulding’s music is different to most other musicians and music genres out there. It is a vary between acoustic and pop which this advert portrays very well. As we know the album is promoting her album ‘Lights’ in which this is being incorporated within the advert, as there is lights displayed in the artist’s hair. ‘Halcyon’ This is a magazine advert, which is advertising Ellie Goulding’s album ‘Halcyon’. The artist is pictured in a medium close up shot in which makes her the main focus of the advert She is swaying her hair, with her eyes closed, which again is a very subtle pose like the one that is being used in the ‘Lights’ advert. From recognizing that Ellie isn’t an over the top posing girl,
  3. 3. we know that she is very much down to earth. The photograph of the Artist is printed in a black and white effect, with a bright gradient of blues to purple colours gradually changing colours down the page of the advertisement. On this advertisement Ellie is the main concentration, in which this portrays her as a figure of importance to other people. Ellie Goulding is well known for her unique and different vary of music. Her music is a mix between acoustic and pop, which is a great combination. Although that there isn’t much going on in this advert, it is still eye catching for the artist’s audience due to the vibrant colours, which have been incorporated and reflect the Artist’s personality of being fun and enjoyable. The bold writing, which has been used at the top of the album cover, identifies the Artist’s name along with drawing people’s attention towards the album.